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Much Ado About Nothing! eh!

Thank you for the entertainment. Good luck to O. You are one smart mamma and she is so lucky to have someone who thinks about everything! The mamma clock doesn't stop working even when they reach adulthood. :)
I can't believe this post is still going.
That's fantastic!🤣

I'm trying to read up on everyone I remember.
I'm older now so my memory is even worse.
Hugs to the ones that are the "long timers"
And hugs to the new comers.


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We are all concentrating on the wrong thing! When looking at colleges we are all worried about being near a major medical center when in reality I have come to realize what you need nearby is IKEA!

How I went to 4 years of college, living in small dorm rooms without IKEA is beyond me. I have just spent the weekend selling her old IKEA furniture from old apartment and buying and putting together stuff for new apartment. Not to mention all the nifty storage and organization boxes and what nots.
We did IKEA this weekend too! No college kids right now but planning to redo space for our youngest two daughters who share a room and we wanted to add individual desks in for the future probability of online school.
I wish we had thought to go a few weeks ago before the college kids! Stock was lower. Looking forward to a glass of wine to aid in assembly!


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Love it!

Wishing everyone and their families the very best over the holidays! Lots of prayers that 2021 brings us all health and happiness!! 💞
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