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What are your SAFE and UNSAFE foods?

No eggs for sure, Curry is bad but I love it so, grilled foods seem to do me wrong with any meat I try. Hamburger seems to get me going too.
I stay with lots of fluids (gatorade)and bland foods. Mashes potatoes, rice, oatmeal, skinned baked chicken-when i can tolerate it, salmon, shrimp, pheasant, elk, peaches, pears, steamed broccoli, virgin olive oil sauted green beans. I've started a new smoothie diet with mild ( minimal amounts) soft yogart and juices and almond milk.
No no's- deep fried food, fast food, greasy food, bacon, hamburger/cheeseburgers, chilli, mexican, salad( lettuce), onions, eggs, milk 2%, alcohol, nuts, seeded fruits, cucumbers. -hugs-
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To be honest I don't know what foods are safe anymore. I think yogurt is ok but I haven't been eating it, white flour products but don't eat it, and maybe applesauce with caution.
1 - Crohns

UNSAFE: (*= bothers me only when Im already feeling sick/flaring)

-tomato soup
-peanut butter/peanut oils
-low fat milk* (I usually drink Vitamin D milk)
-whole grain ANYTHING
-high sugar snacks*
-green veggies that are not cooked enough
-spicy food
-some really seedy fruits*
-apple juice


-Eggo Waffles (eat them every morning for breakfast) :)
-white rice
-white bread
1. Crohn's

Coffee, my stomach just cant handle it. Caffeine in other products seems fine with me though for some reason. I think it may be the acid in coffee.

Red wine, only thing to have ever been the suspect of creating a flare for me. Other alcohol products I can drink in moderation, but prefer not to.

Just in general fatty food I'd avoid, especially when flaring.

Bananas, probiotic yoghurt, husk psyllium seed (not a lot though) are my go to products to start most days, especially if I have a flare. Potatoes, pasta, rice, meat and also spicy food, though not when flaring. Also hydration is important as azathioprine tends to dehydrate me, so a few sips of a gatorade like drink, less sugar the better.
1. Crohn's
2. Potato
Foods containing high fructose corn syrup
Corn Oil
Canola Oil
Peppers (fruit)
Black Pepper (seasoning)
Bacon (due to additives, not the meat)
Greek Yogurt (but not regular yogurt)
Corn products (flakes, bread, chips)
Peanuts, peanut butter, peanut oil
Green tea

3. Safe foods:
Ice cream
Cottage cheese
Whipped cream topping (if no HFCS)
Coconut Oil (slight laxative effect but no flare-like symptoms)
Blueberry and Strawberry seeds, not sure about whole fruit, have eaten food 'made with' these containing the seeds without issue
i have crohns

the BAD FOODS that are unsafe is : eggs/ whole milk/2%/ yogart / over 1/3 cup of ice cream/nuts/ seeds/ spicy foods/ fired foods/ foods cooked in any oil/ most of all veg raw or cooked/ most all fruits/ any foods that have a red die to them/ red suace/ bubble gum/
so the GOOD FOODS are :i can have 1 egg about every 4weeks at most/ / hard cheese only little/creamy peanut butter/ potatoes/ fish/chicken/ham/lunch meats/little bit of hambuger/ can tunna in water/ lite breads/ few ounce of milk chocolate/ ,
THE DRINKS I CANT DO : bear/wines/ whole milks and 2%/ coffee/hot chocolate/ a lot of water i can only sip water/ juice/ no red die drinks/
THE GOOD DRINKS I CAN DO :fat free milk only 1/2 cup a day at most/ sodas only pepsi and gingereal
living with crohns for over 20 years i was 12 years old
the last 15 years i have been on REMICADE
i had uterin caner 2 years a go
i can go camping long as were are close to the rest rooms/
1. Crohn's
2. A list of foods you KNOW (not just theorize) are unsafe for you.
broccoli, tomatoes, oj, onions, celery, most fruits and vegetables with seeds, raw vegetables, spicy foods, anything too acidic, corn
3. A list of foods you KNOW (not just theorize) are safe for you.
baked chicken, white rice, blended soups like butternut squash or baked potato, apples, apple sauce, white bread, broth, green beans, eggs, bananas, sushi with no seeds or nori,

This list is during a flare.
When I'm on the road to recovery I can add in butter lettuce, fruits, ice cream, milk, tomato sauce (sometimes), barilla plus pasta, rolled sushi, most meats, and some things with seeds.
1. Crohn's

2. Any raw vegetable, fresh berries, grapes, apples, beans, seeds, high fiber snack bars, cereals that are primarily corn or wheat based, nuts, processed dairy beverages. (Bottled Instant Breakfast from a conveince store messess with me, but the powder mixed into a glass of skim milk doesn't do a thing to me.

3. All meats, oat and rice based cereals, rice, potaoes, cooked carrots, non carbonated beverages, pancakes, french toast, waffles, cheese, milk, yogurt

With everything in number 2, if I've been doing well, a little bit of any of the 'bad foods' usually won't do me any harm. Any more than one serving and things tend to get dicey in a hurry.
I'd like to create a collection of safe and unsafe foods for people that are just starting out on the IBD journey (and it may be useful for the veterans as well). This idea is to create a list of safe and unsafe foods but since everyone is a little different, I'll then collate the responses and do a little statistical analysis so people can get a general idea of what is safe and unsafe for the majority.
Is saltine crackers Ok to eat while on a flare up? I could use some input on this please? My guess would be its ok but I just want to get rid of this flare up :sign0085: Thanks
1. Crohn's
2. Tomatoes, chili, pork, beverages, cucumber, all fried foods, fruits, vegetables, dairy, (except the ones located at #3).
3. Turkey, boiled baby-carrots (only sometimes), yoghurt (only one brand: Activia (regular/naturelle/natural)), water, cinnamon, turmeric, cloves, cardamom, watermelon (without seeds).

3-3. CIGARETTES (harmfull for Crohn's patients - GOOD for Ulcerative Colitis) - told by Doctor.

And I personally think that Simethicone intake was the reason my Crohn's did arise. Because I never had any problems with my inestines before I took some Simethicone for excess gas.
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Is saltine crackers Ok to eat while on a flare up? I could use some input on this please? My guess would be its ok but I just want to get rid of this flare up :sign0085: Thanks
I'm so sorry to hear you're having a flare up right now. I'm currently on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, so I am not eating any white breads or grains of any kind. But if you feel better with the saltines, I say listen to your own gut and do whatever feels better. I wouldn't drink pop, but if you do, at least flatten it so there is no carbonation.

Here are some other ideas. But if there are any items here that you know are not good for you, or if you have allergies to any of these, then by all means, do not eat them. This is just what has worked for me in the past.

I would suggest chicken broth first. Even if it's regular canned soup and you avoid the veggies, and chicken bits. (as you get better you can eat the chicken) Hamburger as plain as you can handle it. Just the patty without a bun preferably. Baked white fish. Jello. Weak tea (green or regular)

My doctor and the hospital had me on a very low fiber diet. NO oatmeal! NO nuts or raw fruits or veggies. They recommended Cream of Wheat. I found C of W to be a real comfort food during my last bad flare before I started the SCD.

Yogurt is very good for many people, IF you can have dairy. But I would go with plain. Not sweetened. DO eat Bananas, applesauce, canned peaches.
If you have apples, but no applesauce, make sure you peel the apples.

Frequent small meals or snacks and plenty of healthy fluids.
Good luck!
I have Crohn's

UNSAFE FOODS: Walnuts, tortilla chips with salsa <~~my favorite snack, popcorn, anything with seeds or skins, ie: grapes, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries (did I mention berries?). Strawberries are ok ONLY if I skin them (the poor things look so naked and puny). Raw spinach or most any raw veggie. Most veggies are ok if cooked well, though I limit green beans even then. Red or green peppers are ok if peeled first and cooked. I peel everything.

SAFE FOODS: My homemade SCD yogurt, bananas, dates, blanched raw almonds (as long as I chew well and am not in a flare), eggs, fish, hamburger (tho I am not fond of it), chicken, Havarti or Colby cheese.

Probably a few things I'm forgetting. What has surprised me the most is the thing about seeds and skins. It took me a long time to figure that out. Wish I had known years ago.
1. "Looks like Crohn's"-flaring for 2 years
2. Fried foods, dairy, sourdough bread, whole wheat bread, veggies-fresh, cooked or canned, fresh fruit, tomatoes, coffee, pop, corn, processed foods, fatty foods
3. White bread, almond milk, eggs, chicken-moist, ensure, apple juice, flattened ginger ale, powerade, green tea, Melba toast.

Don't really remember what it's like to eat and not feel crappy, but my safe list is the least aggravating at this point.
1. UC
2. DAIRY! In all its sneaky disguises. Cabbage.
3. Everything that does not contain dairy. Poultry, wheat, and raw spinach are staples of my diet.
1. Crohn's Colitis
2. Alcohol, wheat, corn syrup, anything involved in cheap chocolate, grapefruit
3. Gluten-free foods, dark chocolate, any meat, vegetables, fruit besides grapefruit, and spicy food.
Crohns for 4 and a half years

Been okay on everything but popcorn and spicy foods up until about 6 months ago, beef is starting to cause bad bad things to happen.

I cant really say I have "safe foods". Theres nothing I turn to when I'm having a flare up. But I usually can eat pretty much anything without problems. chips, dairy, chicken, eggs, bread, soda, alcohol, you name it I can usually have it.

Going back on my unsafe foods, I want to point out tomorrow might be totally different than today. A year ago I was eating burgers, steaks, roast, meatloaf; Now eating any of those and I'm in bed with bad pains and severe diarrhea.
What kinds of cereals are potentially safe for someone with Crohn's? I'm having a hard time finding the ones without the high fiber other than rice krispies. Thanks
1. Crohn's
2. Whole fruits/veggies, fizzy drinks, bacon, tea, coffee, digestive biscuits, spicy food, steak, pizza, hot dog sausages
3. Jelly, chips, white bread, berries (few at a time), water crackers, fish, eggs, chicken

During a really bad flare I basically lived on those safe foods ^^

Safe -
light rye bread
Toffuti better than cream cheese (tofu version of cream cheese delicious!)
Mashed potato pumpkin or sweet potato
Chocolate soy milk
Dry gluten free biscuits
Gluten & dairy free chocolate
Gluten & dairy free tea biscuits
Stone fruits such as nectarines and peaches (although I sometimes get a reaction)
Some organic baby foods

Unsafe -
Everything else lol!

REALLY Unsafe-
Processed garlic BIG NO NO
Gluten heavy foods
Undercooked vegetables such as broccoli etc... So stir fry is out
White bread
Hey stayinalive!

I lovelovelove cereals (have more than can my fridge top will allow) but of course most cereals that are tasty boast whole grains. Only thing I can offer are my faves and since they don't give me issues I guess that's what keeps them my faves: Kix, Golden Grahams, Lucky Charms.
1) Crohn's
2) Any vegetable, peanut butter, strawberries, rice, caffeine, carbonation, apples, nuts, spices, red sauce, oils & greases
3) mashed potatoes, foods free of gluten
1 crohns
2 anything with carrageenan in it
3 anything without carrageenan
meds 125 mg azathioprine, salofalk gastro resistant prolonged release granuals (mesalazine )
What kinds of cereals are potentially safe for someone with Crohn's? I'm having a hard time finding the ones without the high fiber other than rice krispies. Thanks
Hey there stayinalive,

I suppose there are many different opinions about "safe" cereals for Crohn's. Last Spring I had a horrible flare and was in the hospital for 3 days. They offered Cream of Wheat plain or with water or milk over it and I could have it with brown sugar sprinkled on top. I used to hate it as a kid, but it was a great comfort food last year.

Now I'm on the SC Diet and there are few cereals that I can eat and Cream of Wheat would be a big no-no.

That being said, are you trying to avoid just high fiber cereals or are there particular grains that you can't eat? I certainly was a cereal junky for a long time and could probably suggest a few if I knew better what you are looking for.

1. POPCORN!!!!, salad, raw veggies of any sort, all nuts, potato skins, peas, beans, red and green bell peppers!!!! (bad one), Booze (red wine), cabbage.

2. Potato (without skin), rice, chicken, white fish, white bread, white crackers, cooked carrots.
I am a BIG cereal person...I have been eating rice chex and rice krispies and they are being good to my tummy...I don't like cream of wheat...I am just looking for more options for cold cereals mostly. Thanks
I've noticed people mentioning carrageenan on the forum as something that bothers them so I recently cut out all the foods I have that has it as an ingredient. I think it was definitely causing me problems!!


OOOOOOO my goodness it sounds like you all are about the same way that my husband was in the beginning ...

* He has Crohn's and has been since December 2005
* When he had found it he had already lost close to 30+ pounds
* He refused to see the DOCTOR till I finally told him to GO & HE DID !!
* Here it is 2013 and it has been 7 years since he found out

He cut back on a lot of things and to do this day he is still keeping a JOURNAL of all that he eats just in case that he has flare ups !!
1- Crohns

2-Any Alcohol, but specifically anything Hoppy (Sierra Nevada is the WORST) anything greasy, anything fried, Lettuce and raw veggies.

3- Normally, just stay away from the above, but am in a bad flare up right now, so quite honestly am trying to starve myself because anything makes the pain really really bad.
1) collagenous colitis; multiple food allergies and intolerances; as yet undiagnosed mastocytic enterocolitis; and diagnosed stage 1 (?) uterine cancer (surgery April 10/2013)

Dietary notes re: collagenous colitis Dec./2012
Foods tolerated in moderate quantities
starches: white rice, potatoes, white bread, white pasta, refined cream of wheat
protein: beef, veal, chicken, turkey, Cornish hen, ocean fish,
dairy: skim milk,
produce (all cooked): squash, sweet potato, celery root, apple sauce,
misc.: ascorbic acid (used instead of lemon or vinegar)
Foods tolerated in small amounts (usually mixed with other foods)starches: rye flour,
protein: whole egg
low fat dairy: goat cheese, processed cheese, ensure
produce ( all cooked): celery, mushrooms, peaches, parsnips,
misc: honey, sugar, homemade pizza without tomato sauce
Foods tolerated in very small amounts (usually mixed with other foods)
starches: oat flour, soya flour,
protein: tongue, canned salmon
dairy: cottage cheese, yoghurt, mozzarella,
produce (all cooked): blueberries, garlic, green onions, cherries, apricots, lemon, dried mango, dried cranberries
misc: canned food, soya sauce
Foods not tolerated
starches: buckwheat flour, buckwheat groats, brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat, cornmeal, pancakes, homemade sticky buns, matzoh, pie, barley
protein (all low fat): all beans, tuna, pasteurized egg whites added to blender drinks, smoked fish, soya milk, tofu, veggie deli, sardines, processed meat,
dairy: cheddar cheese, cream cheese (all dairy with additives such as carob bean gum, carrageenan, ice cream, frozen yoghurt
produce ( all cooked with exceptions): beets, raw lettuce, cruciferous vegetables, tomatoes, papaya, eggplant, avocado, kiwi, plums., strawberries, pineapple, grapes, melon, all juice (however very small amounts of lemon and orange juice tolerated in cooked recipes), raisins, spinach, corn, coconut, pears, dates, figs, bananas
misc.: vinegar, mayonnaise, chocolate, pizza from restaurant, all commercial sauces and dressings, pepper, paprika, nutmeg,& many other spices, l all seeds and nuts, peanuts, relish, olives, fried potato latkes, marshmallows, artificial sweeteners, herbal and regular tea, club soda, soft drinks, brewer's yeast, any aged food, combined foods such as salmon sandwiches with low fat mayo
• all dairy treated with lactase
• all dairy low fat
• only kosher foods eaten
• all produce cooked
• all poultry, meats, etc low fat
• all breads homemade
• all produce must be peeled
• multiple food allergies
• suspected histamine intolerance (elimination diet Sept & Oct. 2012)
• sorbital intolerance
• I never drink coffee. I haven't had a drop of alcohol in ~20 years.
-Despite all these dietary restrictions, I still have daily bouts of diarrhea ( 4 - 9 x /day). This occurs mostly in the morning during and after breakfast .This can last from 1 to ~4 hours).
-If the supper of the previous day provokes a flare, the resulting diarrhea may occur after supper and/or in the early hours of the morning (~ 5am) and can last until noon.
-Triggers at breakfast: large breakfasts, eggs, all cheese, salmon, cooked cereal, dried fruit, cooked fruit

diarrhea, nausea, fatigue,bloating, abdominal pain/discomfort, bleeding hemorrhoids (recently possible anal abscess), dehydration, weakness, chills

Now taking immodium, peptobismol, Nalcrom (which is Gastrocrom in the U.S.) Hydoxyzine, Aerius, gastrolyte

Asacol, Entocort, Pentasa, cholestyroamine all didn't work well.
I feel like I understand my disease well enough to comment on this now :)

Crohn's Disease

Unsafe: The worst are probably -Pizza (my favourite food, worth suffering for sometimes!) & alcohol (makes me very sick even in small amounts). I also avoid - anything spicy (curries etc), too much fizzy drinks, popcorn, greasy foods, too much milk, too much melted cheese & BBQ sauce. I'm still finding out more stuff as I go along.

Safe: Fish, potato, bread, pasta, white meat, red meat (depends), yoghurts, soup & tea.
Hey xxjemmammxx have u tried gluten free pizza? Many spots have this option, if u get an urge that u can't resist, try it & nix the onions & pepperoni, see if it works.


1. Crohn's Disease

2. Bad Foods- Anything Spicy -_- sucks to be KOREAN! No fast food. No processed food. No alcohol. No milk unless Lactaid or Lactose Free Milk. Avoid acidic food but enjoy a tangerine once in a while. No creamy pasta.

3. Baked vegetables- like asparagus, brussel sprouts, and sweet potato. Gluten free bread, pasta, etc. Meats (moderate amounts), seafood works- like fish, shrimp, crab. Properly cooked rice, beans, etc. Oatmeal. You can juice the whole vegetables and fruits and it won't hurt you.

In remission
6 surgeries- 2 Colon, 1 internal bleeding, 1 fistula, 1 hernia, and 1 complication.
Had TPN-Food Tube for a year, Colostomy Bag for 6 months, Pain Pump for years.

Previous Medicines:
Imuran (Allergic- stop breathing)
Pentasa, Asacol
Prednisone (makes you chubby)
Pain Meds: Vicodin, Percocet, Percodone, Morphine (allergic-rash), Dillaudid, Fentynal etc.

Medications Now!
Remicade- once every two months.
Asacol- 2 pills a day
Tylenol for normal pain but 5mg Oxycodone for extreme pain on reserve.

Vitamins: Liquid Mini Multi-vitamins, Liquid Flaxseed gel-caps with Omega-3, Gentle Iron Pills.
Hey xxjemmammxx have u tried gluten free pizza? Many spots have this option, if u get an urge that u can't resist, try it & nix the onions & pepperoni, see if it works.
I haven't yet but I definitely will try it. Pepperoni pizzas are my favourite too, but I already know that pepperoni is a bad idea so I think I will stick to plain cheese or maybe ham. Thanks.
1. Crohns

2. Yellow Peppers, Red Peppers, Green Peppers, Banana Peppers, Jalapenos, Chiles, Paprika, Chili powder, Wild rice, Carbonated Beverages (soda/beer, even after it is flat),

3. Wasabi, Potatoes, White bread, Salt, Bananas, Water
1. Crohn's

2. Unsafe: Fresh onions, oily food, hard liquor, nuts with meat, kebab, dried tomatoes, probiotics, brownies

3. safe even in inflammation scenarios : porridge with oats, porridge with semolina, polenta, chicken with rice, chicken with lettuce, cucumber salad, green beens salad, cooked+halved salad potatoes with hardly flavored lean meat, dark bread with butter, lightly toasted toast with butter with honey, cooked ham with bread, neutral wavers, omelettes etc.

safe currently in remission: pretty much everything except 2. unsafe
1. Crohns disease
2.NO NO's During Flare:EVERYTHING. Otherwise, ALL Refined sugar products(which I constantly crave), grainy bread, fried food, carbonated beverages, delicious Leafy greens (cringe*), caffeine, beef, acidic food. Water
3. SafeUsually; White rice. White breads. Instant mac &cheese. Yogurt. Organic White meat. Fish. herbal tea, crystallized ginger, cabbage(helps loosen backed up painful gas)
1 - Crohns

Never Eat Foods: Rice, oats, corn, gluten, dairy, nuts, vegetable oil. Those were "never eat foods" before finding out I had Crohns, because they caused issues.

Not During Flare: All the above, plus things with sugar (except gummy bears) or caffiene. Greasy foods.

Safe Foods: Meats, fruits. Cooked veggies. Potatoes, soy sauce. Not sure about veggies, I havne't come out of this flare (newly diagnosed) to test them yet.
1. Crohn's
2. Red Meat, Pork, no legumes, raw vegetables, tomatoes (sauce, juice, fresh, canned, soup, all), onions, all nuts & seeds, fresh apples, pears, all citrus fruits & juices. green & purple grapes, blueberries, raspberries - anything that contains seeds. White or whole wheat pasta, anything with gluten, spicy foods caffeine & alcohol. No salad of any kinds, no dairy.
3. Bananas, cantaloupe, mango, watermelon, any melon. rice & rice pasta, sweet potato, gluten free breads. cooked carrots, steamed peas, asparagus, green & yellow beans, zucchini. apple sauce, canned pears & peaches in water. tea (within moderation), peppermint tea. Soy, almond & coconut milk. lactose free milk. Water, lots of water.
1. Undiagnosed

2. Raw vegetables, most raw fruit, red meat, gluten (white or wheat), nuts, alcohol, sugar, chocolate, caffeine, carbonated beverages, spicy foods, bacon, dairy and soy.

3. Bananas, mangoes, skinless chicken, seafood, fish, white rice, sweet potatoes (baked, no skin), canned vegetables (blech), well-cooked zucchini or carrots, apple sauce, canned skinless fruit, almond milk, coconut milk, coconut oil, olive oil, eggs, homemade yogurt, kefir milk. gluten-free bread products.

I have not yet tried regular potatoes cooked, I'm kinda scared to, since every "experiment" I try ends in pain.
1. Crohn's Disease
2. Coffee, Chocolate :( , spicy food, oily foods/deep fried, milk
3. White bread, white pasta, chicken, meat, eggs and I have no idea how but I seem to be fine with chinese food!!!

Still trying to figure it all out
1. Crohns Disease
2. Safe foods: Low residue bland foods such as potatoes, rice, eggs, chicken, some canned veggies, white bread, broths, coffee
3. Absolute Nos: Water, juice, pop, anything spicy, fresh fruits and veggies, ice cream and milk products like yogurt (except cheese), and salads of course and any leafy greens


1. crohn's
2. I can eat almost all cooked well meats, especially chicken breast. No spicy sauces though. Rice is good and soft cooked carrots and potaoes and greenbeans and peas.Squash is fine. No beans of any kind, or nuts. Popcorn is bad, but I sneak and pay the price!!!Avoid tomato sauce of any kind, juice etc... Sometimes salads are ok and other times, a nono! Right thru me. The more natural I cook and least spicy the better for my gut. Fruits I avoid, except mellons and occasional grapes and bananas are fine too.
traumanurse, what happens with water? How do you avoid dehydration? Interesting that you can tolerate cheese - is that just aged and lactose-free cheese, or any cheese?
I know, weird huh? No water for 12 years now. Causes immediate pain in my upper gastro system, and eventually bleeding up there.

The only two things I'm left to drink is soft cold green teas, and even some coffee.

It really is tough fighting off dehydration at times though.
that is really interesting. Is it just tapwater, or all water? Just straight water, so it doesn't bother when used to make things like tea or coffee? That must really be a struggle, especially sometimes when a person is thirsty and just wants a drink of water!
1) Crohns

2) Unsafe foods: fried/greasy foods, anything spicier than tabasco, strong coffee, some processed meats, GMO foods and additives*

3) Safe foods: unprocessed meats, fish, and poultry, H2O, juice, tea, coffee (if =I= brew it), dairy products**, fruits and other desserts, whole grains, white grains, wheats, no problems to date with vegetables raw or cooked***.

*Since my resectional, I modified my diet to remove GMO foods and additives such as transfats and high frutose corn syrups. Many national restaurant chains serve this crap (I read the ingredients of a bottle of "butter flavoring" and was shocked) and I often experience problems with them. Cooking at home is safest!

You can learn a LOT about safe foods by studying the ingredients on foods in the grocery store - you would be amazed how much garbage is in grocery stores these days!!!

**butter is safe with the "right" bread.

***most salad dressings are loaded with fats, I prefer oil and balsamac vinegar. But many balsamac vinegars are actually not true balsamac vinegar and only the real stuff is safe for my system. Few restaurants serve the real stuff.
1. If you have Crohn's, UC, or some other form of IBD

2. A list of foods you KNOW (not just theorize) are unsafe for you.
- Deep fried anything
- Caffeine
- Pop
- Dairy, especially cream
- Bananas
- During a flare-up, everything. :(

3. A list of foods you KNOW (not just theorize) are safe for you.
- Veggies, salads
- I don't know what else :(
1. Crohn's
2. White bread, spicy, fried and raw food, coffee, alcohol, beans
3.chicken, rice, fruits, green tea, little butter and cheese
I know this thread is like 2 years old, but its such a good topic, so I wanted to respond!

1. Crohn's Disease

2. Unsafe Foods (known): seeds, nuts, tomato sauce, veggies (carrots, corn, lettuces, onions broccoli, green beans, peppers, cucumbers), mushrooms, raisins, pickles, potato skin, most fried foods (definitely fried chicken), anything really greasy, mushrooms, iced coffee, popcorn, hash browns, spicy foods (those in the hot range...milder stuff is ok).

3. Safe Foods (known): almost all breads (unless they contain the above ingredients), diary products (no known issues overall), cereal, crackers, pretzels, Poptarts (Smores and Cinnamon), Ramen, chicken, beef, turkey (ok as lunchmeat too), bacon (if blotted really well).

Sometimes I eat the unsafe foods and deal with the pain and bathroom issues...I never realized how much I loved lettuce and hot sauce until I got sick!
1. Crohn's disease

2. Deep fried foods, spicy, milk, cheese, avocado and most fruits during flare.

3. I only eat porridge with a bit of soy sauce during flare. When not in flare, most breads, pasta, noodles, veggies cooked, fruits except pineapple lemon mango is safe.
1. Crohns
2. UNSAFE foods: Carbonated drinks, carrageenan (found in dairy products), orange/lemon juice, corn, raw/hard fruits and veggies like pickles, peaches, apples, grapes etc., tomato sauce, anything spicy, popcorn, dark chocolate, coffee, energy drinks, greasy foods, I've never drank alcohol but I'm sure it belongs on this list
3. SAFE foods: soft lettuce, dairy (surprisingly!), bananas, white breads, rice, grilled/baked meats (chicken > beef), boiled fish, fruit sauces, sports drinks, peach juice, soup

Thinking about getting a juicer so I can get more fresh fruits&veggies in my diet instead of sticking to the canned variety.
Crohn's - recently diagnosed so i've been too afarid too try too much just yet.

1. Bad foods - fried foods, dairy, spicy foods
2. Good foods - rice, chicken, cooked potatoes(no skin), fish, avocado, bananas, meat balls, decaf coffee, tea,

My list of bad foods is not too long as i have taken heed of most of what others have listed and kept away from this for now. Given more time, i will venture and be brave to try other foods but would prefer not having to deal with flares! It's not a pleasant experience at work. I want to try vegan cheese to see whether this will cause a reaction.

Thanks David for this, it is really useful.
an idea Sophos ~ I did read where canned vegetables have more in them to preserve. So you should be trying to buy frozen bags of vegetables if you can. They are healthier.
Ray6007 ~ you may have noticed that most people have corn listed too. My daughter avoids corn (sweet corn), frozen corn or corn on the cob. No popcorn either b/c of the kernals. Since you are kind of new, I wanted to chirp in on a few things.
Right now we are trying to test out some gluten free products for her too. Just because wheat, flour etc do have flammatory tendancies to them.
good luck
1. Crohn's (Diagnosed a month ago)
2. Anything with high SODIUM! Dale's Seasoning is what triggered me to have Flareups, stomach pain, etc! 2,500mg of sodium! I never had any pain until I went to a BBQ and ate a steak that was seasoned with Dale's Seasoning. Other causes include IBPROFEN, Tylenol, and Mesalamine. I'm fighting this without drugs as it gives me pain.
3. I can tolerate any food although spicy foods give me minor flares. Alcohol, ok. Ice cream, ok.


My safe foods are, chicken baked or crockpot cooked and also steamed. Rice, noodles, bread and butter, eggs cooked soft and potatoes cooked either biled or cut up and put in casserole dish with some butter and microwave till done.. Vegetables cooked well and not beans though.So many things give me gassousness though.

Unsafe foods for me are, Fried foods, sauce for spaghetti and chili and tacos.
Anything spicy at all. Sometimes beef and gravy, not always. Chocolate:(
just dropping in to say, I miss bread SO much. I had something with gluten hidden inside it (sweet potato fries for god's sake) and it about killed me. so I think that that will obviously never change as it's been at least six months since I've been able to eat anything with gluten in it. Sometimes I get a maddening urge to just eat a doughnut! Darn it.
I don't have any safe foods right now that I know of. Eggs and white bread and potatoes were my safe foods but even they arent working at the moment :-(

However, I can not eat anything containing canola oil. Absolutely huge no no. That also whips out vegetable oil since it can contain hidden canola oil. So anything containing either canola or vegetable oil is off my eating list.
Anything deep fried, or spicy is also way off my list.
Sugar is iffy, I can tolerate a little of it but I certainly know when ive had too much
Mccindy, why not have a go at making your own gluten free donuts :) my nana has coeliac and she's also allergic to a long list of food, and she still enjoys all her favorite things she just has to make them herself and modify the recipe.
I made a really nice gluten and dairy free load of bread yesterday, but even that set me off into cramps and nausea so I'm not sure what's going on there cause there was definitely no cross contamination. Food just hates me in general I think :-(
That's an interesting idea, I hadn't thought of it! I also heard there's a new bakery in town that has some gluten-free products, so I want to check that out for sure. :)

I'm sorry to hear you're having such trouble. I've been doing okay lately but turkey day gave me a fit since I had too much sugar and that is a good way to cause myself some pain. :(
Unsafe: anything spicy, fried foods, red meat, eggs, milk, some cheeses, rice, white bread, coffee, most fruits, most veggies, pasta, garlic, fish, soup, noodles, nuts, corn, tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes and much more.

Safe: chicken, brown bread, tea, juice, water, crackers, porridge, almond milk, cakes, chocolate, yoghurts, fruits that are ok: strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. vegetables that are ok: carrots, cucumber and peas.
1. Crohn's Disease
2. UNSAFE- Cilantro (makes me violently ill and vomit every time), Peanut butter (sometimes is ok but other times makes me vomit), Salad/lettuce, All meats/flesh foods, Popcorn, Fruits with seeds such as grapes, Coffee/Chocolate/Caffeine
3. Safe- Cooked vegetables, Soft fruits without skin, Cheese, Eggs, Rice, Oatmeal:hallo3:
1. Crohns

Raw vegetables, Fruits , Red meat, All beans, Dairy, Nuts, High wheat/fibre cereals, Chocolate, Carbonated drinks, Alcohol, fried foods.

Gluten free pasta (lifesaver), Rice, Fish, Chicken, Turkey, white bread, garlic bread, soya spread.
Snacks - Gluten free crisps like Pom Bears are great for snacks (the none cheese types). Biscuits like rich tea and party rings seem to be fine with me too.

I grill or bake all meats no frying.

I'm fine with pesto and purees which has been amazing for the gluten free pasta. I often will make pasta with chilli pesto, garlic puree and chop up some smoked salmon, pinch of salt/pepper and some italian seasoning. Delicious! Throw in some garlic bread and I don't feel like I'm missing out so much any more
Unsafe- Nuts, Anything with seeds, any with a peel or rind, Cow's milk, Wheat, Alcohol, anything overly acidic (tomatoes, sour candy, etc), too mcuh sugar at once, coffee, whole corn kernels

Safe- Yerba Mate, Cooked veggies, Any meat as long as its not deep fried, rice, wheat free cereal, goats milk, soy milk, almond milk, corn products (chips, noodles, etc)
Unsafe foods? Any food is unsafe if I eat too much of it, which I still sometimes do...

But definitely have problems with mushrooms and spicy food!


This is such a helpful thread and post! Thanks so much! I would like to add that Tween is the common name of Polysorbate 80/60/40/20, whatever number follows.. and it's used in the laboratory to GROW bacteria. It is bacteria food. It can be used in an acidic solution to grow MRSA. Seriously, google it. All you need is a touch of MRSA in your food with some Tween and you've got a lab in your colon.

My worst triggers are beer, wine, wheat (especially whole wheat), high fiber anything (including leafy green salad, which has to be blended to be ok), and certain cheeses (camembert will instantly lead to maddening bloat, pain, etc), while other cheeses are soothing/calming. I think it depends on the type of bacteria used to make the cheese. Red meat only triggers if it is burned in some way ("seared" or grilled). Rice isn't always safe for me, depends on how good I've been feeling. I stick to squash.

Safe foods: Squash, tomato juice or V8, spaghetti squash (bake and rake), protein shake with whey protein isolate, sprouted tofu (I used to be a vegan, this food is still safe, the regular tofu isn't), chicken, duck, turkey, fish, shellfish, olives, spaghetti sauce, homemade meatballs.

I often make homemade meatballs, then have a spaghetti-squash dinner with meatballs, on those days, I might splurge with a slice of rice based garlic bread, or a gluten free style baguette slice of bread. That's about as normal as I get anymore.
1. Crohns
2. Not safe (during flare): Muesli, Milk, Coffee, Milk chocolate.
3. Safe (during flare): Oven baked salmon, scrambled eggs, white pasta, chicken.

Thank you all for this list!

Diagnosed 2013: Crohns (maybe UC)
Meds: 2x800mg Asacol
I'm still trying to figure out my safe foods and my triggers. I have crohn's. I no longer have a terminal ileum or a cecum, they were removed over Christmas.

1. Wild game meat (properly butchered), chicken and potatoes are always good for me.

2. Anything high fiber are not good.
1. Crohn's
2. red meat, too much caffeine, refined sugars, almost all processed foods, Ensure, large portions of grains (very small portions are okay), lentils
3. bananas, rice/almond milk, most cheeses, yogurt, nut butters, applesauce, well-cooked vegetables, chicken, fish
correction to my earlier post, started using hash oil and have been feeling a million times better so I decided to try to bring coffee back and it seems to be ok now...so coffee is safe once again!:ylol2:
1. Crohn's
2. tomatoes, fried food, greasy foods, Chinese food.
3. breads, chicken, cooked vegetables, lettuce, potatoes.

I was just diagnosed and went through a right colectomy so I am still experimenting with what effects me and what doesn't. I haven't had a flare up since, although does going to the bathroom (diarrhea) 10-15 times a day constitute a flare up? I am not sure. My GI doc isn't very informative. Help!
hey chicky402 I def have a day here or there that I approach 10x but if those days were not few and far between I'd say that doesn't sound like remission....
1. Crohn's

2. What I've so far discovered to be bad for me in a flare up: fizzy drinks, nuts and seeds, grains, fibrous stringy veggies that need a lot of chewing, etc etc, too much oily or fatty foods (fast food!)

3. Soup, white bread, small amount of canned tuna, banana and yoghurt, mash potatoes all the way!
Unsafe Trigger Foods
All dairy products, coffee, fattening foods (anything greasy), spicy foods, rice (white or brown), anything containing wheat gluten, all grains, corn, lettuce, animal protein/ meats, liquor, popcorn, oil

Safe Foods
Cooked vegetables, pureed soups or broths, boiled chicken, tuna packed in water, bananas, canned fruit, tofu, quinoa, applesauce, caffeine-free herbal teas, egg whites, smooth peanut butter
1 Crohnie
2 Wheat/ grain, potato, chicken, banana, plantain,
3 Rice, beef, pork, cucumber, spicey food, coconut
Nobody mentions blueberries as a bad food during remission or non-flare. I'm wondering about them and if the tiny tiny seeds are as bad as say the larger non-digestibles such as corn. Thans.
Blueberries are one of my favorite foods and don't seem to cause me any problems so long as I don't eat too many of them, but that seems to be the case with pretty much all foods these days. As long as I don't eat too much of any one certain thing then I'm fine...2 bites of cake and ice cream--golden. Entire piece of cake and scoop of ice cream--not pretty.
Thanks. It's good to hear. I'm like you. Small meals are OK but anything larger forget it. Blueberries are coming in here at my place and I think I'll try just a few on some cereal.
Hi Miki. Well I , for one, can't really comment for certain as when I am feeling really ill, as I am right now, Crohn's is at the forefront of my mind...yet when I'm feeling ok (as I probably will be tomorrow), I forget about it.

What I know to be unsafe for me is dry-roasted peanuts, along with pork. Lettuce always remains undigested in the toilet along with red-pepper....I love eating these! What a cruel disease we have have to live with!
So glad to hear somebody else say pork and peanuts! Not diagnosed so far colitis! I thought I was all alone!
What's the deal with canned beans ? They are soft enough. Is it the skins or that they could cause to much gas ? I miss my beans :(
What's the deal with canned beans ? They are soft enough. Is it the skins or that they could cause to much gas ? I miss my beans :(
ya know I haven't had a problem with canned beans so long as I rinse them really well then add my own seasoning. I think the crazy amount of salt thats in canned beans really screws my stomach up...
ya know I haven't had a problem with canned beans so long as I rinse them really well then add my own seasoning. I think the crazy amount of salt thats in canned beans really screws my stomach up...
Maybe I will give them a try when I get out of my flare.
tomatoes are ok for me as long as they aren't in a heavy sauce...but a hearty spaghetti sauce will have me all screwed up
I had a doctor tell me a ling time ago that I couldn't do marinara sauce. What is it in marinara sauce that is bad?

I had a doctor tell me a ling time ago that I couldn't do marinara sauce. What is it in marinara sauce that is bad?

I think they usually are made with tomato paste or some kind of concentrated tomatoes which means lots of acid. Then most red sauces have olive or some other oil and lots of sugar and salt. So all that stuff combined is I guess just rough on somebody with a "sensitive stomach". I can do some red sauces just not thick or oily ones and not a lot at once.
1. crohn's - newly diagnosed

2. brown rice, avocado, dairy, spicy, beans, flour-bleaching agents, carrots, leaf veg, cauliflower, red meat, pork, veggie burgers, canned soup, citric acid, most preservatives, celery, eggplant, onions, watermelon, alcohol, caffiene, citrus, tomato, mustard

3. bagels, eggs, fish, all soy products, crackers, pretzels, pureed fruit smoothies, ensure, dried tree nuts, applesauce, almondmilk, protein powder, small amounts of chocolate, nut butter, oatmeal, jello, honey, cinnamon sugar, miso, sorbet, coconut water,
1. Crohn's
2. Tomatoes (seeds, skin or whole if raw), Any sort of fruit juice containing pulp or any pulpy fruits, uncured pork, beef if not ground, Fried chicken, uncooked broccoli, carrots. raw or cooked cabbage or spinich. Rye, pumperknickle, Whole Wheat (Fancy ones; whole wheat wonder seems ok) bread. Raw oats, honey. Pistachios, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Peanuts, Almonds. Brussel sprouts (or maybe they are just gross :p), Beer. Peaches, plums. Coffee. Ice cream, Yogurt.

3. Coca cola/pepsi actually make me feel better but only if I drink them flat. Bacon, Peanut Butter smooth organic, Canned tomato sauce ( not glass bottles with chunks in it, not tomato paste). Bacon, Chicken baked or pan fried, ground beef, cored peeled apples & pears. Bananas, white bread, white pasta, hard cheeses, feta. Onions, cooked broccoli or carrots. Fat free/skim milk. Greek yogurt. skinless cucumber.

As a side not alot of fruits and veggies the skin really bothers me but I think.. and this just seems to be the case to me that it may be the pesticides or packaging. Organic fruits and veggies the skin sometimes still gets me but not always. Ex organic heirloom tomato without seeds im A ok. Regular tomato any of that skin gets in me im doomed.
Oh and safest of all.. Ramen noodles cooked in water not the flavour pouches. drained and I use soy sauce on them. or rice with soy sauce. When I'm eating this its because I cant even stomach the thought of eating anything else.. for those really really REALLY bad days cause ill get flares that last a few days. Tastes like crap but then I dont have to! lol
The ramen noodles i use are made with enrixhed floour and potatoe startch nothiing else i get them from the asian food section usually flavour packs are spicey. I dont use mr noodles :tongue: not sure if they are the same or not. Spice dosent bother me either most of the time