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My journey to getting well

167lbs. Doing well thsi morning. the exercise fatigue feels like it has gone away. i'll do some light exercises this morning, trying to avoid the fatigue. Gut continues to do decent. Appearance healthy. Energy levels so so. I'm thinking avoiding beef and dairy and pork is what is helping me best. With that said I shouldn't discount avoiding grains and cane sugar. tongue looks good and healthy.
Felt rather cruddy this morning. As I usually do found my brain racing, wondering if i've done something wrote etc. Then saw my eyes were bright with the whites in my eyes clear. Also my tongue is looking pretty good. It is just one of those annoying things I guess. I should stay the course and fight through the fatigue. I'll keep avoiding red meat, cheese, and all grains.
Of late I've found myself in the habit of drinking a lot of juice, pineapple and grape juice in particular.

This afternoon I thought I'd cut back on the juice and instead i'd drink water. So far I'm feeling more energetic. Hope that continues.
This morning i passed on drinking pineapple juice. Instead I had some grape juice. i wanted to see if my energy levels would be better, and they are. at least so far i'm feeling more energetic.

Later this morning I'm thinking I'll buy some oranges. I'm wondering if the pineapple was causing the bad back issues when I ate oranges for some unknown odd reason.

165lbs. Appearance relatively healthy. Gut doing well. Bit worried it will flare up since Ii'm eating chicken for one meal a day.
I'm worn out this afternoon. It is exercise fatigue. It still does not take much to tire me out. I'm not doing terribly though. I'm able to function just at a slower pace. Hope by next week I'll be able to do light exercises and not feel overly fatigued.
No back pain this morning though i ate an orange with lunch yesterday. I also ate an orange with breakfast. My guess of what is going on is either the pineapple juice I was drinking for osme odd reason was causing me back issues when oranges were eaten, or grains or red meat and dairy when combined with oranges brought about back pain. Since I'm farily certain that beef causes me some muscles cramping issues, that would be the more likely explanation.

I had a mild upset stomach last night. I worked uot hard yesterday, with walking, and some swimming. That likely played a part in that. I'll take an easy today and tomorrow with exercises.

Feel fatigued this morning. I hate this feeling but I have lots of experience dealing with it. And overall I'm not doing all that poorly. I might find myself with more energy later on today.
Today has been kind of an odd day. I've had an upset stomach, lots of gas, some cramping, yet I'm upbeat. i'm even fatigued and worn out, yet feeling alright about it. i know why I'm feeling good about things. I'm looking healthy. There is a healthy looks that all to often translates into a happier stomach. So for now things are looking up. If this upset stomach things continues for long though I'll be more grumpy in the coming days.

I don't know why I have the upset stomach but I have been using the bathroom much less than typical over the past week. Then I removed the pineapple from my diet. Pineapple has a decent amount of fiber and that is probably it. When I stop eating fiber is when the gut becomes cranky. I
No sore back this morning. Please about that. Energy levels so so. Appearance good. Skin looks healthy. Gut this morning seems better. I was sick quite a bit yesterday but it wasn't a painful day. It was a good kind of sick as I like a joke. Tongue looks good. Don't know my weight but I'd guess 167lbs.
I feel rather lousy this morning. I'm weak, & feel nauseous. I'm sweating. I'm doing something wrong with the diet. I've had this feeling typically in the mornings for a few days now, with today being the worst. So the most controversial food I'm eating is potatoes. I'll remove nightshade from my diet and see if this awful feeling goes away. I'll add grains back into my diet.
My tongue has looked decen of late and as i've noted but there has been a marking that I've been watching but not mentioning. Now that I'm avoiding nightshade i;ll see if it goes away.

Lower back hurts today. I'm guessing that is due to the light workout I had the other day.

Feeling better this afternoon but thinking I better cancel my dental appointment tomorrow. Mornings tend to be my worst time of the day and even if I had a good diet going, i'll probalby not be doing all that well then. Hopefully in a few days later I will be up to rescheduling.

For hte past week I've been more tired than normal, taking many naps. Today I'm tired but not as worn out. Will see if that continues.

Looking healthy today. I guess the health appearance isn't a good item for me to follow. Though as I've noted in the past and notice now, I do appear healtier when I avoid potatoes. Little doubt about that.
I remember on the previous diet I was on I was doing alright iwth it. The diet was avoiding nightshade family, carrot famiiy and spices.

It wasn't till I add refried beans, with rice crackers and some beef that I had trouble. I woke up one morning as dizzy as can be and an upset stomach. The refried beans ingredients list it as being plain, no spices add. I wouldn't be surprised though if that was untrue. So I'll keep the beans out of the diet and stick with avoiding spices/nightshade family/carrot family.
I'm hurting this morning but not as bad as yesterday I believe. An hour or two from now will be more telling though. Not as dizzy. I'm feeling weak. Energy levels are shot. I'll stay away from the nightshade family, spices, carrots and hope for the best.
Feeling weak and fatigued this morning, worse than typical. On the upside I'm not feeling overly nauseous. I don't have that cold sweat going on as I did yesterday. Gut also so far is doing better though I do worry about the stomach. It has that feel this morning of not being reliable.
Thinking about it, I need to be sure and stay on the alpha gal diet. It does me some good, and I need a good long test trial of it.

The illness I had yesterday and a bit this morning wasn't a traditional illiness. It was more nausea, dizziness and feeling fatigue. My problem might have simply come from eating poatoes chips - not an allergy just something that is oily and hard to digest.

For now though i'll go back into the safer fish diet. Sometime in Oct, once the hurricane season is coming to an end I'll start eating the chicken meals once again.
I'm feeling pretty good this morning. I'll do some exercises this morning and change that. Joking around some, but exercise does fatigue me easily. Gut ok so far. I'm not nauseous. Tongue is looking quite nice. Maybe nightshade family is responsible for the tongue sores. If that turns out to be the case that would be a break through. What ever causes the tongue sores causes my gut problem is my guess. I'm eating rice. I added white chocolate to the diet. Weight 167lbs.
I'm doing well today. Energy levels are up, and tis is after doing pushups and leg dips. Muscle feel good. tongue is look better.

If my answer is to avoid the nightshade family, then there are foods that are dishonest on their ingredients list. I might have anohter allergy also yet to be found.

Will see of course. I'm only on day two of adding the nightshade to my avoid list. So far I'm off to a good start.
And just like that my tongue looks very healthy. there wasn't much of those tongue markings so that likely explains the quick healing. Avoiding nightshade family does appear to have healed the tongue up. I'll stick with it. I won't question it to much. so long as the sores are gone I should stick with the avoidance I'm on. What ever causes the tongue markings/sores causes the stomach and fatigue problems.

Doing OK today. Energy levels are up. I worked out this morning and I'm feeling fine. I was in a good mood, upbeat. It is always a good day when my muscles do not hurt and I'm not overly fatigued.
I have a lot of energy this morning. It has me thinking this is to early for me to be this energized. Maybe I should stick with the idea of the alpha gal diet. Potatoes chips are a problem due to being oily and hard to digest. In the end I'll likely go that direction. For now though I'll enjoy how I'm feeling and stick with the fish diet. I am in the worst part of the hurricane season. it is important for me to eat well and be as healthy as possible.
Doing ok this morning. My energy levels are a little lower due to working out yesterday but they are not bad. My muscles feel good. Tongue looks great. It isn't perfect, as some markings remain but by and large it is healed. It wasn't all that bad from before though.

Well, I'm be debating myself on what is helping me with current diet, avoiding nightshade or the alpha gal diet. Think what I better do is later today create a limited diet, listing all the foods I'm currently eating. I might also write down a few days worth of foods eaten with breakfast, lunch and snacks. I'll write down everything so I can reference back to it if need be. I'll start that tomorrow, if all continues to go well today.
Today was an ok day. This afternoon though has me dealing with eercise fatigue. I'm tired and worn out. But overall doing well. I'm hoping that what I have is alpha gal. That would be easier to deal with then avoiding the nightshade family. Tongue looking good. Muscles feeling good, and have felt good since avoiding beef.

I was thinking abou tthe strange unexpllained illness in past alpha gal diet trials. It had me thinking, on those trials I didn't eat all that healthy, which is relatively speaking. I would eat chicken and turkey sausage, both being fatty and harder for my gut to digest. I also would eat potato chips. So I'm hoping with me babying the gut I'll do better this go around.

Tomorrow I'll write down what I'm eating and how it helped with the tongue sores. Haven't had any sores since I began avoiding beef and dairy products. I did have some tongue markings though.
I woke up very early this morning. I wish that wasn't the case but on the positive i have better energy this morning. That was a good and quick. yesterday i was to fatigued. In the evening though I had a rebound in energy, which has carried over to this morning.

Tongue looks good.

Hate to mention but it is looking like the nightshade family is the leading cause of the tongue sores, and muscle pains. At least at the moment. I've avoided nightshade family many times. Had some good success with it, hate the diet. It is tough to do. And since the avoid nightshade diet hasn't worked out competely in the past, there are likely other foods making me ill that I'll need to figure out. Of course it isn't for certain that nightshade is my problem but it is looking like that at the moment.

Strange how the back problem went away. Eating citrus was giving me back issues that were debilitating there for awhile. Now, I can eat oranges without issue. The back pain seems to have gone away after avoiding the nightshade family and avoiding beef.
Bit tired today but not doing bad. I did some leg exercises this morning. It wore me out some, but at this point I've rebounded decently.

Was thinking about the time out of desperation I went onto the turkey diet and how it seemed to work. It worked at least in calming my stomach down. Didn't last more than a few months on it. the turkey diet had me eating red peppers from the nightshade family so had me thinking maybe I have alpha gal. Course avoiding nightshade family seems to be helping too.
I remembered something and wanted to note it down.

the first food item I ever noticed that effected me badly was milk. I learned early on that drinking milk makes me feel bone chillingly chilled and that it makes my eyes blood shot red. I haven't had any milk, purposely, since.

Now with my eyes remaining nice and clear since avoiding beef and milk products/cheese it has me thinking that is the problem food I'm looking for. I likely have the alpha gal condition.
166lbs. I'm exercise fatigued this morning. It isn't good but in the past it has been much worse than the fatigue I'm feeling now. that is what made Nov. so special last year, I could do simple exercises with out experiencing fatigue. Maybe in a few weeks I'll get back to that. It would be wonderful to be able to do light exercises without feeling so worn down later on.

I convinced myself last night that I have alpha gal and can eat nightshade. What made me ill last time was potato chips, being oily and hard to digest. It is a reasonable explanation. I took some chicken out of the freezer to defrost and have for lunch.

This morning I have a good rejection for not following the fish diet. I have more experience and confidence in the fish diet. We're in the middle of hurricane season. This morning I wake up and 4 storms are shown on the map with all of them heading toward Florida. So I better stick with the fish diet for now. It will have me in decent shape if I should need to prepare for a hurricane and possibly drive out of the area. I'll try the alpha gal diet early Oct.

Eyes look healthy. tongue looks good. Guts hanging in there. I was a bit gassy yesterday but nothing horrible.
Typical day for me this week, felt tired, fatigued. It was due to exercise fatigue. I'll keep doing the exercises as at some point the light workouts stop wearing me out.

Very good news in that I didn't pull a muscle. Typically when reaching for an object I'll pull a muscle in my shoulder. It hurts for a few minutes after that happens. This time I needed to reach for 4 items in my car. The distance, reach typically would have caused pain. This time no pain, no muscle pull felt. I'm hoping that is due to avoiding beef. Today is day 21 of avoiding beef and dairy products.
Oh good, I have quite good energy this evening. The day was tough but with two evenings being good in a row I'm feeling good about the diet. Maybe another week or two on the diet and I'll have good energy all day even after lightworkouts. One can hope.
Wonderful, I still have good energy this morning. Feeling overly fatigued and worn out sucks all the joy out of life. Typically I'd be doing some pushups this morning but I'll take a great from the light exercising till Monday. I have a dental appointment Monday morning and it would be good for me to have decent energy.

So the big thing for me to work on in the future is to decide which diet trial I'm doing is helping me to recover quicker and have more energy, the alpha gal diet or the avoiding nightshade family. I can make good cases with either one. I already know that I can have good energy while eating nightshade family members but it takes me a long time to recover. Avoiding nightshade in the last week has boosted my energy levels and recovery time. Is it due to avoiding nightshade or has the 3 weeks I've been avoiding beef and cheese finally kicking in, making me feel better....and the debate in my mind can go on.

I did write down in my note book this diet I'm currently on, noting it improved my energy levels and improved my tongue.

That reminds me I have a slight tongue marking that has formed. Not good but hopefully it heals quickly.
After lunch I had a mild none painful upset stomach. Reminds me of other times I've avoided beef and dairy, and a month later developing none painful stomach issues. This time I'm on the fish diet though. The other times I was eating spicy chicken often.

Doing well outside of that problem. Muscles feel. I don't have fatigue though I'm not overly energetic.
167lbs. I'm tired, fatigued this morning. It is likely due to the light illness I had yesterday. Outside of that doing ok. Just have to wait and find out in a few weeks which diet helps, avoiding dairy and beer or avoiding nightshade and spices.

A curious thing I read a number of months ago about the alpha gal diet and grass fed beef is that an alpha gal researcher said sufferers of the condition report they are able to eat grass fed beef. The mention had me thinking about why I started writing this health tracking. I started writing this because i could make myself well eating grass fed beef and grass fed cheese but I was not recovering.
So far I'm feeling half way decent this morning. My energy levels are OK. The gut is doing good. The fish diet always has helped to calm things down, it might take a week for the calming to happen but traditionally that is what happens. I'm not all that happy about being on the fish diet and avoiding nightshade family members but I shouldn't complain. It is better to have some health instead of feeling terrible. Have a dental appointment this morning at 8. Imagine I should be fine.

Imagine much of the fatigue felt of late has to do with eating to much fiber. I'm not eating a whole lot of fiber but probably enough to upset the gut making me feel tired. the last few days I cut back on the amount of food eaten, fiber, and it looks to be helping.
So far it has been a decent day. I feel stronger. Im not overly strong wore myself while at the dentists this morning but overall it is a good day. Glad about that.

This morning I keep thinking I should resign myself to only being able to eat fish, wild caught fish. I was going to test that out but never did. I think it would be best though if i stuck with the only fish diet for awhile to see if i get well much like I was in Nov of last year.
Doing ok so far this morning. Energy levels are decent. Strength ok. Being on the fish diet does seem to help me out. I believe this is the same diet I was on where I became well last Nov. If I can remain on it for 6 weeks or longer I'll probably get there is my guess.

Trying to tease out the information is tough. As usual I don't know if it is a spice making me ill or if it is one of the meats. I can make a good case either way. I'll just stick with the fish in olive oil and hoping in a month I can figure things out.

I didn't realize how nervous I've been since being more ill and weak. Being on the fish diet for a week had me feeling better about myself when going to the dentist yesterday.
So far this morning is going quite well. I don't have any weakness. Don't feel slghtly dizzy. It is a good morning. Hope it continues. It has been 8 days since I began avoiding nightshade, spices, and chicken. And it is 3 and a half weeks since I began avoiding beef and dairy.
As mentioned earlier, this morning was good, and so from the afternoon. It wasn't a perfect day but a nice improvement, with strength and overall feeling better.

All to often as soon as I have a good day, I start dreaming about finding ways to make beef and chicken work in my diet. This time I need to take a different route. Once I'm more energetic/recovered, I'll look to add spices, wheat, potatoes and similar items to my diet. Ill stick with the fish. The last items I'll eat and test are chicken and beef. I think I can stick with that idea. It won't be easy but needs to be tried.
It is another good morning. I'm feeling good and strong. What ever it is that my body views as a poison appears to be out of the body.

It is good that I wrote down what I ate to become well. When I begin to experiment again with my diet I'll be able to reference back to the diet that made me well. It took me a week of following the safe diet to feel better. It is a slow process to becoming better.

I'm better but far from recovered. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be more recovered. The worst of hurricane season has arrived. this week was particuarly active with storms in the Atlantic. I'll want to wait till this is over before I jump in adding new foods to the diet.

167lbs. Would prefer to be at 160lbs.
It is another good day. I believe I'm stronger today than I was yesterday. Have a bit of the high energy levels too, though I imagine I could wipe that out in short order. I like it. The diet is working. It is getting me healthier. Wish I knew what food(s) made me ill but I have a good plan going forward.
Wow, so far I have lots of energy this evening. I feel good. I've felt better but this is a good start. If this keeps up I might start food testing early, sometimes later next week.
Last night was fun! I wasn't in pain. My muscles felt good. I had lots and lots of energy to the point that I needed to just get up and move around. It was so wonderful.

this morning is starting out well once again. I can feel the energy percolating in me.

Thinking about it, in the past when I had some success with grass fed beef and cheese, making my gut somewhat well but have lousy energy levels, during that time I avoided spices and nightshade along with eggs. I was eating turkey lunch meat too, which didn't declare on their ingredient list that they had added chicken broth. the broth though was a tiny amount, less than 2% they say and i believe that as I didn't taste any broth. It has me thinking that my problem with poor energy during the years long trial of grass fed beef was the beef and turkey eaten and not the spices and nightshade. I'll of course be testing that out in the future.
Still doing well. I am a little less energetic. That is do to doing some leg exercises this morning. Overall though another good day. I'll stick with the fish diet.

New tropical storm formed and noted by the hurricane center this morning. this storm has Florida in it's sights. I'll need to be extra careful with my diet. Want to be in good shape in case I need to packup and go fo safety.
I am fatigued this morning. It was undoubtably caused by theleg workout done yesterday. It also has me thinking that back in Nov. when I was so happy to be well but blame eating chicken nuggets on making me ill again, was that it was more likely the exercising I did that brought the fatigue back. Exercising became easier in Nov. and I began doing more of it. I likely over did it. I'll stick with the fish diet for Oct. If all goes well I'll likely try eating chicken again.

I've bee snacking in the evenings of late so likely 168lbs.
No big surges of energy today. I was fatigued today, but not overwhelmingly fatigued. I could do things. So I'm still in the grips of being easily worn out. I'm not able to take much of a beating. Overall though I'm doing well. I'll likely take an easy tomorrow and imagine my good energy will return.
Gut doing well. Skin looking decently healthy. It has a bit of that milk white healthy appearance. Another good sign.

Storm coming to the area early next week. I'll need to be in good shape if the storm becomes powerful. It isn't supposed to but know from experience that can quickly change.
I am feeling ali right this morning and appearing healthier. there is a connection between the level of fatigue and appearance. Think I'll do some push ups this morning and then stpp the light workouts till Wed. The tropical storm should be gone by then. Gut doing well. Skin appears healthy. Tongue looking pretty good. There are sitll some markings on the tongue but nothing of significance.
I had a slight upset stomach in the morning. Wasn't expecting that. I'm blaming the fasting done, the lack of eating snacks yesterday for the stomach issue. Not a biggy I believe other than it hurts confidence. Glad it is the weekend with little traffic on the road.

I'm somewhat tired today. It is exercise fatigue. It doesn't take much to fatigue me. Appearance healthy. hair is really puffed up. i'll stick with the alpha gal diet and avoiding nightshade family.
Feeling well this morning. Energy isn't all that high but I did do some push ups yesterday, I should expect some fatigue from that. Appearance healthy. Weight 167lbs. So far the gut feels good. I'm sticking with the diet. It had me thinking last night if i remain on the limited diet I've written down within a few weeks I should be mostly well. the gut will still have some issues but energy levels and strength should be much better. that is my guess at least.
Today is the one month mark for avoiding beef and dairy. I'm about 2 weeks in on avoiding nightshade. In my mind I'm very much leaning toward the beef, pork, dairy products allergy. I'm guessing I just ate chicken wrong in the past. For what ever reason fasting can upset the stomach. Tongue looks very good. Finger nails are growing much quicker I've noticed for awhile. Hair is growing quicker also. Energy levels ok, nothing great but my muscles feel good. Strength is decent.
A little fatigued this morning but not to bad. I'll be busy this morning and today preparing for a tropical storm in the neighborhood. I'll hopfully have the energy to get things done. Weight 165lbs. Tongue looks good. Today is day 14 of avoiding nightshade and spices. With the way I've healed soon after avoiding nightshade and spices it certainly does make me think this is the answer. I'd prefer for the answer to be beef and dairy products but beggars can't be choosy. Skin does have the very nice appearance to it. Like that. It's a good sign.
It has been a busy morning preparing for the storm and as expected I'm pretty worn out. Appearing decently healthy though. And while fatigued I'm able to get the work done. Today also marks two weeks on the fish diet. That very well might be the answer too, I can only eat fish. Hope not. I have a feeling chicken can work. I feel that way as i've had times were I felt really good and energetic eating chicken. I can't saythe same about eating beef or dairy products. I always feel worn out when eating beef and cheese. Mom has COVID and I'm helping out with her care plus now i'm staying at my parents house with the storm in the area. Hope I don't developed COVID for a second time. So far so good.
I'm doing better this morning. I'm full of more energy though I'm not exactly all that energetic. this morning i'm thinking it is onions and garlic that are my problem. this comes from the Chinese rice dish that had onions in it. The rice dish only had a few ingredients and onions was one of the few. Another is that the chicken nuggest that I blamed 12 months ago only have two spices in them, garlic and onion powder.

Tongue looks good. I don't have COVID still. Mom is not all that ill from COVID. It is a mild cold for her.

Need to remind myself that muscle cramping probably is caused by eating beef and dairy products.
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Found myself awake half the night monitoring the storm. There was concern that storm surge would come over the small storm wall so around 1:30 at night drove the cars to the only hill on the island and then walked home in the storm. In the end didn't need to do that as the storm surge didn't become worse. Health wise I'm holding up. I'm not the strongest I've been but I'm able to get things done. With the slightly higher fatigue levels I'm having it has me thinking the last avoidance, nightshade, spices and chicken, is my problem. In two weeks if i stick with the fish diet i'll likely be more energetic. Appearance healthy. Skin looks good and healthy.
Finally I have some decent energy. I wouldn't be surprised if the grape juice I've been drinking is tiring me out. I've noticed that grape juice has a mild constipating effect. Imodium tires me out, and maybe grape can do similar. I'll stick with the grape for now. Hopefully this will pass soon.

Looking healthy other than my hair. the hair is a mess. ate some wheat today. i'll add that to my limited diet notes.
Another sensible reason why I might be more fatigued is that I've been eating some saurkraut. Fiber doesn't go down well for me. Feeling a bit bloated since eating the wheat that i did.
Appearance healthy this morning. Energy levels better. Like how my skin looks. Wish I had more energy. Thinking spices and nightshade are more of my problems, but then again chicken, might very well be the issue. Course beef and dairy remain right up there are foods to be concerned about. Glad I discovered the fish diet. Still wishing and hoping I had better strength. Imagine if I remain on the fish diet I'll slowly grow stronger. Tongue looks good and healthy this morning.
I'm back to believing it has to be garlic and onions that are my problem foods. Will see. I'll stick with the fish diet, and everything mentioned earlier being avoided. Did leg and chest exercises today. So far I'm feeling OK. No energy zapping going on. Pig out yesterday but gut still is doing well.
I'm on the worn out side this morning. I've been worse, but would be nice to have better energy for a change. It feels like exercise fatigue. Tongue looks great. I started eating wheat the other day as noted and am thinking the B vitamins added to wheat might have helped with healing the tongue. I ordered a B multi vitamin. I'll have to see if i'll end up taking it as I've bad luck with multi vitamins in the past. My hair is also growing quicker since eating wheat. for some time now my finger nails look much better, and are thick and strong on this fish diet. I'll keep away from nightshade, spices, beef and chicken along with spices. Skin looks nice and healthy.
not my best of days. It is a good and bad news day though. The bad news, the gut hurts, it slightly throbs, it has my heart rate elevated as too often happens in these days. It is like I''m on a walk. After an hour of walking I'm worn out. Today the upset gut and heart are on a walk all days. Not much fun. I have lots of experience with this in the past though. The good news, the fish diet lives up to its reputation, I'm not sick to my stomach The gut hurts but I'm not having diarrhea. All to oftn in these cases I'd be having lots of diarrhea that would be painful and tiring. I don't want to jinx myself but I've noticed in the last week my gut has improved nicely. i''m not entirely well but I'm heading in that direction. I don't believe my colon likes being used at this point. It prefers liquid diarrhea. Instead of diarrhea I'm peeing much more often than typical.
I wonder if I caught covid yesterday. My parents have had COVID this week. Yesterday it felt like I had a fever. The fever broke around 4 in the afternoon. this morning I find myself coughing a good amount.

Weight 165lbs. Energy levels lousy. Appearance healthy. Finger nails look good.
I feel lousy today. Two tests taken though were inconclusive. It makes sense that I have COVID but won't know till new tests arrive tomorrow.

I'm going to make an effect to consume less fiber. Of late I've had a tough time with my energy levels. this coinsides with me drinking more juice, juice that looks to have more fiber in it. It seems to be helping as this evening I'm feeling more energetic.
I believe I'm feeling better this morning from my likely bought with COVID. I'm far from being well but overall feel I have more energy and hurt less. My nose is less runny. All good. I woke up semi hungry and while I wasn't able to eat as much food as typical I had a good breakfast. I cut out the likely high fiber drinks. That may be playing a roll in why I'm doing better. It has me thinking too that the tongue sores were caused by the high fiber drinks. The ingredients/nutriet listing for fiber is listed as low but i doubt that to be true. I'll take an easy again today and hope I continue to feel better.
I'm doing a little better today. My energy levels are up. I'm feeling less swollen in my neck area. I'm still feeling lousy ovrall though and have been sitting on the couch most of the day. Not much fun. Will be nice once this cough goes away. Good news, my parents have pretty much fully recovered from their bout with COVID.

Gut doing alright. I have high confidence I'm on a good diet. Given another month and I'll be decently well. At least that is the plan. Where to go after that I'm uncertain. I've struggled to much in trying to pin point the food causing me issues.
Feel cruddy but a little less cruddy. I was thinking this morning that I have about a month to go on the till I should notice that I'm decently healthy. That is the plan anyway and following as best I know the Nov. experience of last year. Gut doing ok. Don't have the energy to do exercises which isn't good. I guess I could do some exercises but i'd be really worn out for days afterwards I'm guessing. Lots of coughing. Throat is slightly sore.
It is official I have COVId. New test back positive. No surprise there.

My experiment with eating wheat from time to time is coming to an end. I think the wheat has me feeling lousy and also looking worn down. It has done that in the past so I'm guessing the same is at work now. Of course COVID could be playing a roll too.

COVID seems to nearly gone. I wouldn't even know I had COVID if it wasn't for my left ear huting a bit. Hope this is the worst of it, and I'm largely well by tomorrow. I'm rarely coughing anymore, thankfully.

Sticking with the fish diet, avoiding spices and nightshade. I'll also keep away from wheat. It hasn't escaped my mind that I gave up wheat this morning, as noted earlier, and my COVID symptoms improved nicely afterwards.
I'm doing alright this morning. It feels like I'm the same as when I went to bed. I cough a little but not as much as before. My left ear still has some fluid in it. One difference is my energy levels, I have very good energy this morning. Weight 167lbs. Appearance, could lose some weight, as i joke, but appear healthy, skin looking good. Last I saw the tongue was looking good and healthy. No tongue markings. Gut feels alright. today is the 3 week mark on the latest diet which I believe matches the diet I was on last year that made me healthy. I'm not in love with the diet and can see why I'd be looking for reasons to add new foods to the diet. Since I've struggled with that I better continue wit the diet I have listed on my notes. When it comes time to add new foods I better stick with the plan of adding a spicy fish dish to my diet. Avoid chicken.
Sill doing well. Ended up eating a bunch of wheat. I'll see if that has any negative effects. I'm staying away from everyone this week trying to not spread the virus. No fun, but good to be doing well. Oh, energy levels are good. Even did some working out on my legs and upper body. No issues so far. Pigged out and since I wanted to drop the weight think I'll make it a point to not eat snacks. I'll see if I can get down to 165lbs which should be easy. After that I might make a push for 160lbs if I'm up to it. Finger nails still growing quickly and are nice and thick. That is a nice change, the diet that grows my finger nails. Not that I care about the finger nailes but does have me thinking I'm absorbing food better.
Things seem the same this morning. I'm nearly well but still have some lingering COVID cymptoms. The cough is nearly gone. Runny nose is nearly gone. Fever is gone though.

Tongue looks great. Energy levels good. Appearance healthy. Finger nails looking good. I'll stick with the fish diet, avoiding nightshade and spices also.
Doing OK. Did some leg exercises this morning and it has worn me down a bit. Hoping I'm not further worn down in the morning but suspect I will be. Slght upset stomach this morning but it wasn't much. Just a bit of a surprise. I'm not eating snacks, in hopes of dropping my weight to at least 165lbs. Main goal though is 160lbs.
166lbs. Looking healthy this morning. I'm on the right diet. It is only a matter of time till I'm ready to begin testing more foods. In a few weeks imagine I'll be healthier, stronger, more energetic. This morning I have excellent news. I worked out yesterday on the legs yet this morning I feel fine. I'm not tired, worn out. I don't look worn down. It is exciting. It is looking like I finally wrote down a diet that can make me well. Hopefully when the time comes for me to expand on the diet, I'll be able to do so.

I keep having a feeling that it is garlic and onions that I'm allergic to. So when i do add new foods to the diet think my first new foods will be a meal of chicken, with La Choy sweat and sour sauce. La Choy doesn't have garlic or onions added to it, and I have experience with it not causing problems.

Tongue looks great. Skin looks good and healthy. Energy levels are good. Strength is poor.
Mild upset stomach this afternoon but nothing significant. I should be fine. Energy levels remain good. I worked out on my legs yesterday and i've not had any problems with that.

I keep thinking that it is spices and nightshade that are my issue. I shouldn't discount beef. My eyes were clear and looking healthy when I was eating spicy chicken Kevin's meals. And I felt ok when eating that. On a practical level the answer is more likely to be beef and dairy products, along with pork.

Will see though. I strongly feel I'm on a winning diet. I just need to keep following it, get stronger, and then start experimenting.
I didn't sleep much last night. And now that I've eaten breakfast I find myself tired. the way it always goes. Doing ok this morning. Skin looks good and healhty. Tongue looks good. Gut is ok. i'm a bit sore from the leg workout. I was thinking of doing pushups this morning but think I'll wait.
I ended up doing some light upper body lifting and I feel fine. It is looking good that I'm able to do light working out without feeling terrible later on. I can take a little bit of a beating.

I still have a ways to go with the gut. I still can become ill without to be stress it seems. Maybe in a week or two that will change.
Doing well today. This morning after lots of exercise I felt fine. I wasn't overly worn out and tired. Now I'm a bit worn down but nothing significant. It is looking good that I've turned a corner with exercise and energy levels. This is excellent.

I'm naturally growing tired of the diet I'm on. It has been close to 4 weeks with the avoid spices and nightshade. It would be getting close to 6 weeks with avoiding red meats and dairy. I need to stick with the diet though. I have a ways to go with healing before I can begin testing foods.

I seem to be doing well with eating wheat. I notice it with the gut. But wheat eaten hasn't been a big problem.
it is exciting that I continue to have decent energy after working out. The workouts are light of course. i'm doing them everyday herre of late though without much problem. It is wonderful, exciting. The diet appears to be working. I'm guessing that a spice is my problem, probably garlic/onions. Weill see though. Have a few slight tongue markings. Imagine those will not go away till I'm stronger.
I still have good enertgy this morning, this is after doing leg exercises in the morning. This is big, exciting, i likely have turned a corner on fatigue. I have a diet that will take care of the fatigue over time. I'm unsure how the diet helps but I'll keep working on trying to find out the answer to that.

Thinking this week I'll try to drop 5lbs. I was 165lbs this morning. If I dropped down to 160lbs I'd get rid of a lof of the fat I'd like seen gone.

I'll stick with the fish diet, along with avoiding spices and the nightshade family.
I have mild cramping today. I'm fasting also which is never much fun. My guess is the cramping is largely being caused by the wheat being eaten of late. The wheat does make me gassy. I'll make it, but not enjoyable. OUtside of that energy levels are good today. I even did some pushups this morning. It does appear that I'm able to exercise without ruining my energy levels. It is exciting.
I don't know if it is necessary but I'm going to make a diet adjustment to see if it helps. I'm going back to avoiding all grains. I'll avoid cane sugar also. I know that grains can cause me cramping. They also appear to cause me tongue sores. I haven't noted them of late but the tongue is beat up with some sores on it.

I am feeling better with better energy. I'm not sure why that is, so I'll stick with the diet I'm on just removing the grains I've been eating. I'll see if that makes a difference. It probably will.
Another thing not mentioned is that while eating grains I was having a difficult time communicating well. Now, without grains for hald the day I'm communicating better. I don't know why I'm mentioning this after just half a day.

this is sort of the diet I was on just a month ago. I grew scared of the diet, afraid with some dental appointments that I might find myself ill and so went more conservative.

If I have big through with eating grains I'm not sure why my energy and exercise abilities have improved of late. Oh well don't think to much on it. Just go with what is given me.

I did end up eating lunch. I'm feeling good and energetic this evening.
I'm back to eating grain free and I'm off to a good start. The stomach cramping is gone. My energy levels are good. My tongue looks better. I've had good success avoiding all grains in the past. I even had my stomach functioning correctly half the time. The big problem is that half the time. The other half I'd still be sick to my stomach and I never had much energy. So something was still going wrong. I'll have to figure that out. Possible answers, I was eating some grain sugar. I was also eating turkey meats where the turkey had been fed corn. So who knows. I'll have to figure it out. I think though and have known for awhile I do better when I avoid all grains.

Weight was 177lbs. Imagine avoiding grains will have me dropping some weight. that happened at least in the past.
I made another dietary change today, i added potatoes to the diet. I remove grains and naturally potatoes sound good as a replacement. The good news is I remain above normal for energy. It is wonderful. Last I looked tongue looked good. Wish I lost some weight but might have to push the issue and do some fasting. i remember in the past when I avoid grains along with avoiding dairy the weight drops off quickly.
Feeling good this morning. Energy levels are good for me. Gut feels alright. Avoiding grains is best for me I feel. The tongue really does look better. Avoiding grains does improve the tongue. it might not be the only thing that causes tongue issues but it is the big item responsible I believe. And what ever causes the tongue sores likely causes the stomach issues.

As mentioned earlier I went many years avoiding all grains and while I was well to the gut 50% of the time I never had much energy or good health. Something else was going wrong. I'll have to figure that out.
I did end up fasting today. I've only had breakfast. As typical when I'm avoiding grains my weight has dropped quicker. I'm at 175lbs at the moment. I'll probably be 174lbs in the morning. Fasting isn't much fun but I'm handling it decently today. Energy levels not as good due to fasting and working out on my legs this morning. Tongue looking good. Imagine it to be perfect in a day or two as avoiding grains often times does that.
164lbs this morning. I'm not sure if grains are a primary issue for my gut, but I do do better when I avoid them. Cramping improves in particular. this morning my tongue looks good and healthy. Energy levels are elevated. Strength is good. It is a good morning so far.
Tongue is looking really good and healthy. Avoiding grains tends to do that, though I recall at one point my tongue formed a sore while avoiding grains. I'll test that again and see if i can figure out why. I probably made an error. I'll continue with the efforts to lose weight. I'm 166lbs right now. I'll likelybe 165 in the morning. Gut is ding good. Energy levels are decent. Strength seems good. I didn't work out this morning but tomorrow I likely will. I'll try fasting again tomorrow most likely.
And just like that my tongue looks perfect. Love it. So once again avoiding all grains has produced a good healthy looking tongue and likely what causes the tongue sores causes the stomach problem.

In the past I learned that I can still get tongue sores when avoiding all grains. In the past I didn't do much exploring. Instead I just added grains back into the diet and began looking for something else. This time I'm going to stick with the avoid grains diet and I'll look for something else that is messing up the tongue. There are all kinds of possibilties, from accidentally eating grains, cane sugar, to corn fed to live stock being a problem. I'll fin dout.

For now since it is hurricane season I'll stick with the fish diet and avoid all grains. I'll see what happens.

Weight 165lbs. Tongue looks perfect. Energy levels are so so. Strength is alright. Left foot has that painful twitch at the moment. Hope that doesn't stick around. I might fast today. I'll see how I feel. WOuld like to get my weight down to 160lbs,
I was sick today and I feel fine. I love it. It is nice to be ill and not worn out afterwards. The illness part wasn't entirely unexpected as i have been doing some work around the house, using my stomach muscles. Will be nice when and if that area improves.

Confusion about grains, whether they are a primary problem or secondary. My guess is secondary but it is best that I avoid eating them. My tongue obviously shows that. It has me thinking that later one I problem will not need to be strict with avoidance. i probably will be able to eat some sugarcane. A little corn starch will not cause me big issues.

The primary problem food is most likely either beef as in alpha gal, or garlic and onions. Lots of other possible answers too.

Overall though nice to have a diet that gets rid of some of this fatigue finally. Now I need a healthier gut and more energy would be nice.
Tongue looks fantastic this morning. No markings at all. It is as a tongue should look. So avoiding grains does play part of a roll in getting the tongue looking nice and healthy. Maybe grains are a primary problem food. There is something else going wrong that I'll need to figure out also. I'm a bit tired this morning. I did push ups yesterday plus I experienced some stomach issues. that likely explains the tiredness. Looking good and healthy. I might fast today, work futher to drop 5lbs. I was 167lbs or so this morning. Would like to get to 162lbs and lower.
The tongue still looks wonderful. Hope it remains that way. Energy levels so so. Being sick the other day has tired me some but I'm doing well overall. Feeling upbeat. Glad about the diet still. Have naturally many questions about the diet, and what went wrong in the past when I ate grain free for several years. Think tomorrow I'll start a fasting week, try and drop the weight closer to 160lbs. It will be tough but believe I can pull it off.
Tongue looks great. No markings at all. I've wondered what the markings are. My best guess is they are a nutritional deficiency leading to tissue breakdown. Hard to say though. It is likely some kind of reaction or nutritional issue, which likely appears to be caused by eating grains.

Since avoiding grains I've felt a little colder which is trun does hurt my energy levels a little bit. I'm not overly concerned about it, but this morning I turned my A/C up a degree. I should be able to handle that well.

Gut ok. I've never had much success with the gut being well sicne I added rice to the diet around 5 years ago. I also stopped eating cheese regularly then also and have blamed the lack of cheese in the diet forthat. I might have been wrong and it could be the rice eating. The gut is relatively ok right now.
164lbs. As happened in the past when I press the issue I drop weight quick when I avoid grains. At least I lose weight quickly early on, then it slows down around 162lbs.

Doing ok today. Energy levels are alright. Tongue looks great. I'm exciting about that. Naturally lots of questions on what causes the tongue sores and till a good healthy tongue result in a greatly improved stomach. I suspect it will but it will take time.
163lbs. I'm feeling really good this morning. That's a nice change. Typically after eating one meal in a day I'm feeling run down. Looking good and healthy. this morning I'm thinking about how I was developing good energy levels before I began to avoid all grains. Most likely that is due to avoiding dairy.cheese and beef. I know that cheese will tire me out. that is for certain. Less certain is beef tiring me out, though I suspect it does. I was thinking too that many years ago I religiously avoided eating any dairy products. I also didn't eat beef often, maybe once a month if that. I wasn't perposely avoiding beef though. It is just something I don't care much for. I lived off of chicken and eggs and I had lots of energy. My stomach was messed up then though.

I list weight at 163lbs though it is more likely 173lbs. the old electric scale which is likely more accurrate had its batteries go dry. Since its body fat reading stopped working figure I'll just use the manual scale. It isn't as accurate I suspect but it gets the job done.

Energy levels are good to the higher end range this morning. Eyes are slightly blue. that's a good sign. Skin looks good and healthy. Strength is ok. I might have a tough of exercise fatigue. I'll avoid weight lifting today. Gut is typical, nothing great but it could be worse.
Energy levels remain good. Tongue looks great. Skin looks good and healthy. Things are in general looking up. I guess on the negative I had a slight upset stomach this morning. I'll blame that on fasting. For what ever reason fasting does upset the gut slightly. I'll keep with the fish diet, avoiding all grains, and avoiding garlic and onions. Looking forward to the day when I can open the diet up and begin to experiment. With energy levels remaining good I should be able to do that in a few weeks I'm guessing.
Doing well this morning. Energy levels are good. Last night before bed my energy levels were zapped. It was exercise fatigue. Good time for the fatigue to hit, in theory. Ended up not sleeping all that great. Rather odd. Tongue remains looking great since avoiding all grains. No markings at all on the tongue. Stomach could be better. the stomach is not great, but it isn't terrible either. Imporvement in the stomach would be nice. Skin looks good and healthy. Think today I'll fast for 23 hours. I'd like to see my weight down another pound. I think I have the energy to fast another day. Weight 164lbs this morning.
I did quite well today, with enegy levels doing well. This evening though I'm worn out. Fasting for the second time this week has tired me out. I am 164 to 163lbs at the moment. So I should reach by goal of 162lbs in the morning. I'll be pleased when that happens. I'll likely though get back to eating two meals a day for the next two days and then try on Friday to fast and get down to 161lbs. Tongue looks great still. Skin looking good.
I'm feeling good an energetic this morning. As all to often happens I woke up much to early aftre a day of fasting. I wasn't all that hungry either. But I was wide awake, no reason to fight it and got up. Maybe last night I was worn out do to doing push ups in the morning.

Reached my weight loss goal of 162lbs. I probably will be able to fast once again on Thursday. Will be nice to go for 161lbs.

Energy feels great. Strength could be better. Skin looks decent. Muscles feel good.

I keep forgetting but I'm also avoiding spices, in particular garlic and oninons. I'm hoping that isn't the answer, but I shouldn't forget that it just might be and explain why I have greater energy levels. It is so nice to not feel as fatigued.
Have done well today. I didn't lift any this morning and I can tell. I have a good amount of energy this evening. Still uncertain on what it is that is giving me greater energy levels, probably avoiding beef and cheese, but overall I like it. Can't think of much to gripe about this evening. Hope I sleep better. I was awake much to early.
163lbs. I'm doing ok this morning though I'm feeling a little weak. That is likely due to the fasting done this week. today I'd normally fast but think instead i'll work to regain my energy and strength back. There is no rush to lose the weight. And I don't have much more weight loss to go. Gut doing ok. Skin looks good and healthy. I'm one week away from one month of avoiding spices such as garlic and onions. That is a very likely answer to what is hurting my health. Would be nicer if the answer was beef and cheese. They are easier to avoid and even desireable to avoid since I don't care all that much for their taste though at times I can have a cheese craving.
I am tired and worn out. This morning I was on my feet the whole time, much of it working on a project with my father. So I'm doing better with energy levels, but it doesn't take all that much to tire me out. Ended up eating lunch and I thought I would. I might fast tomorrow depending on how I feel in the morning. I'm not doing poorly today but not nearly as energetic as I've been of late. Tongue looks great. Skin appears healthy. Gut so so.
164lbs, to 163lbs this morning. Avoiding grains does help me to lose weight and keep it off, though if I go crazy and eat a lot of food I know the weight will go back on. Think I'll try fasting today, going for 161lbs. My energy levels this morninig are alright. I did beat myself up yesterday pretty good but I appear to be recovering well. I was doing many leg squats essentially with the project worked on yesterday and that always tires me out. i was also using my stomach muscles more yesterday than I wish. It wouldn't surprise me if I experience an upset stomch as a result. With that said I'm do so far.
Fasting for the 3rd time this week has me pretty run down and worn out. I'll have to return to eating normal soon. That would be best fro my health. Last I checked I was 163lbs so there is a good chance I'll reach my goal of 161lbs in the morning. Tongue looks great still since avoiding all grains 10 days ago. Still lots of confusion on what is safe and what isn't. Looks like though gains should be permanently avoided.
Feel quite well this morning. Nice to wake up feeling this energetic, especially after a fasting day. Weight 161lbs this morning. Visually which is the most important I still have a good amount of fat to lose, but it is coming off. Nice to make progress and to feel good for a change. Tongue looks great. Skin looks good and healthy. The gut is hanging in their. Strength could be better.