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My journey to getting well

163lbs this morning. I'll likely fast today and see if I can reach 160lbs. I'm more on the tired side this morning though. I did some push ups yesterday and that naturally will wear me out for a few days. tongue looks great. Skin looks good and healthy. Not much more to note down that I can think of. I'll just be sticking with the fish diet, avoiding grains and spices for sometime. Looking forward to when I'll be able to begin food experimenting again. I want to be stronger before I do that though.
Rather tired and worn out today. I'm going to blame those fiber rich drinks for causing the fatigue. I'll get back to drinking those drinks more measured and see if that helps. It should.

Ate lunch today instead of fasting due to the fatigue. Maybe tomorrow I'll be ablee to get back to fasting and weight loss.

OUtside of that doing well. Tongue looks great. It would be ideal if my problem was simplly all grains and that I messed up in the past when I ate to much cheese. I was eating a lot of cheese back in those years when I avoided grains. Hopefully I'll find out soon.
Tongue looks fantasic. Gut is better. Energy levels are better. I didn't write about it earlier but for the past 2 days my hips hurt some. Eating to much fiber can cause the hip problem. This morning my hips feel much better. There isn't any soreness. I began drinking carrot juice again and I was drinking more than one cup of pineapple juice. I'm guessing that was to much fiber for me to handle. I might fast today. Weight 163lbs. Would like to reach 160lbs at a min.
Good and bad day. The bad, I'm out of it. this is due to fasting today and doing some leg exercises this morning. I've worse but I've been getter today. The good news, I'm going to meet my weight loss goals in the morning. i weighed 161lbs this afternoon. Without much question I'll be 160lbs in the morning.

Think what I'll do is return to eating my typical 2 meals a day. I'll regain my strength and put back on a few pounds. I'll then later on look to drop the fat some more. That's the main thing I can see some belly fat that I'd like to see worked off. It shouldn't take to much effort in the future. I just need more energy and strength to do so.

Avoiding grains continues to have my tongue looking great.
160lbs. Now that I've reached my weight loss goal I retrun to eating normal, two meals a day. Once my strength returns I'll try again to lose more belly fat. I'm doing alright this morning. My only complaint is the slight upset stmach this morning. For what ever reason 23 hour fastswill upset the stomach.

Today marks 2 weeks avoiding all grains. Since the tongue sores have gone away that is a good clue that grains are a problem. I kow though that the tongue markings can show up even when I'm avoiding grains. so something more is going on.

today also marks 2 months of avoiding beef and dairy products. I'm pretty sure but not certain that beef and dairy/cheese cause ethe muscle pull pains. Beef and dairy also cause muscle loss or maybe better said less puffiness. I lose my butt as some point out when I eat beef and dairy products. My arm muscles don't look so hot either. Those are good incentives to avoid beef and dairy. Possibly too avoiding beef and dairy gets rid of the red in my eyes. My eyes do look nice and white.

So that is it for this morning. I have a dental meeting, consultation tomorrow. Hope the stomach is working well as the drive is 40 minutes one way.
Doing alright today. A little bit worn out but nothing serious. Doing well overall considering all the fasting I've done in the past week. Gut hurts just a bit, but nothing to bad. Have a dental appointment in the morning so I'm thinking about the gut more than typical. Hope the long drive goes well. Tongue looks great. Avoiding grains has helped greatly in that area. Skin looks better this afternoon sicne I ate lunch. I was appearing run down this morning. I might find myself fasting again tomorrow due to the dental appointment at 10:15. Will see how I'm feeling. Eating lunch a little later for me isn't a big issue.
I'm doing ok this morning. I'm a bit tired and the stomach a bit sore but nothing out of the usual. The tireness likely mainly comes from leg exercises. The recent fasting also has me run down.

Today markets one month and 10 days since I started the fish diet, the diet I've had good success with. It wouldn't surprise me if I end up only being able to eat fish. One year ago due to the hurricane I found myself only being able to eat fish. I did so for over 2 months. And I became well, pretty much. The gut was still having some trouble, but overall I had good energy, I could exercise everyday, etc. I started last yeras fish diet in th emiddle of Sept and by the middle of Nov. I was essentially well. So for this year, another 3 weeks on the fish diet and in theory I should be well. That would be nice.

Have that dental appointment this morning. Dreading that, but it should go fine. It helps that I'm on the fish diet. i have good confidence in it.
When on the alpha gal or fish diet there is one draw back. My sleep become worse. For what ever reason when i'm only eating fish my sleep isn't as good. I'll find myself restless in bed much of the night. Of late it has gotten worse. The very same thing happens when I eat chicken, my sleep is worse.

On the other hand when I eat beef and or cheese I sleep well at night.

I suspect it has something to do with body temperature. When I eat beef or cheese I feel much cooler. Eating fish or chicken warms my body up.

It has me thinking my thyroid glad might be involed as I've often read body temperature is regulated by the thyroid glad. A slow thyroid gland will make one feel cold and put on weight. A person also can have constipation. Hypothyroidism. Maybe it explains why I put on weight when I eat beef.

A normal acting thyroid glad will have someone feeling warmer.

Weight this morning was 161lbs. The fish diet does help to keep the weight off.

I'll still continue to eat two meals in order to build up my strength. Once I'm feeling stronger I'll return to fasting to try and drop some more belly fat. I don't have to much more to go.
Forgot, today marks 2 months since avoiding beef and dairy products. Avoiding red meat is my favorite diet trial. It is a reasonable guess that this is the answer, as I'm allergic to pork for certain, have issues with beef and dairy products, avoiding beef and dairy is the only diet avoiance that brings out my blue eyes, and avoiding beef appears to get rid of muscle cramping.

today hasn't been a very good day. My hips and feet hurt some. It was the very same feel that I complained about earlier, a week ago, got rid of by not drinking as many cups of juice that would be rich with fiber. Well, yesterday I doubled up on the juice drinks and today I was in a little bit of pain due to that. I'll stick with my one cup of pineapple juice a day, no more than that. Grape juice seems to be fine. I can drink away with that.
161lbs. Avoiding grains does seem to help with weight loss. Avoiding beef and dairy helps also.

Energy levels are ok but strength is poor. Appearance healthy. I've never looked healthy eating beef and dairy products. On the other hand i've looked healthy when eating chicken and turkey. The fish diet has me looking good and healthy.

Tongue looks great. Avoiding grains does get rid of the tongue sores.

I'll eat normal again today. If I'm feeling up to it I'll fast for a few days next week starting tomorrow. If I can get to 166lbs, or 156lbs dependong on the scale I'll be happy. At least at that weight in the past I was pleased. Most but not all the belly fat had gone away at that weight.
this morning I did some leg weight lifting and I'm feeling fatigued from it now. I'm not overwhelmingly fatigued but am tired some.

I worry a bit about the potatoes I'm eating, a long time food I've held question about. I'll keep eating them though, due to my tongue looking great. I'm just frustrated with the not so great energy levels.

Appear good and healthy though. Glad about that.
160lbs. Nice to lose a pound without trying. Think I'll fast today, see if I can reash 159lbs or 169lbs, depending upon the scale.

I might have very good news this morning. My gums are even less swollen. I've long known that pork will swell up my gums and cause them to bleed. my gums though have not completely become unswollen over the years though. the swelling is much less since avoiding pork. Well, this morning it feels like the swelling is gone. Don't know what is up. Fingers crossed that the diet of avoiding beef, dairy, and all grains has brough this about and it is good news.
I'm already down to 160lbs. making 169lbs should be easy. Fasting on the other hand is never all that easy. I'll be glad once I drop the body fat and can eat my normal two meals a day. .

Beat up and worn down some. I'm able to function but the leg workout and doing some pushups has me tires and looking ragged. Outside of that hanging in there. Like that my gums are still less swollen.
159 or 169lbs depending on the scale used.

I feel decent this morning. My energy levels are good. My strength is ok. The gut is alright. So far it is a good morning. This is what I'm looking for, being able to take a little bit of a beating as i jokingly call it and have some energy afterwards. I did fast yesterday. Appearance, as a result I do look a little run down. Don't rememmber if my tongue looked good or not. It likely does look perfect. I guess avoiding grains is doing me lots of good. Now I just to figure out what went wrong in the past when I went for years without eating grains.
All things considered it has been a good day. My energy levels have been alright. I guess htere for a short while after lunch I was a bit worn out but outside of that doing decent. With that said, all the exercising and fasting has me a bit fatigued.

Bought batteries for the digital scale. It isn't perfect by any means but it has a more accurate weight than the manual scale. With that said it likely has me weighing a few pounds more than what I am. Came in at 172lbs this afternoon. So I'll probably be 171lbs in the morning. I have my work cut out for me still.
171lbs. I imagine I only need to drop another 3lbs to make me happy. On the digital scale I recall being 168 to 167lbs had me happy. I'll aim for that.

This could be a big week. My energy levels remain decent. that's what I'm looking for, being able to do some exercises, fast some, and yet still be able to function. So hope that is the case. It was around 2 months ago that I began this diet, with over time adding a few new twists to the diet idea. Hope this is it.

I'm feeling a little cheerful this morning. It is funny but it takes energy to be cheerful and whilte I'm not over flowing with energy I am better in that department, at least this morning. I'm fasting today so maybe by later this afternoon I'll be grumpy.
This is good, i already weigh 170lbs at the moment. I'll be 169lbs in the morning, even possibly 168lbs, the goal I'm thinking will work for me. That would be wonderful.

Something I've noticed since avoiding all grains but have avoided noting down is that I'm talking better, much better. It is always a difficult judgement on the issue of talking better, but it is safe to say I am doing so. Avoiding all grains is doing me good. I'll continue to stay away. I see no reason to ever add grains back into my diet.

I'm tired and yet have good energy levels at the same time this afternoon. Basically I can handle a little bit of a beating. That is wonderful. Hope this continues for the rest of the week and beyond.
168lbs. I made my weightloss goal barely. I'll probably keep going, maybe go to 165lbs. I still have more belly fat than wanted. For now though I believe I'll take a short rest from fasting. I'll eat normal for me for a couple days. Maybe on thursday or Friday I'll resume fasting.

Tongue looks great this morning. My energy are alright. That is more than iI expected. What ever it is that make me so sick and fatigued looks to be out of my diet. hard to say what it is that makes me ill but I have a diet that appears to keep me decently healthy. That means a lot. I'm coming around to the idea that my problem food is all grains. Something else though is a problem, either cane sugar which comes from a grain, or maybe corn fed to live stock is a problem when i eat the meat. What ever it is I should go slow when I begin to experiment with my diet.
I had an idea on why I might have found myself well in Nov. of last. I recall last year I made a swift with chips at one point while I was staying with my parents after the hurricane. I switched from rice crackers to corn chips. Possibly I have more of a problem with rice crackers than with corn. It makes some sense. that would be nice too. Of course this doesn't explain my continuring problems when I avoided all grains for a few years, and while I was healtheir I never recovered. My thinking is that maybe the cheese I was eating them was causing my stomach issues to stick around.

Doing much better today than expected. I thought I'd be wornout and fatigued. I did some exercises along with yesterdays time at the stressful dentist. Instead I feel fine. My energy levels are good. My appearance is haggard some but nothing terrible.

So still lots of questions but for the past two days I'm thinking grains are my problem and I need to figure out what I missed in the past.

In case it isn't grains, another idea being tried, I'm a week away from two months of avoiding garlic and onions.
Doing well this morning. My energy levels are up. Ya! My muscles feel good. The stomach is hanging in there. I'm 3 pounds more in weight than expected this morning but I did eat dinner last night, or maybe not dinner so much but a large dinner time snack. I'll probably eating two meals today. I'm looking a little ruff from the fasting. I'll try to recover today. tomorrow I'll pllan to get back into fasting to lose some weight.

I'm always bouncing around from different ideas, but that the moment grains is high on my list for causing the fatigue and stomach issues. I'll have to figure out why avoiding grains in the past didn't produce better results.
The decent energy continues. It is exciting. Hopefully better energy is coming. For now though I'm pleased. tongue remains looking good and healthy. I'll return to fasting tomorrow. At this point I'm less concerned with weight than i am with just getting rid of the belly fat and fat overall. Don't have to much to go in that area I suspect. Famous last words.
it is so exciting. I've really exercised and then worked hard and i feel fine. I'm not completely zonked out, hurting from all the workout. I've been on my feet all morning. No problem. I love it! It is so wonderful to not feel so overwhelmingly fatigued.

So at this rate I should be pretty much well in a few weeks I'm guessing. i'm fasting so that might hurt the time line but I suspect it will not. It isn't a surprise that I'm more energetic. My gut is better. I'm less ill to the gut. there can be some mild cramping at times but norhing serious has happened in the past couple of weeks. Less sick tot he gut translates into more energy.

I'm quite upbeat about this naturally.

Tongue looks great. I'll continue to avoid all grains, follow the fish diet, and stay away from garlic and onions. i'm hoping by the end of the month I'll be able to start adding new foods to the diet.
I'm doing well this morning but I am a bit on the tired side and understandably so. I beat the heck out of myself yesterday, jogging or walking over 15 miles, doing some leg exercises and then doing some house work that had me breaking a good sweat. I'll be taking more of an easy today. Didn't lose any weight yesterday despite a 23 hour fast. I'll blame that on the weight lifting, and using the bathroom less. On the more crucial appearance of weight loss I don't notice any weight loss. Weight 169lbs. Looking forward to when I can safely beging adding new foods to the diet.
As the day has moved on I've been feeling more energetic. I beat myself up pretty good yesterday but I seem to have recovered quite well. It is wonderful. I even had to more or less force myself to eat lunch. I wasn't that hungry but figured it would be good to me. that is one thing i am appearing beat up. I'd look healthier without the fasting.
Doing good this morning. i'm slightly fatigued but hopefully as the day goes along I'll see better energy levels. I'm kind of zeroing in on grains as my problem but keep having that nagging doubt about that. I avoided grains for many years, had some success with avoiding grains, I greatly improved my gut to the point that I was entirely well part of the time, but the bit issue is I never recovered with my energy levels. I also developed lots of dental problems. As a result other ideas such as the alpha gal diet, and avoiding garlic and onions are staying around.

Tongue looks great this morning. Appearance decently healthy, though I do appear a little fatigued, which I am. I'll likely fast today. the battle against the bulg continues. 170lbs this morning.
I'm doing remarkably well today. I've only eating one meal, I've walked or jogged 15 miles, I still have good energy levels. Weight is down to 169lbs, barely at the moment. More importantly it does look like I've dropped a bit of fat. So far so good. The diet has me getting well it appears. I'll keep avoiding all grains, avoid red meats, cheese, and a few spices.
As to be expected I'm a bit on the fatigued side. I've did a lot of exercising yesterday. Last night too it took me longer than typical to fall asleep. With that said I'm hanging in there. I'm doing pretty good. My strength is decent. My energy levels are decent. Tongue is looking good and healthy.

In the ever wondering what went wrong in the past when I avoided alll grains and didn't recovering, idealy I'm hoping my problem back then was that I was simply eating to much cheese. I know to much cheese can be a problem for my stomach. That would be the best and luckiest solution. I problby will not be so lucky though. That isn't how things work for me.

Fasted yesterday. I weigh 169lbs. I'm pretty close to 168lbs. I'll reward myself with 168lbs! Yaaaa!!! Joking aside, I appear to have lost a bit of fat. The stubborn belly fat has shrunk just a bit.
I'm pretty worn out today and i'm reasonable certain it is due to exercising to much. I'm not so sure that exercising double the amount helps all that much with weight loss. Think I'll stop doing that. I'll just stick with the normal amoutment of movement. Overall I'm doing well but am experiencing some fatigue. tomorrow I'll take an easy and eat lunch once again. I'll get back to fasting on Tuesday.
169lbs. Glad to see that since I ate 2 meals. that is one thing, on this diet the weight seems to be staying off once it is lost. At least here initially.

I'm tired, fatigued, beat up. I'll take it slow today. No push ups. No leg exercies. I'll just walk and jog some, but not a whole lot. I'll likely have 2 meals again today. I need to recover. Something I said I wasgoing to do but didn't wsa to avoid the magnesium spray. I mistakenly used it again last night. I doubt there to be a problem with the spray but it wouldn't hurt to take a break from it just in case. Tongue looks great. I appear decently healthy. It will be a good day I suspect just a slightly sore one.
Did well today. Another idea I tried to increase energy is to once again stop drinking a little bit of carrot juice. Basically cut back on fiber intake. What ever it was I'm doing better once again. I'm feeling good.

Found myself having to sit in traffic for a bit. All to often that can make me anxious. Not today though. i didn't feel any concern being stuck in traffic. The gut is getting quite well and has been that way for a few weeks. that must have me not as paniced when stuck.

I'm nearly at the one month mark for avoiding all grains. I'm not sure if that is it, but I do better when avoiding grains. Looking forward to when I can begin testing new foods. With the restricted diet, it helps to have the success I have been having to continue it, naturally.

Tongue looks great.
171lbs. Since it was cooler yesterday and I didn't sweat I'm guessing I gained a pound or two.

Used that magnesium spray once again last night and regret doing so now. My stomach was slightly upset this morning and I feel slightly unsettled. I should stay away from that spray. It doesn't seem to be doing me good.

I tis nearly 2 months since I started the fish diet. It seems to be working for me. Looking toward though to testing chicken. I'm thinking my main problem is grains most likely. Most of that belief is due to tongue sores going away since avoiding grains.

I might fast today.
I think there to be a good chance that I have found a new allergen. Carrot probably are a food that I'm allergic to. It is just a guess, but it likely is the case. I added carrot juice to the diet thinking it would be a welcome new source of nutrients and I feel unsteady, mildly dizzy. It didn't happen right away. It reminds me of that Chinese rice dish that I linked to making me dizzy. It only had a few ingredients, carrots, rice, onions, soy sauce and peas.

Well I'll take carrorts more seriously as an allergen. I'll also avoid other members of the carrot family such as parsley.

Doing better this morning though I'm mildly dizzy and not feeling all that strong and energetic. As the day progresses I'll likely feel better. In the past wit the rice dish it would take me 3 to 4 days to feel better. Today is the 3rd day of avoiding carrot juice.
I'm pretty worn out, fatigued today. It has been awhile since that last happened. Yesterday I did leg workouts which undoubtably contributes to the fatigue. But I'm guessing the carrot juice drunk has contributed to this worn out feeling.

I'm not entirely sure about carrot family being an issue, but with that said, it does make sense. I can't remember a time where I felt better after having carrot juice and ate a carrot. It also might explain why I didn't get well int he past when I avoided most spices. The turkey lunch meat I was eating didn't list chicken broth on the label at the time and broth is made with carrots and parsley.

I'll take an easy today, recoup and be better tomorrow.
Woke up many times last night to use the bathroom, to urinate. That wasn't much fun. It was sort of my fault. I drank a bunch of juice yesterday but I'm thinking that wasn't all that was going on. I tend to do that when I start to feel better, pee a lot for a day. So hope that is the case. the gut isn't horrible but it could be better.

Weight 170lbs, close to 169lbs. Not bad sicne I snacked often yesterday.

I remain slightly off balance but nothing terrible. This has been a mornng event. Within a few hours I shouldn't expect to have this feeling.

Didn't feel like eating breakfast. Had to force myself to eat.

tongue looks great. i started eating cane sugar yesterday. I don't expect trouble but wlll see. I drank some lime juice that had sugar in it.

Not the best to items to judge but I do appear healthier this morning. Yesterday I was looking kind of ruff. That was due to the leg exercises done but also suspect the carrot juice drunk days earlier.
I was pretty wiped out, worn out this afternoon but surprisingly I'm upbeat feeling good. I've bought in to the idea that carrots, the carrot family is my main problem foods. Will see of course. I have two months of avoiding to have a good idea on that theory but I think it will pan out. I have been doing quite well. I then added carrot juice to the diet and I slowly crashed.

tongue looks good. I do better when I avoid grains. I should be able to eat some though. I'm counting on that with my new diet.
168lbs. I'm feeling good this morning, much better than yesterday. Energy levels are decent. Strength feels ok. I'm feeling upbeat about avoiding the carrot family. Famous last words but it should be a good day.

A cold front will be passing through next week. I typically do not handle cooler weather all that well. Hope this time is different.
I'm pretty tired and worn out this afternoon but I'm not as bad as i was yesterday. Appearance healthy. Tongue looks good. Skin looks healthy. Maybe in another week I'll be back to having more reliable energy. I'll continue to avoid the carrot family.
I'm pretty fatigued and tired this morning, but nothing horrible. on the positive so far I feel no unsettled feeling, no mild dizziness, no big weakness. If my problem is with the carrot family then it took 4 days to get the carrots out of my system. That seems about right. I'm feeling upbeat over thinking I have the answer finally. Weight 170lbs. No bad since I had snacks yesterday, or basically another meal, dinner. I'd likely be 168lbs other wise. I might fast again today. My goal is to lose the belly fat, but I'd likely be happy at 167lbs too.
I did well today. Only one did I have a feeling of dizziness and weakness and that was after being on my feet for a few hours, lifting some boxes around with dad. I'm feeling good about that. Imagine tomorrow will even be better. As mentioned earlier I'm feeling upbeating, thinking I have the answer with the carrot family. Hope in a few weeks that I show clear signs of being well with better energy and strength.
170lbs. I'm doing ok this morning. Stomach feels ok. Energy levels and strength could be better but as not horrible. Yesterdays leg exercises haven't overly tired me out though they have fatigued me some. All good signs considering how I was feeling a few days ago after the carrot juice. Tongue looks good. I'll probably fast today. Don't know if I'll fast or not. I have minor surgery on Wed. and want to work it out so that I'm fasting on that day. I might end up eating a light lunch today so that works out. It is kind of strange but here of late I almost feel like eating just one meal a day makes me feel better. Eating two meals leaves me feeling bloated somewhat. i slept decent last night though I wasn't grounding and will not ground till have the operation is done.
Feeling a little bit run down this afternoon and understandly so. I did a bunch of pushups this morning. This is on top of the leg exercises done the day before. And with that said, so far I'm handling the workout well. I'm fatigued but I'm still functioning. Will be interesitng see if I'm still saying the same thing tomorrow and tuesday. The worst fatigue is likely to come then.
This is a wonderful sign. I've exercised relatively hard the last two days. This morning I'm feeling fine. I'm not overly fatigued. I am fatigued some but nothing horrible. It is wonderful and has me thinking avoiding carrots was a good move. I've already forgotten how I felt when drinking carrot juice. Don't know how bad that elt and naturally has me questioning if something else is the problem. For now though I should continue to avoid carrots, which is easy to do.

Tongue looks great. No tongue sores. I'm eating some sugarcane everyday. I'm avoiding other grains. I guess I am having some corn starch in the choloclate pudding I've been eating of late.

I'll likely fast today. On Weds I have the minor gum operation to address a root canal tooth that has become reinfected. No fun but I'm looking forward to getting that out of the way.
Doing ok today. Lots of questions about carrots in my mind this morning. I have a funny feeling that another trial with carrots will be in my future. My thinking is that maybe it was the fiber that caused the issue. I still want to hold onto the idea that my main problem is beef, dairy and pork. It's a good theory but hasn't panned out in the past. Will though. Will be interesting to see how I handle tonights and tomorrow colder weather. Imagine I'll do well. Avoiding cheese/dairy makes me feel warmer and I think avoiding beef warms me up also.

Weight this morning was 170lbs. i'm fasting today and I'm already at 170lbs. I'll likely be 168lbs in the morning again. I'm wearing a small shirt today that I'm able to fit into. It is snug but I can wear it. If i drop another pounds or two imagine it wearing just right.
I forgot to weigh myself but I'm likely 168lbs. Woke up around 12 wide awake and found myself wandering around the house. Around 2 I put on socks to warm my feet. And that was it, I fell into a deep sleep and still feel tired now. I feel warm now though it is a bit chilly in the house. Tomorrow is the big day, with the minor small operation. Hope that goes well. I'm oddly not that anxious. That's good. My gut is less of a problem which helps greatly. Energy levels are so so. Strength is so so. Looking forward to when I can begin experimenting with new foods.
I did alright today. About my only complaint that comes to mind is that i'm a little more gassy than I wish. Thankfully no cramping. I have that operation tomorrow and want the gut working as well as possible. Imagine i'll do well. The cold weather today though is likely the main cause for the slight gut issue.

Tongue looks good. There might be a rough spot on the tongue so i removed sugarcane sugar and the corn starch from the diet. The tongue bit is likely nothing but figure no reason to take a chance. i'll test it and see what comes of it.
Up bright and early today. Doing ok. Naturally have some butterflies due to the surgery and I'm not sure if I'm more fearful of the surgery its self or the stomach going south. But so far the stomach is doing well. And I keep reminding myself that I need to get this done and can move on to other things. Preparing for such a trip and event isn't all that much fun.

I'm about a week away from 3 months of avoiding beef and dairy products. One of the items I like since avoiding beef and dairy is that I'm not experiencing muscle cramping. It's a big plus of course. Those muscle cramps can be quite painful.

Weight 168lbs. I'll likely fast today. Maybe I'll reach my tentative goal of 167lbs.
procedure went well. So far i have little pain. Glad about that. No gut issues this morning thankfully. I think I'm more scared of being sick than the procedure its self.

Dawned on me I'm a little over 2 months with avoiding spices. that's another one I'll of course have to work out.

Weight is 168lbs this evening. I'll be 167lbs for sure in the morning. I'm tired now. I was doing well a little bit ago but seem to have crashed over the days events.
I'm doing well this morning. I slept well. there isn't much pain from the dental surgery. Gut is hanging in there. Strength is good. Energy levels are decent. I like it. Yesterday was a somewhat stressful day and I pulled through well

Weight was 167lbs this morning. I reached my goal but I still have more stomach fat to lose. I might as well keep at it, trying to lose the belly fat. Fasting so far hasn't hurt me.

Soon I will be able to start experimenting with my diet if I should choose to do so. Will see. I'm so pleased with how things are going, I might just stay on the diet till after the holidays. Family is coming to visit for the holidays. It would be wonderful to be healthy at a family gathering for a change.
I have noticed this week that it appears I'm similar or close to similar to how I was in Nov. of last year. I was declaring myself well last Nov. then lost it and have been trying to figure out over the past year what diet helped me.

It doesn't look like it is premature to say I got it. I don't have a clear answer yet since I've a avoiding so many items but i'm on the right track.

At the moment i'm avoiding beef and dairy products. I believe beef and dairy tire me out, fatigue me and gives me muscle pains. Dairy and beef also are big suspects in causing me dental issues. Lots of confusion though with beef as grass fed beef looks to have the gut in pretty good working order. I've read that those with alpha gal can eat grass fed beef without big problems but still have issues.

I've avoided spices for around 2 months.

And for over a month I've avoided all grains. Grains cause me tongue sores. In Nov. of last year I was eating lots of grains, wheat, corn and rice. Not entirely sure what to make of grains, other than I can say avoiding grains improves myhealth. Not sure if grains are a primary cause of the stomach condition or not. This doubt comes form avoiding grains for many years, having some success but never being able to recover.

Lots of work still to be done but i believe I'm a week away or so from essentially being well. .
I was thinking this mornig about how easy fasting has become. I was planning on fasting today and imagine I'll do well, have good energy, feel good. In the past when I fasted I'd feel pretty awful after a few times. There is only one food group I've removed from my diet that is different from fasting in the past, and fasting now and that is grains. I'm no longer have my rice cake in the morning or somethings snack on a grain product. So I have something else that likely tires me out, grains.

I have a slight fat upper lip this morning. Nornally I'd be concerned after the surgery done on the tooth. This morning though I'm thinking it is caused by the cashew snack I ate last evening. Pastacio nuts will cause a fat lip when eaten, and cashews can do similar when eaten in larger quantities. I'll cut back on the cashews. The lip isn't that fat, it's just a slight swelling that I only feel, but don't see.

Feeling decent this morning. I exercised yesterday and I mildly feel that this morning but overall I'm doing well.
I'm probably 167 lbs right now. I was close last time I checked. Awesome.

It is wonderful that I'm able to fast and it doesn't take away all my energy. I'm doing just fine at the moment. I'll give avoiding all grains credit for this.

With the way I'm losing the weight I'll probably just continue until the belly fat is gone. Don't imagine that will take to many pounds to lose.

My original idea when I started all this was avoiding grains and eating spicy meals from Kevins. I'm not far from when I'll begin to add new foods to the diet and my thinking now is I might as well go back to the old idea. I'll be testing spices out first and I guess chicken too though chicken is not offically on the avoid list.
I am feeling beart up and fatigued this morning. It is horrtible. I'm able to function but I have over done it with exercises and fasting. For the next two days I'll return to eating my typical 2 meals a day.

The good news, I weigh 166lbs this morning. it was close, I'm barely 166lbs but good to make that goal
I have an upset stomach this morning. Nothing serious and nothing entirely unexpected. Fasting for some reason does cause an upset stomach. It should pass quickly. My energy levels have improved greatly since early this morning. Love that. It is so nice to not be fatigued for long periods of time while on this diet. Wish I know why the diet was working! Have been wondering where my blue eyes are. In the past when having lots of energy my eyes turned blue. I consider it the machinery turning on. Eyes are not colorful at least not yet. That is disappointing. It does feel like I am pretty close to be mostly well though. This Nov. is shaping up to be similar to last Nov. I hope this time I can figure out what is working for me.
I feel much better this morning. I slept in. This morning everything feels better. Weight 168lbs, not to far from 167lbs. I'm planning on eating lunch, second day in a row but have to admit I might end up fasting. I'm not feeling all that hungry and I'll likely feel that way for the day. tongue looks good. Skin looks good and healthy. Appearance healthier. It will be a good day I suspect.
It has been a good day. The gut still had some issues but nothing of significance. Just a month or two ago I would have said today was a good stomach day. Now, as well as the stomach has been it wasn't as good of a day for the gut. It was manageable. Wish I had better ideas on the cause of the gut issue. Beef and dairy tire me out, and cause muscle cramping. Beef also likely causes dental canvities for me, though I'm not 100% certain on that. Grains are a leading cause for tongue sores. Avoiding grains also has been speaking better. Can't really point to anything about the spice avoidance. I guess avoiding the carrot family helps me some, but that might simplly be due to the fiber in carrots. Hard to say what is going on there. Easy to avoid carrots. Next week I'll likely be making some decisions on whether to stick with the diet longer, or continue with the diet for another month and hopfully grow stronger.
Doing ok this morning. The gut is a tiny bit more sore than I wish but doesn't seem to be an issue. I've been earing a little more fruit fiber of late and have thought that could cause some gut problems. It gets old having to be so careful with eating fiber. I'm also a little fatigued from the leg workout the other day. the second day is always the worst. Weight 168lbs. I'll likely fast today, look to get to a new low of 165lbs. I'd like that. As usual all kinds of ideas swill in my mind on why this fish diet is getting me healthier. Is it the avoiding red meat, or grains, maybe the spice avoidance. I don't know. I can make good cases for all. Wouldn't be surprised though if avoiding grains and red meat ends up being the best answer for me.
My eyes are blue this morning. Being that I ate two meals in a day for two days in a row I'm guessing that is where my blue eyes sent. Eating more foods will bring out the blue eyes. That is a good guess anyway.
I'm pretty beat up this evening. I'm guessing that is due to fasting, the leg workout 2 days ago, and the extra fiber eaten. Appear healthy though. I'm 168lbs right now. No new weight loss record tomorrow it looks like. Tongue looks good. I'll be sticking with the diet fro another two weeks. I have a doctors appointment on the 7th. After that I'll add chicken and spices to my diet. Hoping all goes well with that.
I'm dong well this morning. My strength is pretty good. I found myself doing a bunch of pushups this morning. Energy levels are ok. Nothing great with energy levels but imagine I'll do well with energy. tongue looks good. Was thinking if the spicy chicken meals workout, go down well, that might be it. I'm not sure if I'll test beef or grains. With beef and dairy products I find my self feeling weak, have poor energy, my muscles shrink, and I develop sore muscles. With grains I get brain fog, tongue sores, communicate poorly. So testing might not last that long after Nov 8th. With my strength levels being pretty good consistently of late I'm right up there with being well. If I wasn't tryng to lose weight and ate two meals a day like typical I'd most likely be well is my guess. I'll stick with losing weight for now though. I'm close to getting rid of the belly fat.

Weight 167lbs, close to 166lbs. If I rounded down I'd be at 166lbs. Belly fat is showing good progress at going away. I'm not there yet but can't be to much further..
My right arms hurts. It is my fault. The last couple of days I've done some arm curl exercises. Then this morning did some hard but regular pushups. And now my harms hurts down to the bone it feels like. This morning I was having a tough time even using my right arm. It feels much better now. The fear of needing to have my right arm amputated has passed. 😀

Feeling good and confident I have my answer. I'll know after Nov 8th. I'm dreaming of adding new foods to the diet. Don't really have a desire to eat beef again. I bought 2 pounds of beef a week ago and put them in the freezer but I'll likely be giving them to my parents. On the other hand cheese sounds good from time to time. my love hate relationship with cheese continues.

Thinking I'll be able to stop this diary by sometime in Nov. That will be nice. Gut still has issues but so long as i have a decent gut, and good energy, and strength I'm happy.
Oh good, my arm doesn't hurt. i felt there was a good chance i'd wake up with a very sore arm. On the other hand my neck hurts. I have a bad habit of cracking my neck and one crack went wrong. that pain isn't that bad though and only something to jokingly joke about it. Weight 168lbs. More importantly the belly fat does look better. I'll likely fast again today and see if I can further dent that in. I don't have a flat stomach but it is getting more difficult to see the belly sticking out when wearing shirts. Energy levels good. Strength feels fine. Tongue looks great. Other than the neck pain I have little to complain about. Oh, the gut has me a bit concerned. I might be slightly ill later today. Just a guess and normal stuff. I haven't needed to use the bathroom and while in someways that is good, in other ways it tends to turn out for the worst. The gut doesn't like to be rubbed I suspect.
As expected the hard pushups done the other day have me feeling a bit run down. I'm doing OK but could be better. Fasting as I am today doesn't help either. Belly fat does look to be going away though. That's what I'm looking for. Bit worried about the gut. I wouldn't be surprised if I was mildly ill tomorrow.
Used the bathroom this morning. Wasn't sick. Imagine I'll be sick todaythen. Hope not but that is my guess. I'm tired and worn out from the fasting. Think I better get back to eating two meals a day and recover some. Tongue looks good. Fatigue levels are up. Strength is poor. Weight 167lbs.
I've noticed this for some time now, but thouht to note down. Being able to communicate well is a hard item to judge, but here of late I've found myself able to talk quite well. I mainly credit it that to when I began avoiding all grains. I know from experience though that isn't the whole answer as for awhile I avoided all grains, a number of years, and still had the communicating issues. now I'm a chatty person. Even today, being tired and fatigued I've found myself talking easily. Well, hope this continues. I'll have to continue to monitor my progress in this area. I've often thought of myself somewhat as a shy person, but know that shyness has more to do with not being able to talk well. maybe the shyness has lifted. That will be a relief.
167lbs. Slept in this morning by an hour. I think that is typical for when I eat 2 meals a day. I'll get back to eating normal for awhile I'll recover. It will give me a good idea of how much better my strength and energy levels are. I still have not gotten sick as I predicted days earlier. I'm happy about that and hope that continues. the gut has improved for the better. As mentioned I am talking much better. that is always a hinderance for me, not being comfortable to talk much. that would be a nice change. Have little idea of what helped me so much, avoiding grains, beef, dairy, spices. Wish I had better leads on that.
Eating two meals a day, two days in a row is wonderful. I feel better today. Not that I was feeling awful from before, but two meals does me better. Bit on the bored side of things. I consider that good. i'm all to often to fatigued and wornout to be bored. If this keeps up I'll be branching out into new activities. Just need more good days. Heard form a neighbor today about how good and healthy I appear. I hadn't seen him in a year so that I encouraging to hear. I feel better and appearing healthier in a positive sign. I like it.
A little tired and fatigued this morning. I'll blame the fiber from the two oranges I've been eating. Typically I only eat one orange but of late I've added a second to my diet. I'll go back to see orange and see if that helps. Tongue looks good. Skin looks nice and healthy. Weight 167lbs. Gut so so. It isn't bad, but isn't terrible either. Just poor energy this morning.
Today marks 3 months of avoiding beef and dairy products. This is my favorite avoid. Avoiding beef and dairy seems to have gotten rid of the muscle cramping. It could be quite painful when flexing muscles, stretching, etc. I also look healthier when avoiding beef and dairy products. If there was an appearance catagory for diet avoidance, eating beef and dairy has me looking away. It does make some sense in my mind since I know for certain that pork is an allergy food. There is that condition where pork and beef are allergens.

Today I felt run down but I'm doing ok. I stopped with the eating of the afternoon orange. I'm predicting tomorrow will be a better day as a result.
168lbs. I cut back on fiber yesterday and this morning is starting out better. that does look to be the answer. Also I say that avoding beef and dairy is my favorite avoidance. I probably should reconsider that since avoiding all grains gets rid of tongue sores and I've long though what ever causes the tongue sores likely causes my stomach problems and fatigue. I avoided grains for a long time in the past but never could competely recover while on that avoidance diet. i must have done something wrong. Maybe eating lots of cheese wasn't so good for the gut. Will see. I'm only 1 and a half months into avoiding all grains.
I wasn't planning on fasting today but found myself not feeling hungry come lunch time. I'm more hungry now but I'll stick with fasting. Since only eating one orange to my surprise I find myself weighing 167lbs alright this afternoon. I'll be 166lbs in the morning is not a new record and goal of 165lbs. I might try to press the issue and exercise hard this evening. Will see. Taking the car in for routine work on Tuesday. I am not looking fowrad to that s the drive is long. Will be glad once that is done.
166lbs. I'm only one pound off from my likely goal. I might make it when I fast on tuesday. I slept well when I slept but did wake up very early, around 1:00 and was wide awake. I'll undoubtably find myself looking to nap later. Feel tired already after breakfast. Gut feels good. Glad I cut out the extra orange. Look forward to the day when I can eat a little more fiber and not feel so run down from it. Tongue looks great. Skin looks healthy. Gut feels good but I don't trust it. Well, I trust it more on the fish diet but still have lingering doubts.
It has been a mixed day. The gut is mildly upset. Nothing big and hardly worth noting down other than I'm driving 30 minutes to the dealership and back. I'll do well but always a concern. The slight upset stomach is undoubtably due to removing some fiber from my diet, orange fiber. It does that every time. On the upside I feel pretty good. Energy levels were not all that great in the morning but now they are good. Tongue looks great. Skin looks good and healthy. I think the skin appearance is due to avoiding dairy and beef. My lips are smooth and not chapped in the least. As usually happens int e day I question what is helping me with the diet, avoiding grains, avoiding spices, dairy and beef. I wish I knew. 8 days from now ill likely begin to add new foods to the diet. i'm not sure how far I'll go with that. I might jump and eat a spicy chicken meal. Or I might take it more slow. Heck since I'm not healthier I just stick with the fish diet through the holidays. Would be nice to be good and healthy with family visiting. .
It is halloween, one day away from my new favorite month of the year, Nov. For a year now I've been trying to figure out why I began well in Nov. last year. I feel I've come close to an answer but still don't know entirely what went right last year. The basics are that after the hurricane for 3 months I was eating the same foods everyday. And as a result I became well. So why that was remains a mystery but figure eventually I'll figure it out.

166lbs this morning. Looks like I'll be fasting today. I take my car in for an oil change and break check up. Not a whole lot more to write about. Tongue remains looking great since avoiding grains. Skin looks good and healthy since avoiding beef and dairy. Energy levels are so so. Strength is the same, so so.
Survived the car dealership. It was 2.5 hours of sitting around. ugh. I get the same treatment next Wed. with a medical visit but with it lasting 5 to 6 hours. today was a good test run I suppose.

Weight at the moment is 166lbs. I should easily make my goal of 165lbs. I'll assess later if I want to continue fasting. Kind of funny in a way in that i feel more comfortable eating only 1 meal a few times a week. Ever sinve avoiding all grains I've become less hungry and more stuffed after eating two meals.
Being at the store that other day looking at Halloween candy reminded me of an allergic reaction. It might give a clue as to what is helping me out with the current diet.

A number of years ago I bought some jr Mints for Halloween. And as always happens I had no tricker or treaters. So I had lots of candy to eat and share with others.

On the box of Jr Mints it had a warnings that it may contain milk. I know from reading that when a may contain warning is listed it almost always means it has a tiny amount of milk in it.

With the Jr Mints I reacted when I would eat them by itching all over. I tried ignoring the reaction as I liked the candy, but in the end had to stop eating them. the itching was driving me nuts.

It occurs to me that the milk I likely reacted with is a similar reaction I experience when I eat pork. i eat pork and I itch like crazy all over, along with my gums swelling up and I develop and ear ache.

I pretty good at avoiding foods that say they might have milk in them. Those jr. Mints was one of the few times that I ignored that warning. Milk I know will cause me health issues, even a tiny amount, causing me to feel bone chillingly cold, and hurt all over. So maybe that is my problem.

Avoiding grains helps too no doubt.

I'm about a week away from when I can start adding me foods to my diet. I can't wait and already have a meal ready and waiting.
165lbs easily. I was nearly 164lbs. I reached my weight loss goal! I didn't lose the belly fat which is disapointing but what I thought would happen. I've lost fat in other parts of the body and I'm pleased about that. I might at a later time work on losing the belly fat. I can always lose more weight and then work to gain muscle back. That is of course once I have better energy. Which reminds me that last time I did a bunch of pushups I did fine. I was a little sore but nothing significant. that is what I'm looking for, being able to take a mild beating adn handle it well.

Had an upset stomach this morning. Fasting will do that it seems. It might not be the fasting doing that. I've found when I go for doubling my exercise ring almost always happens on the days that i fast. It is likely hte extra exercise/jogging around that is upsetting the gut.

I can remmeber well all those years ago when I became ill to the stomach I also lost my ability to communicate well. I more or less became shy though I'm not sure what it was that happened. Withthe current diet I'm able to communicate much better. I'm not overly chatty but close to it. Kind of nice. That has been a big problem my adult life. I might have an answer for that, which is wonderful.

The count down is one. 1 week from today I'll be able to start experimenting with the diet. I can't wait.
This mornings illness has turned worse. I am surprised at this. I didn't think I could be this ill anymore. There isn't much good about being ill other than the typical is happening since I'm avoiding beef and dairy. My energy levels are ok. I'm not wiped out. The bad of course is that I'm running to the bathroom to often. This is unexpected. Well, I'll take an easy today. Imagine I'll do better as the day progresses.

I have a voluntary procedure scheduled one week from today. i'm thinking this morning that I'd have great difficulty making it through such a procedure if I should happen to have a flare as I am this morning. I probably should cancel it and look to reschedule some time far into the future if at all. I'll have to think on this.
I ate spices and chicken today. I was hungry. Probably not the smartest days for me to add a new food to my diet, since I'm flaring, but I was ready. So far so good. My energy are decent despite using the bathroom frequently. Skin still looks healthy. Lips feel fine. Tongue looks good. I'll remaning avoiding grains, beef and dariy along with pork.
I'm doing alright this morning. Energy is good. Strength feels decent. Gut is hanging in there.

10 years ago or so I discovered the diet that made my stomach well. Or well enough. It gave me great confidence in being able to travel. the problem with the diet is I never had much energy while on it. I was always fatigued. I also began to experience lots of dental problems. My teeth fell apart.

Now, I'm working on creating a diet that not only helps the gut but also gives me energy. the current diet is much better with preventing fatigue. the down side is I can become sick to the gut. I'm hoping that with time the gut will heal and become more reliable.

tongue looks great this morning. Skin looks good. I ate a lot of chicken with spices yesterday. I'll go back to the fish diet fro the next week. the operation appointment on the 8th is still on. They wouldn't let me back out saying I'd give up the downn payment money if I did. Don't want that so I'll take a chance and hope the gut behaves for the 6 hour procedure. .
With yesterdays flare, I am more tired this afternoon. The tiredness isn't all that bad, but I am feeling it. Gut is much better though. pleased about that.
I'm feeling rather sore and tired this morning. It is from the leg exercises most likely. I do worry about the potatoes I'm eating. That is the only controversial food that I'm eating. Maybe I should take the potatoes out of the diet and see if i find I can handle exercises better. think I will. Grains and potatoes tend to enterchange with each other when I'm trying diets but not this time. I'll continue to avoid grains. It did help my tongue. Not much more to report comes to mind. I was avoiding potatoes and nighshade last Nov. when I found myself well.
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Mild upset stomach after eating lunch but it wasn't horrible. I feel good overall. Avoiding potatoes seems to be doing me good. Of course I want avoiding the nightshade family to work so I need to give it another week or two. Finger nails already look healthier. I've known for awhile that avoiding the nightshade family causes my nails to look healthier. Energy levels are decent. I'm pleased about that. Hope the stomach issue improves. It is still with me just a touch.
I am feeling better this evening since avoiding potatoes. I'm not eating that many foods right now, and have been concerned removing potatoes from the diet would make me hungry and weak. The opposite has happened, at least this evening. So, good move so far with avoiding potatoes. Who knows, I might eventually get this thing figured out. Think tomorrow I'll buy some of those sweet potato corn chips. I'll begin eating those on Wed. evening. I ate those last Nov. They seem safe though in my mind I keep thinking they will make me ill.
I'm doing ok this morning. 167lbs, nearly 166lbs. Finger nails look better. I've known that for awhile now that avoiding potatoes causes my finger nails to look healthier. Not that the finger nails looked awful when I ate nightshade family members, but there is a noticable difference. I'm not sure if avoiding potatoes will do me much good but it is worth a try. the diet remains the same just minus potatoes. I didn't eat potatoes a year ago in Nov. Will be interesting to see if i'll able to exercise easier, and not feel as sore aftwards.
It has been a really good day. Energy levels are elevated. gut so far has been good. I'm already planning on adding garlic and grains to my diet. I'll wait till after wednesday to do that. Finger nails look great. Skin looks good and healthy.
I'm still doing alright with avoiding potatoes and the nightshade family. My energy levels are better I believe. Strength is good. Weight was 167lbs, nearly 166lbs. I was .2 away from 166lbs. Appearance healthier I believe. Tongue looks good. Tongue might not look so good by the end of the week as i'll be adding some grains to my diet, most likely. I'll also be adding garlic salt and chicken to the diet.
Little doubt about it, I am stronger since avoiding potatoes and nightshade. Of course I want this to work. I'm putting a good spin on it in my mind. But so far I've done a lot of exercises and have had no trouble doing so. I'm also not overly sore, at least not yet. It is wonderful. I might finally have this. now I just need to avoid the nightshade family for a few months. Ugh.

That is something about the past, when i was eating a lot of cheese, grass fed beef, and had the gut working well most of the time. The turkey lunch meat I was also eating says on the new label that potato starch was added to it. It also has chicken broth. The full ingredients on the broth are not mentioned. So maybe that is what kept me from getting well, the turkey lunch meat.

I weigh 167lbs at the moment. I'll likely be 166lbs in the morning. Kind of nice considering I'm not working to lose weight right now.

Gut became a little upset this afternoon. I've eaten a lot of nuts of late and I'm guessing that is the cause. i can't wait till after Wed. when I can expand my diet.
i exercised hard yesterday and so far this morning I'm feeling fine. Only one fdod was removed from my diet, potatoes. So it is looking good that it is the nightshade family that is my main problem. Yesterday I did two leg execises and afterwards did a bunch of pushups. I almost never do legs and upper body on the same day. It typically wares me out to much to do so. Kind of nice. I might become sore tonight and tomorrow so I'll take an easy today. I don't want to over do it.

166lbs. Gut is ok I've cut back on eating nuts. I don't want to be overly gassy for the Wed procedure. Tongue looks good. Skin looks healthy.
I'm doing well this morning. I don't have that much exercise fatigue. It is exciting and I'm as always hopeful. Tongue looks good. Didn't weigh myself but imagine I'm 166lbs. Energy levels feel ok. Strength is good though I don't plan on doing leg or upper body exercises today. It is a bit chilly outside this morning but I'm handling the cold well.
As typically happens on the second day after a hard workout, I'm feeling good and fatigued. Imagine I'll be better tomorrow. I hope I'm better tomorrow as it will be a long day without rest. Gut is doing better today than yesterday. Glad about that. It gives me confidence. That is about all that comes to mind. I still have high confidence that avoiding potatoes and other nightshade family members is the right path for me.
166lbs, not to far from 165lbs. Doing ok this morning. Today I have a procedure done. Fingers crossed that goes smoothly. I'm dressed warmly though it is to be a warm day outside. In the medical facility I remmeber it being cool in the past. Being cold tends to not be good for the gut health I've noticed in the past. Skin looks good and healthy. Energy levels ok. Tongue looks alright. Finger nails continue to look nice ever since avoiding potatoes. The nails turned more white in color and more round in shape.
I did really well for yesterdays procedure. I was nervous about that, about how much problem I would have, but in the morning I could tell I was likely to do very well. One never knows for certain on these things but things were going well.

Now I'm sore, and just sitting here in front of the comptuer is uncomfortable. Imagine it will be that way for a week or so.

Finger nails looks great. They grow quickly, stronger and more clean looking. When eating potatoes the nail had more of a yellow look to them. Now they are nice and white, clean appearing.

Gut is doing good. I havne't needed to use the restroom which I'm guessing is largely due to taking some Imodium yesterday. That's a good sign. Sometimes Imodium does little to nothing. Other times it helps. I've long though it only helps when I have the right foods out of the diet. I'm doing well with avoiding the nightshade family.
I'm feeling really well this evening, feeling upbeat. There is little pain from yesterdays operation. there is still some but nothing all that significant. Maybe by this weekend that will be gone. Gut is doing well. I added eggs, chicken garlic, and corn sweet potato chips to the diet. So far all seems good. Elated about that.
What a wonderful morning! Well,, not to get to carried away I am dong well. My energy levels are up, as is my strength. What makes it extra special is that i wa an idiot last night and my body overcame my idiot ways this morning. Last night I thought I've eat some more corn sweet potato chips. This is an hour before bed. And next thing I know I wake up in the moddie of the night with a belly ache. Not good, in particular since I'm taking antibiotics and ate a bunch of new foods yesterday, eggs, chicken and garlic. I'm not used to having snack foods and the corn chips have been a temptation hard to resist. So anyway, no corn chips for today. Tomorrow I'll eat them in a measured way.

Kind of humorouly I've lost weight despite the snacks and more food in the diet. I'm easily 165lbs this morning. I'd likely be 164lbs if i hadn't eaten those belly busting corn chips. I'm not sure about the casuse of the weight loss but I'll guess it is due to me not workingout. For the next week I'm to avoid weight lifting.
I'm tired today but I can now easily nap. Glad about that.

With my diet, the main focus is on avoiding dairy and beef, or the alpha gal diet. I'm 3 and a half months in with that avoidance. I have been focusing on avoiding nightshade family as I had a bad incident a week before my procedure which frightened me. Whiel it might have been the nigthshade family that caused me problems it very well could have been the fasting I've been doing and the large amount of exercise day the day before. That will stir the gut up, in particular jogging for an hour with all the jumping up and down. The gut doesn't like that. So nigthshades are back in but I'll be more careful and note how I'm doing and looking.
I think history is repeating. Last Nov. I got myself entirely well. Well, not entirely but close to entirely. I was functioning very well. The gut could still have trouble though. Now, I appear to be doing the same. I have good energy, I'm feeling strong, and just overall I'm doing good. What helps is that for now I'm back to eating two meals a day, my typical.

Well, I've already started with the testing of the nightshade family once again. I'm fairly certain I will be able to handle the nightshade family but of course need to find out for sure.

I'm not able to exercise till around the 18th. Once I am able to exercise I'll find out if I can workout everyday, lightly. I imagine I will, as happened last Nov. It will be nice to return to fasting from time to time though.

Exciting stuff for me. I'm not well to the gut, but looking like i have this figured out. Think I'll stop posting so often.
167lbs. It appears my weight has stabilized around 167lbs. It is nice that on this diet it appears more difficult to gain weight. And losing weight is easier to do. FOr now I'll stick with eating 2 meals a day as I heal. maybe next week I'll make anohter push to lose the last bit of belly fat. Gut cuold be better. I was slightly ill yesterday aternoon but nothing of significance. Appearance healthy. Skin looks good and healthy. I'll keep avoiding beef and dairy products along with pork. I am eating a lot of spices and chicken of late. I'm also eating eggs and corn chips.
I'm dreaming of taking a shower. i'm not to shower for 10 days after the operation. Another 4 days to go. One of the nice things is that I do not smell. When eating fish chicken or eggs I don't have body odor, or at least much body odor. On the other hand if I was eating beef or cheese I'm reek something awful at this point.

I'm mainly eating chicken of late. As a result I began taking fish oil this morning. I believe fish oil is helpful with my gut health.

Overall i remain doing well. I have good strength, go energy, skin looks nice and healthy, tongue looks great. I stopped eating the corn chips. They taste good but make me hungry. I might fast afterall today. I was 168lbs, nearly 167lbs this morning. No big surprise there as I pigged out yesterday. I'll get my weight back down to 166lbs.
I'm not planning on write as often as i have in the past. I'm doing better that is for sure. Today though i fasted and I'm feeling run down. Typical I suppose for fasting though it would be nicer to have greater energy. My suspicion is that the slightly cooler weather being experienced is taking away some of my energy. I'm hoping that theory is right, which most likely it is. Weight is already 167lbs. I'll be 166 or 165lbs in the morning, the ideal weight. though I'll have more work to be done to get rid of the remaining belly fat. No signs of the bright blue eyes. Imagine they will show up here eventually. Good energy and blue eyes tend to go hand in hand.
165lbs. Yesterday I stopped eating grains once again. I do better when I avoid grains. Most likely the bigger problem with grains is the fiber found in them, and how they can irrittate the gut. I believe I'm doing better slightly since avoiding the corn chips.

That will be one of the next bigger items that I hope comes about, the ability to eat some fiber without upsetting the gut. I guess I can eat some fiber but the amount is to low. A less irritated gut is needed which I imagine could happen over the next month or two. Healing seeems to be a slow slow process for the guts.

i'm still dreaming of taking a shower. My hair is a mess. thankfully i don't smell. Had myself laughing at myself yesterday. I'm not to sweat but found myself lightily sweating while outside looking after the cats. Of course I was monitoring for odor. No smell even from the arm pits. Very boyish. If i was eating beef on the other hand i'd reek. Others would smell me before seeing me.