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I just read this because I haven't been around recently. but I wanted to say....GOOD FOR YOU !! I found my "inner bitch" this year and after doing so I felt so empowered and I became a better advocate for myself.

Sorry to all members for using the "b" word. 😳
Thank you it is pretty empowering my mom had pushed me to do it for years but I just couldn’t bring myself to I’m the kinda guy that it takes a ton to piss me off I think that comes from being sick since I was 10,almost dying a few times and having almost 2 dozen surgeries at this point and I like to turn the other cheek only problem is I ran out of cheeks but my mom passed about a year ago things changed with my health and I just reached my breaking point with subpar health care.Only issue I’ve had is the inconvenience of starting over with new doctors and having a bunch of tests for them.

I actually had 1 doctor play the victim card and try to blame me for her not getting back to me and the poor care she gave me I just walked out.

Lynda Lynda

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Tubes, sorry you have had to go through all that. 🙁

Don't forget that you are worthy of love, respect, kindness and caring.
You are a good person and deserve the best. ❤

When I advocate for myself I try to have the proper body language and tone of voice. I stand tall. I look them in the eye, I don't look down. I have a confident and calm voice. 😊

This stuff works for even the littlest of things. I've used my skills at the grocery store and the drug store to make sure I got what I needed. I'm always astounded with the results. Geez, I have had store employees going back into their storage room to find what I need. 😄

I recently filed a grievance against my ( mental health ) clinic. Even though there was no disciplinary action taken, I felt good that I had spoken up and filed a valid grievance. The grievance people spoke with the clinic people. I was concerned about the level of care that was being given to me this year. Now I will continue to evaluate the situation to see if it improves into the new year.

I have had a disagreement with the FNP at my Gastroenterologist office. On Friday I called the office and gave the medical assistant a message to give directly to my Gastroenterologist about it. It was a valid concern of mine. I stated three facts in a very smart way. Now that I have said what I had to say, I will move on.

I have started to put down boundaries and my own rules regarding my family. It's not selfish to be assertive to meet my own needs. I am not being mean to my family, I am just setting up new rules and setting up healthy boundaries. I can hold my head up high with them and no longer let them disrespect, dismiss and patronize me. I am a grown woman who has worked hard her my life. I can't be a door-mat with them any longer. My family can't read my mind, so I have let them know what's going on. We will all continue to love each other.

Don't you give up !! I am sending you hugs and prayers. 🙏

Thanks Lynda

I’m actually in a real good place mentally and I’ve only once had a real rough patch in 2012/2013ish where it was 20 straight years of constantly being sick from age 10 thru age 30 it just got to me and I got into a dark place where I got sick of relationship drama with girlfriends,I didn’t want to go to doctors appointments anymore cause it seemed pointless and nobody I knew had a clue because I was able to go on autopilot when I was around people.I was able to fix myself before it got too bad,I stopped dating because all it did was give me stress and made me miserable and I cut a lot of dead weight out of my life and I only have the people that actually care about me in my life and in the past 5 years it’s been the most stressfree my life has been.