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My journey to getting well

165lbs. I'll be able to shower tomorrow. I'll be able to to also do light exercises. I'll be celebrating. Doing ok this morning. My sleep last night wasn't all that great. It seemed warmer in the house than typical though the temp was the same as usual. It kept me awake till around midnight. I'll be taking a nap later. Energy levels so so. Strength not that bad. I'll stick with avoiding red meats and dairy products. I'm eating a lot of spices. I'm avoiding grains once again.
165lbs. I'm keeping the weight off with avoidng red meat and grains. I suspect it is the red meat that causes weight gain for me the most. Grains though play a roll. In particular grains make me hungry. I can have some painful hunger pains when I'm eating grains. When I avoid grains I can easily fast.

This Nov. health wise is pretty good. I'm not as good as last Nov. but I'm close. Why I'm not as strong and energetic this Nov. is a mystery to me. The two months though as close. Maybe in another month I'll be even healthier. I hope so.

Showered this morning. it was wonderful. No order once again when I'm avoiding red meats.
164lbs. I've hit a new weight loss low. I'm not sure I want to lose much more weight but then again Im not sure that I have a choice. Since avoiding beef and dairy products the weight comes off easily. Grains play a roll too but I'd guess less of a role. Grains make me hungry and I'm more likely to snack.

Beef does make me rapidly put on weight. I've noted that down a few times. If I ate beef ro a week I'd probably put on 10lbs. Makes some sense to me that avoiding beef causes weight loss, at a slower pace. Pork causes weight gain also.

Yesterday I was concerned about not feeling better this Nov compared to last years Nov. There are several possibly reasons why that could be I got to thinking about. One main idea is that a number of months ago I beegan taking a sea salt supplement for the minterals. I have read though that sea salt and ocean sea water have a laxative effect. So for a few days I'll avoid sea salt, other than the little bit I take for cooking, and see if that helps.

Doing well this morning. Strenght ok. Energy levels ok. Yesterday I worked out the legs relatively hard. I also did 6 of the tough push ups. Not much but did warm up the chest and warms. This morning I'm not sore. I feel pretty good.
It is just half a day, but so far I am feeling better, much better, since avoiding the salt mineral capsule. My energy levels are much better. I worked out again today, a harder work out on my legs and upper body. So far I'm feeling great. My energy and strength is good. Appearance is healthy. Hope the same feeling remains in the days ahead.
I also added rice to my diet today. I'll just eat one rice cake a day as I did in the past.

So far avoiding the sea salt mineral supplement continues to be helping. I have lots of energy this evening. It feels so good. My appearance is good and healthier. When I read a few weeks ago that sea water can have a laxative effect I should have tested the sea salt right away. I wasn't having stomach problems from the sea salt but most likely that is why I'm feeling better today. It was simply mildly irritating my already damaged gut. Course time will tell.

Kind of laughing a bit at beef causing weight gain. I remember well when I took up weight lifting as a gift I was hired a weight lifting trainer. I thought I was doing doing well with lifting though I could tell I was also putting on fat. The same time I began lifting I also began eating beef regularly. I think I put on 50lbs with the training. I'm thinking now most of that was casued by the beef being eaten. hard to say for certain of course. Well hope I keep losing the weight though being below 165lbs isn't high on my list of things. I'll have to see if I can gain lean weight eating chicken, and fish later on. If I continue having the good energy I'll be able to workout better.
164lbs. Bit surprised to see that. I ate a lot of food yesterday feeling bloated and I did a decently hard workout which tends to put on a pound of weight. I'll likely fast today. tHE WEATHer is to be nice and warm. later this week, I believe Wed. a cold front passes through the area. That cooler weather would make it difficult to fast.

Injured myself slightly from the exercises done. I pulled a muslce in the stomach area it appears. It isn't of great significance but I have to be care to treat the area gently.

Energy levels are very good this morning. I'm even decently strong. That is not expected since I worked out hard yesterday. That all to often has me feeling weaker the next day. All good signs. Avoiding the sea salt is going well.
I'm looking and feeling beat up today. With taht said I have very good energy. Energy levels are higher than normal, in particular when I'm fasting as am today, and with the hard workouts. Weight is 165lbs at the moment. I'll likely be 163lbs in the morning. As i discovered awhile ago eating beef and dairy products rapidly puts weight onto me. Avoiding beef and dairy helps to take the weight off, though that process isn't nearly as quick and easy.
163lbs. I was really 164lbs thus morning but was quite close to 163lbs so I'll round down and say I reached 163. A bit of an upset stomach this morning after eating breakfast. that is likely a fasting upset stomach. Kind of funny in a way in that I'm more nervous about having a fasting upset stomach while eating chicken when while eating fish. I'm not entirely sure why that is, but it is. Hope I do well todday.

looking healthier this morning. Still feeling beat up with exercise but energy levels are good overall. Strength seems alright. Tongue looks good.
Something that wsa on my mind today was the old garlic salt sprinkled onto hamburg observation I made years ago. I noticed years ago that when I added garlic salt to hamburger the skin around my finger nails wuold begin to bleed. The skin would pull back from the nail also. WHen i didn't add garlic I didn't have a problem with my finger nails.

Over the years I've tested garlic and onions over and over but without success. It was a mystery.

It still remains a mystery but today it had me thinking that maybe it was the beef that was causing the finger nail skin bleeding and skin pulling away. I might have misinterpreted.

I mention as this past week I've eating a lot of garlic and onions with chicken. No problems noticed with my finger nails. No bleeding, no skin pulling back. The amount of garlic and onions eaten has been substantial also. I'm not holding back on the garlic spice.

Doing ok today. This morning started out on the wrong foot, but I'm blaming that on the fasting I did yesterday. Today I pigged out. I might fast tomorrow but probably not. Think I'll try fasting again on Friday. The gut is slowly going away. I have time. I'll look good for the Christmas family pictures.
I'm going to take a chance and add some more rice cakes to my diet. I'll double from 1 to 2. I should be fine but anymore than 2 can be a problem. I think the fiber is important for my health. It wouldn't surprise me if this helps me get back to how I felt so good last Nov. I was eating a lot of corn fiber then.
A bit tired this morning but doing ok. Am concerned about eating extra fiber. The roads are not so good around here at times, with wait times up and over and hour. Don't want to get sick while waiting in traffic. I'll take the chance though. Energy levels good. Strength ok, nothing great. My muscle are a bit fatigued. Skin looks good and healthy.
Gut did well today. Hope that continues. Looked beat up. Not entirely sure why that was but I'll guess the extra fiber might have played a roll. Energy have been good. They remain high on this alpha gal, avoid red meat and dairy diet.

In Feb. I have a dental cleaning appointment. That should be a good test to see if the diet is working. I had a lot of dental problems when eating beef and I suspect beef in the cause. Other possible causes might be behind the dental issues though. I should have a good idea come Feb.
Doing well this morning. Weight 165lbs. Last night I put on a shirt that not long ago was much to small to wear. Now it fits great. Gut doing ok at the moment. Appearance so so. I'm guessing I have a long ways to go till I'm healthy, if I'm on the right diet.
I was thiinking last night that on this latest long diet run, I decided to add one controversial food to the diet, and that was the nightshade family. I think I'll go ahead once again and avoid the nightshade family. I'll leave everthing else with the diet the same. I'm doing well now, and naturally hope I'll do better with time, but I'm going to try and see if avoiding this troubling food helps me further.

Doing ok this morning. Energy seems decent as is my strength. Appearance not as good but my skin looks healthy.
Forgot to weigh myself. I now have a second time were I have noticed that my left foot, which can experience painful shock type pain, has seen the pain go away once I went onto a nightshade free diet. Once again it looks like the cure for the left foot pain is to avoid the nightshade family. Appearance better than typical. I tend to look healthier when I avoid potatoes and the nightshade family. Energy ok. Strength decent. Gut hanging in there. Some of the coldest weather till be coming to town in a couple days from now. Low temps will be around 50F. Hope I do well in the cold weather.
166lbs. I'm eating a lot of grains, corn and rice the last few days. I can feel it in my gut but so far I'm doing alright. I look healthier, a not very helpful item looked up but true. I am healthier. Yesterday I found myself with a lot of energy for awhile. Once it turned cooler in the evening though I lost some energy. I was thinking of fasting today but maybe not, with colder weather coming into the area tonight and being that I weigh 166lbs. I'll try to lose a couple more pounds of fat at a later time. .

I've exercised quite hard the last couple of days yet this morning I'm feeling ok. There is osme exercise fatigue but not much.
I'm back to jogging around some today. I hadn't really thought about it but I stoppe the morning jog around the house for 30 minutes, cleaning the place up at the same time due to the hurting left foot. Since avoiding nightshade the foot pain has gone away. I'll have to continue monitoring that. That is something I can latch onto. Energy levels good. Strength seems good too. The fatigue felt earlier has all but lifted. .
Avoiding the nightshade family does seem to be a good move once again. I recall not that long ago I was on a fish limited diet with the only nightshade being eaten was potatoes. it took a month but I got sick.

today hard to believe but I was mostly well to the gut. that's a rarity. I wonder if avoiding nightshade and eating some fiber helped out. Hard to say. I like it though and while I have never enjoyed the avoid nightshade diet plus avoid soy, I'll stick with the diet.
165lbs. Doing ok so far this morning. gut continues to be better. Energy levels so so. Strength not all that great. I might do some working out later though this morning. Skin looks like and healthy. I'll keep with avoiding the nightshade family. Last night I listed out a limited diet. It is basically a similar diet to what I've been eating the past few months minus potatoes and the nightshade family, along with adding eggs chicken and garlic.
Far to early to say with certainy, but looking good with exercise and fatigue. I''ve been able to exercise and not feel overly sore. Maybe this is the diet. It might get me to how i felt last Nov. Dec this year might be the month that I get well. I hope so.
I'm quite pleased with how I'm feeling today. I'm not feeling fatigued, beat up, worn out. I cam feeling it a bit though from the workouts that have been done of it. tomorrow it turns chilly and with the exercising done I'll probably be hurting, but will see. I'll bundle up to keep warm and that will help. I'm usually not a happy person when avoiding nightshade family, but feeling well helps. Left foot continues to not hurt. I like that. Those electric shocks can be painful. For some reason avoiding nightshade family does appear to get those of those shocks. Appearance is worndown. I can tell by appearance that i've likely done to much exercising.
165lbs. I'll probably fast and try for 164lbs once again. I'm a bit beat up this morning but doing ok overall. I'm not planning on workout today. I want to let my muscles and bones to recover. Left foot still feels much better. No pains experience since avoiding the nightshade family. Makes me wonder how many others experience shooting pains, such as with their feet or back, or elsewhere, have a problem with a food. I'll keep avoiding the nightshade family. Looking decently healthy. Gut doing well. Small tongue sore or marking on the tip of my tongue. Don't image it will hang around long.
It has been a good day. The gut continues to do better than expected. Energy levels are good on this chilly day. I was hoping that would happen. The cold can zap my energy. Tomorrow is to be just as chilly, and imagine my house will be even cooler. i'll have to dress warmly and hope my energy levels do well. I didn't skip lunch and fast. Figured I'd be better if I didn't skip lunch on this cold day. Left foot is doing great. No pains since avoiding the nightshade family. I love it.
I'm handling the chill well. It is cold in the house but I feel fine. Left foot hasn't had any of those painful electric shocks since avoiding the nightshade family. Energy levels seem good. I'll do some exercises later, hope strengh is decent. Imagine it will be. Skin looks nice and healthy. Weight 166lbs. I might fast today. Today and tomorrow are to see warmer temps in the afternoon. Gut is doing well. Yesterday was the 4 months mark for avoiding beef and dairy. I have my doubts that is my answer. I should be doing better by now I imagine. I'll keep avoiding though. Cheese packs on the pounds. Beef makes me stink when to much is eaten. I'll continue to follow my limited diet, with avoiding the nightshade family as the main food group to avoid.
As written about earlier, and can give me a bit of a good natured chuckle, this might be the diet to has me looking healthier and gets me attention. It seems to be the case I'm not used to attention all that much from females. Kind of nice. It seems like I keep getting close to finding that diet out. Hopefully this is the diet that gets me well and if that happens I'll be looking to get out and date. It has been awhile since I've done that, but figure it will be similar to riding a bike. Should be easy and fun to do.
I think the cold weather caught with me this afternoon, that as the leg exercises done. For some reason when I do some weight lifting I feel cooler later on. And today being a cool day, the exercising and temps have me tired out. Out side of that doing ok. Appearance healthy. Energy levels, sleepy. Strength good.

I guess as far as theories go, I first did the theory of avoiding grains in hopes that would solve the stomach issue. That looks to have failed. I was mainly looking at grians causing the tongue marks, sores, they look like small red bruises on the tongue. They have returned since I've been eating grains once again. I suspect they will go away with in a few weeks. Gut hurt a bit this afternoon. I'm blaming the cold for that.
Slept in this morning. Figured that was due to the leg workout. I'm not feeling sore though which is nice. Did some upper body exercises. Think I'll do well with that. I'm feeling a bit chilled this morning but thankfully today is to be the last cold day of the week. the next cold front doesn't pass through till next week. Gut doing well. Appearance looking healthy. Was notified yesterday that their will be family pictures this Christmas. Will be good to be in good shape and looking healty. The last two family photos I looked awful. Didn't like that,. Weight 166lbs. It was tol chold to do any fasting yesterday. I'll probably eat lunch again today. Friday I should be able to get back to dropping the pounds. I wouldn't be thrilled at 160lbs but then again I might have to drop to that to get rid of the belly fat. I can always later one exercise to put on muscle. 166lbs this morning.
It is a good day. I keep exercising. The plan was to take a break today but my energy levels have been good so did some upper body and arm lifting. Nothing hard but it would normally wear me out. So far so good. I'm holding up well. I imagine I'll have a better idea of how this is going in a few weeks but for now I'm pleased. I've handled this morning chill well. This afternoon warmed up nicely. Pleased about that. hair is looking healthy. Not a good test, but have noticed when I'm on the right track I can grow out my hair and it looks alright. when on the sicker side when I grow out the hair it looks dry and awful. I suppose on a down side my legs are sore today and take a bit to warm up for me to walk well. That should go away if i'm on the right diet. That's about all i can think os. Good day, good energy, decent strength but want to see more strength.
Today marks the 7th day of avoiding the nightshade family. The only thing I can point to with certainty that has improved is my left foot. When i avoid the nightshade family the left foot shooting pain goesa way. I probably should avoid the nightshade family permanently just for that. That left foot pain can really hurt.

I can remember that last year it was round Sept 21th that I began avoiding the nightshade family. By sometime in Nov. I noticed I was well. So if this ends up being the answer I guess sometime in Jan. I should notice if i'm well or not.

This morning I'm feeling some exercise fatigue. I'm tired a bit. It is warmer this morning but the coder fall temps likely are taking some energy away also.

Tongue looks beat up. What ever is going on with the tongue I hope it goes away soon. I might have been looking at the tongue marksing wrong. They might be healing marks. Maybe nightshade causes the tongue problems, that I can't see. Once nigthshade is out of the diet the tongue begins to heal. Makes some sense in a strange way this morning.
Mama, ugh, I'm most certainly worn out, and done for the day. Stick a fork in me. I've over done it on the exercises. Not doing horrible. I'm able to function but I'm feeling it. Gut doing well. Appearance healthy. Was thinking I'll fast and fast hard. I want to lose 5 more pounds and I have nearly 4 weeks till the family pictures. What makes the idea interesting is that I've always blamed the hard fasting for upset stomachs. I might be wrong about that though. It might be the nightshade family that in combination with fasting can bring about the surprise stomach attacks. I'll find out, I might not have a choice in the matter as I might not be able to move from this chair.
165lbs, nearly 164lbs. I did fast yesterday which likely contributed to the tireness I felt. Doing alright this morning. Seems i've recovered quickly which is what I want to see. the all important left foot still feels good. No sharp pains since avoiding the nightshade family plus soy. The fasting and stomach issue will be a good test. I've come to expecting extended fast to result tin stomach problems. Avoiding the nightshade family might put an end to that. That would be wonderful. Goal is to fast every other day till I get to 160lbs. Shouldn't take long to do though cold weather once again moves into the area on Monday. Little sun is in the forecast also.
Doing better today though still a bit sore. Till pleased about the left foot not having those electric shocks since avoiding the nightshade family. Gut hanging in there. I'm a bit nervous about the gut in some respects. The bridge can have some long wait times and wouldn't want an upset stomach while waiting on the bridge. It took about 45 minutes to cross the bridge today. Skin looks good. Am thinking with weighing myself I might return to weighing with being fulling dressed, and after eating meals. That is the old way of weighing. Not that it matters. The goal is to get rid of the gut. Don't like going for 160lbs though. Oh well.
Yesterday I was having doubts creeping into my mind that nightshade is not the answer. Then I reminded myself of the left foot and the pain that has gone away. That straightened me out. That's the norm, having doubts abuot diets I'm on It is good that the left foot pain has gone away on this diet.

I'm planning on fasting today. Hope that goes well. today is to be a warm day so shouldn't be an issue. After today thoug the weather turns chilly for the week. I'll try to fast during the cold days but might find myself not making it. After eating breakfast and wearing closths I weighted in at 170lbs. Goal is to lose 5lbs. Should be easy. At least I hope it is. Hope too the laxative effect has gone away since avoiding the nightshade family.
I'm doing decent today but I am feeling it fasting for the second time in 3 days. I'm a bit out of it. Most importantly though no laxative effect so far from fasting. that's what I'm monitoring with this latest round of trying to lose some weight. Goal this time is 160lbs, which in previous days would be 165lbs since then I would weigh with shoes and cloths on. Now I weigh first thing in the morning, weighing the lightest I'll be. Cold front starts passing through the area tomorrow. Ugh.
165lbs. I was hoping I'd be 164lbs and U was very close to that but it didn't happen. I'll likely be 164, even maybe 163lbs when I fast on Tuesday. the faster I get this over with the better. tongue looks better. Sores, markings what ever they are, are still there but look better. tongue is smaller in size too for some reason. Energy levels so far as ok. Strength is good. Left foot doesn't hurt thankfully.
Well shoot, the laxative effect from fasting stuck this morning. Was hoping avoiding the nightshade family would get rid of that. Apparently not. Outside of that doing ok.
Slight upset stomach today but nothing terrible. Energy levels remained high. Skin looks healthy. Strength is good. I landed on my left foot hard and noticed a slight twitch but nothing major. Normally when I accidentally land hard on the left foot it causes a lot of pain. Not today. I'll keep avoiding the nightshade family. At the last it keeps the left foot in good shape.
Forgot to note down, my tongue is looking much better. The sore/markings appear to be healing, well more than appear, they are healing. The tongue looks quite good but not perfect. The old theory I've had that if i could ever figure out what causes the tongue sores will solve the gut problem might still be the case. It is a mystery though why avoiding the nightshade family could cause tongue sores.
Today has turned into a wonderful encouraging day. THis morning I worked out my legs, I'm doing another 23 hour fast, Ithe 3rd in the last week, I've doubled the amount of exercise I typically do, and while I am some tired and fatigue, I'm functioning. I'm fine. That is one of the keys to taking last years Nov. so special. A lot went right last Nov but being able to take a beating was such a good feeling. Hope I'm on the right track and that I have more days like this but as always time will tell.
at the moment the morning is going really well. I'm joking to myself that i should be feeling this good, something is wrong.

Weight 164lbs. I'll keep working to reach 160lbs. Another weight measure, after breakfast, shower, and fully clothed I'm 172lbs. This is a more common way to measure instead of weighing first thing in the morning and in PJs. I might have to start going with the 172lbs weight measure.

Did some pushups this morning, the tough kind. Hope I don't regret that later. Glad I seem to be more able to handle a beating, but I don't want to push things to much.

Very grateful the left foot isn't hurting. That's a big differene since avoiding the nightshade family. I suspect I look healthier since avoiding nightshade. My common measure of skin health, has my skin looking healtheir I believe though this isn't the best of measures.
It's a good day once again. It is wonderful. It is chilly this afternoon also yet the chill isn't slowing me down. That doesn't happen often.
Weight loss is going well. I have a friend giving me encouragement and support in my battle of the bulge. It is so very kind of her. Grazie. I'm determined to look good and in shape for family pictures this year over the holidays. We take family photos about every 5 years and the last picture had me looking awful. At least I thought I looked terrible.

Energy is good. Strength is decent. So far at least I'm liking how this latest diet is going. The only controversial food I had in the diet last tried was potatoes. I was decent on that diet but couldn't increase my energy levels. I was hoping over time that would change but it didn't. Latest diet has for short periods of time seen me with pretty good energy.
Brrr... quite chilly this morning. I knew it would be cold but wasn't prepared entirely for this. then again it is only 73F in the house. Kind of funny in a way as just a few years ago while living in the north I would have thought this overly hot this time of year.

Slept in and I'm guessing that is due to all the exercising done. I feeling fine this morning. I'm not overly fatigued though I'm fatigued some form the exercising done. I'll take an easy today and rest up.

I have been debating whether I want to fast today or not. Since I'm doing so well on this diet so far I think I'll fast. What had me questioning whether I wanted to fast or not is tomorrow evening I'm riding my bike to the cities center to attend a Chirstmas gathering. I've know I could always make the trip, the problem being that either I would feel terrible fatigue or not. Since the diet is going well and the fatigue so far at least has lifted I'll fast.

Weight this morning was once again 164lbs. I'll be hoping for 163lbs when I wake up tomorrow. That would be great. I'd like to get the fasting over with and return to more typical eating.
Hey, I'm 164lbs right now. that pretty much guarantees I'll weigh 163lbs in the morning. I'm beat up, a bit out of it, more than a bit actually. My spelling has become even worse on this latest week long fast. Not sure why, but it spelling poorly drops the fat so be it.

Left foot keeps doing great. Very little pain there. Tongue markings are nearly gone. Glad about that. Skin looks good and healthy. Energy levels are lousy and to be expected. Strength seems to be ok. Friday nights bike ride has been called off due to cold. We'll make the ride over the weekend, during the day, while it is warmer. i like that.
I was just thinking and remembered that I haven't experienced that all to often laxative effect. When I'm out of it and fasting that is when it all to often strikes. So far no issues. Hope that continues. That would give me a huge boast of confidence.
Good news and bad news this morning. The good news, I reached a new low with weight, 163lbs. Yaa....Bad news, everything is moving in slow motion. I'm good and out of it. I can function but I'm not at full speed. Thankfully today is to be slightly warmer and part of our energy comes from the outdoor temp. I'll be more energized then I imagine.

Energy levels are lousy. Strength though is pretty good. Muscles don't ache, or are weak. They feel good and decently strong. Gut is alright at the moment. Always nervous abuot that. Left foot is doing well. I'm looking ruff though skin looks good. The all to common rash seen with stomach issues isn't there. The skin is about as healthy looking at it comes. That is about it on this worn out morning. Now that I'm awake, time for a nap.
Was happy to see my tongue was nearly healed this morning. I imagine in a couple days it wil be looking great. No dentist freak out will be going on. Didn't weigh myself this morning but I was likely 164 or 165. I ate a little more food yesterday than typical. I'll probably fast today though I'll be suffering from it I imagine. It is to be a warm day relatively speaking and that helps with fasting. Skin looks healthy. energy levels are lousy but strength is good. Left foot doesn't hurt. Thankful for that. There is something going on with avoiding nightshade family and left foot not hurting.
I did great this morning. I was feeling wonderful, with good energy, strength was high. Then this afternoon I'm feeling run down. It is a fast day so that is the reason for feeling worn out. Overall good day. Wish it wasn't such a pain for me to lose weight. I might have better success losing weight with some other methods. I probably would do myself a favor by cutting back on the maple candy I've been eating, though it I don't as I few it as helping with energy levels. Along with tasting great too.

Reminds me, when I stopped eating cheese I gave away my cheese to a fellow I know. Sadly I've noticed since doing that he has become fat, not just a little fat, but quite large in size. Course that wasn't what I was expecting. He was always thin and in shape before my cheese gift. Not sure what to make of that, as something else might have happened. Regardless, something I've noticed.

Left foot still feels great. When ever doubts creep in on the avoud nightshade diet, I remind myself of the left sharp electric pain going away. It works. I'm a little over 2 weeks on this diet. It has to be one of my least favorite diets to follow. Glad I have the left foot to keep on the diet. It does appear to be helping with getting rid of the fatigue.
I'm right between 164 to 163lbs this morning. I'd prefer a new recording of 162lbs but I'm pleased with how things are going. I have two new improvemnts. Well 3 improvements thinking about. The first being that I've noticed for awhile that I've lost an inch around my waist. I'm now down to HS waist size. That is perfect. Still have a bit of a belly to work on getting rid of but it is slowly melting away. Another is the fasting laxative effect. It is improving greatly. It might even now be gone. That is huge. I'll have to monitor closely over the next couple of weeks. The 3rd is that the tongue markings are nearly all gone. there is a little remaining marking on the tip of my tongue but is is looking much much better than before. Very good.

Tired, fatigued this morning and I'm thinking that was caused by some minor leg exercising I did. Strength is good. My muscles feel good. Skin looks healthy. good morning overall. Wish I wasn't fatigued the little bit that i am but that might improve as the day progesses.
This morning i went for a walk in some shoes that I've had some suspicions of causing the left foot electric pain feeling. So far no issues. I'm not entirely sure what the make the shoes. They are harder on my feet that other shoes I have but haven't entirely connected them to the left foot pain. Will find out more. I'll wear the tight fitting shoes for a few days.

I remain rather fatigued, worn out. I'm doing ok but a bit run down overall. Will be nice once this isn't an issue anymore obviously.
It was good day for the left foot. Bad day for energy levels. Pleased about the foot not hurting while wearing the tight poor fitting shoes. I'll keep wearing them and see the pain returns eventually. I don't think it will. Disappointing about the poor energy levels but it is what it is. Gut doing great. Like that. Tongue looking good. Skin looking good. I'll likely recover quickly and have decent energy tomorrow though the temps are to turn cold once again.
Left foot still remains in great shape. No pain. It is a funny thing to hang a diet upon foot pain mainly but it is working. It does solve one probleem. i'll keep wearing the tight shoes this week regularly and see comes of it. I might develop foot problems again or I might have a pair of hsoes that I've been afraid to wear become safe to put on.

Gut ok. Weight 165lbs. I'm using the bathroom less it seems so losing weight might be more difficult for awhile.

I often have doubts about the avoid nightshade family. I still think avoiding beef and diary makes more sense. But I'm still avoiding dairy and beef. I'm doing both avoid nightshade family and red meat and dairy at the same time.

It would be big if I stop having those fasting laxative attacks. those are the worst.

I feel so so this morning. Fatigue is still there but maybe not as bad as yesterday. Strength seems alright.
Not only have I lost an inch around my waist, I've apparently shrunk an inch or two. Of the new jeans I recently bought are for some reason to long. Hope dieting doesn't make a person shrink though. I'll be off to the tailoring shop before I hear more complains about the jeans to long.

Fasted today. It has slowed me down. Gut doing well. Now laxative effect up to this point. If this keeps up I'll gain lots of confidence. Now I hope to gain more energy. Doubt I'll be losing weight today. It is chilly today and tomorrow will be cold. Hope I handle that well. Imagine I will. Well, hope I lose another pound or two this week. I'm planning on fast this week also. I seem to be handling it decently well.
Another chilly morning but I seem to do well. One of the reasons why I continue with the avoid beef and dairy is that beef and dairy make me feel even colder. Even a tiny amount of dairy can put me in the deep chill. Avoiding nightshade has its positives also it seems, at least with my left foot and maybe improving the gut also. I can recall having a pulled muscle in my stomach area that wasn't going away that quickly healed up once I avoided the nightshade family. Might be something there, might not. Regardless I'll continue to avoid the two.

Gut hurting a bit but nothing significant. Weight was 164lbs. No new weight loss seen. Disappointing. If I hope to lose more weight I might have to try another weight loss strategy in the future. Left foot is doing great. The poorly fitting shoes are not bringing about those electric shocks that hurt. Nice.
I've done a lot of walking today on those shoes that are a little tight and no problems for my left foot. I think the shoes are safe. They were not causing the sharp electrical type pain. It is likely the nightshade family foods that brought about those pains. I'll keep testing of course.

It is cold today, I've over exercised, all the fasting has me worn down but Id say overall I'm doing well. I look ragged. I'm hurting but I've been far worse in the recent past. I'm only a little over 2 weeks in with the nightshade family. Imagine I have at least another month to go before I could have the first big clues if the diet is working, getting me back to Nov. of last year. Ugh hope I look healthier for the family pictures in two weeks.
173lbs after breakfast and showering. I'd normally weigh 171 to 172lbs but since it is cold and I'm layered up an extra pound is reasonable.

I'm going to make some changes to the diet. I'm not sure it is needed. I feel I'm doing well on the current diet but I want to go back more toward the diet I followed in Nov of last year that had me doing well. I'm going to avoid garlic, chicken and eggs. I'll replace them with tuna and salmon. I'm already eating eating tuna and salmon just not as frequently. I'll keep the sweat potato and sweat potato corn chips. I'll see if this makes any difference. I doubt it will. I'm just my typical self wanting to see quickly changes. That is something that is so terribly frustrating, the slow healing process. At least I believe that is what is going on, slow healing.

Left foot still doing great. No pains there. Gut doing quite well. With any luck I might be past being sick often. Fingers crossed about that one. Just now looking at my finger nails, tey are growing quickly. That is good I believe.
To note down further, I've always been suspicious of garlic and onions. Garlic I've thought can make my finger nails bleed, and while I don't have that issue now, the finger nails do liook like they are looking like will bleed in the future - that skin around the nail of course. While avoiding nightshade has helped my left foot it very well could be onions that were bringing about that pain. Well, I'll hopfully find out. This morning in my mind I appear healthier since avoiding garlic. Only a few hours into a diet change is kind of laughable though. Glad I made the diet change though.

the other two things I forgot to mention, a tooth which has slightly bothered me has stopped hurting this morning. I'm wondering if the diet change did that.

I've also wondered what was it in the past when I ate that diet for several years, with lots of cheese, that had the gut well most of the time, but I couldn't heal. I know how the turkey lunch meat had a tiny amount of onions in it. It was less than 2% but has me thinking tat might have been enough.
Today has been a really good day. Energy levels are high. Tooth pain stopped. Left foot still feels great. I'm talking much better, which goes along with improved energy levels, and I even received complements that I'm looking healthier. I wasn't looking for the compliments but I'll take it.

I've avoided garlic and onions several times, even had a diet recently where I was doing that. What makes today different is I'm eating more fiber. I'm eating brown rice and corn ships. I've read that fiber is important for digestion. It can have nutrients also. So maybe that explains it.

I'm also spelling better. A few days ago I was complaining that my spelling had become worse. Now today with avoiding garlic my spelling has improved. That is something I inherited from dad. He is an awful speller also.

For to early to become excited about all this but the small change made this morning to my diet is going well. I'll see if I can get a good week in. That will be more telling and confirmation.

Oh, on that diet with all the cheese, as noted earlier, a turkey lunch meat forgot to disclose that it had chicken broth and chicken broth seems to always be made with onions. that could solve that mystery also.
Something else I noticed, my weight is down today. Not a whole lot but ever since I've been eating garlic, on chicken and also eating eggs, I've found i've stopped losing weight. I'll get back to trying harder to lose weight tomorrow by fasting. I'll see if I can reach 160lbs afterall.
165lbs this morning. My energy levels are higher than typical. apperance healthy. I over ate with breakfast and had some slight stomach cramping but nothing bad and which I barely feel now. I exercised hard yesterday but this morning I'm feeling fine. tooth does not hurt. Left foot feels good. I'll likely fast today. Will be nice if I'm able to start losing weight once again.
It is a wonderful day. I'm bored which I in some respects consider good. I'll keep avoiding garlic and onions mainly. I do have better energy since doing so yesterday. Gut doing well. Appearance healthier. For what ever reason I am feeling confident since avoiding garlic and onions along with eating more fiber. I'll likely stop writing as much. It will take a long time to heal. I might have a good idea though if the diet is working in January. I hope so. That would be lovely. Do think I'll look decent in the family pictures now. Oh, I'm talking much better to, which goes with strength. I like that. I better get back to reading my boring cancer book.
164lbs. I was pretty close to 163lbs. I ate some eggs with breakfast. so far so good with the eggs. I'll eat chicken this afternoon. Instead of garlic I'll only use salt to season the chicken. Rather on the plain side. I'm feeling good about the theory that it is garlic and onions causing my gut issues and that I also need to eat some fiber, such as rice fiber or corn to help with digetion. To much fiber though will cause me problems. Appearance healthy. Skin looks good. I feel a little cold but it is chilly outside and in the house. Left foot is doing well. I'm spelling well it seems. Tooth does not hurt.
I added eggs and chicken back into the diet today and I'm tired. I appear worn down. I'm not worried though. I have been exercising a lots and the weather has been dreary and cold the past few days. I'll go a few more days with eating eggs and chicken and see what happens. Imagine I'll do well. Outside of that not much more that I can of to write on. Left foot doesn't hurt. I'm wearing those ill fitting shoes today also. Tooth does not hurt. I'm spelling decently. Garlic and onions I'm guessing cause problems for all three for me.
I've changed my mind. I'm going to avoid chicken and eggs. Something might be wrong there. I'll go back onto the fish diet, plus eat fiber and see what happens.
I'm back onto the fish diet. The reasons being that yesterday did not go as planned, remembering also that many times in the past I've tried eating eggs and chicken without success but I also think eventualy it will work, and with family pictures coming up in about 2 weeks I want to look good and healthy.

So far so good. i ditched chicken and eggs this morning and instead ate tuna. I appear healthier. There is a look I'm aiming for as when I look healthier the gut does better.

So the big thing I've done is add some fiber to my diet. I'll be eating the safer fish diet with extra fiber from rice cakes and corn chips. I'll see where this takes me. The morning is starting off good. ,
Doing well this morning. I'm sneezing a lot here of late for some reason. That is my main complaint. Something is in the air.

I'm still leaning toward garlic and onions being my main problem foods/spices. I also should eat a modest amount of fiber. that seems to help. Not sure about weight but I'm guessing 164lbs as I weigh 170lbs after breakfast and fully layer up. Getting off of 174lbs he been a tough one. Left foot does not hurt, teeth feel good, spelling ok.
167lbs after breakfast. I'll likely fast today so there is a good chance I'll be back down to 163lbs. It is chilly and I'm not handling the cold well. I'm looking healthier since avoiding garlic and onions along with eating some fiber. It has me thinking this is the right diet. Yesterday I was worn out from exercising to much. It isn't to surprising as I'm not even a week in on avoiding garlic and onions. I'm also continuring to avoid the nightshade family for now. Later on of course if I continue to do well I'll add the nightshade family back into the diet. I'll likely just eat potatoes on a regular basis but I'll also set up tests with the other nightshade members. Let foot does not hurt. That does remind me in the past I did a test with tomato paste and I found it brought about the left foot pains. So good thing I'm continueing to avoid the nightshade family.
I doubt this will be all that helpful but have noticed for a few days that for some reason I'm back to reading. All to often i'm to tired to read or read for long periods of time. Now, tings are different. I'm able to read for longer periods of time for some reason. Maybe this is the reading diet, avoiding nightshade and garlic faimly.
164lbs at the moment. I will most likely be 163lbs in the morning. I'm thinking that the lack of weight loss of late has to do with the gut doing better. Since avoiding the nigthshade family the stomach has done better. I originally started listing weight to try and make sense of the weight swings seen. It seems lots can factor into that.

It was a cool day but the sun was shining and that made a big difference. It felt nice today.
164lbs. Disappinting but I am using the bathroom less. My weight will likely be hanging around this area for some time. It is remarkable that I didn't, or have not so far, experienced the fasting exercise laxative effect since avoiding the nightshade family. Well, it took a week for the laxative fasting effectie to go away since avoiding the nightshade family. I am stil losing fat I believe though. I've gone from a 31inch waist to a 30 inch waist. I can see the weight loss I believe also. My gut is not entirely gone but it does appear smaller.

I beat myself up pretty bad yesterday. I feel it this morning. I have the 20,000 step stair as I joke. Overall though I'm doing fine. I'm able to function. It is chilly this morning. Maybe later today, wit the cold and all the exercising I'lll crash. Will see.

Left foot does not hurt. Skin looks ok.
Yesterdays hard workout of walking about 20 miles and fasting has me feeling worn out today. With that said I'm doing fine. I'm back onto the avoid garlic faily and avoid the nightshade family diet and I appear to be doing better from notes recorded. If this diet works, in particular the avoid nightshade, then there is something else causing me issues. Soy is a good candidate since soy is genetically modified with a member of the nightshade family.
doing ok this morning though I am a bit sore and tired still from the 20 miles walk. I'll likely eat lunch. Appearance ruff. If nightshade is my answer then it takes around 3 to 4 weeks for the gut to see significant changes. I am using the bathroom quite a bit less it seems. Hope I didn't bring a problem to myself by saying that. It is cold today but I don't feel all that bad. the other day I felt terribly chilled but figure that was caused by over weight lifting which for some reason will make me feel colder as I recover. Left foot does not hurt. Loving that.
The morning I starting out quite well. I have very good energy. No fatigue being felt though I do have some sore muscles. Bit of a surprise. Avoiding garlic family, along with eating more grain fiber, and continuing with avoiding the nightshade family appears to do me good. The one finger that over time has the skin pull away from the fingernail is looking nearly healed up now. I guess based upon that Im biased toward garlic and onions being my problem but nightshade could be an issue to. The grain fiber must be helping me with energy levels I'm guessing.
Since I'm doing so well I'll take a few more notes. I'm not only energetic I'm also feeling much warmer. It is one of the cooler days of this year I believe and yet I'm feeling warm. I even took off a layer as I was getting to warm. If this keeps up maybe the cooler weather will become a welcome event.
It has been a good energy day all day. It is so wonderful. Fingers crossed I can keep this going. I've had good energy days in the past but they didn't last long. This one might have a better chance I believe of sticking around.
165lbs. I still have good energy this morning. I'm going to fast today most likely and that good energy probably will not stick this afternoon. It is chilly but I'm feeling fine. The cold this morning isn't a problem. Left foot feel fine. I'll stick with avoiding garlic/onions and the nightshade family.
I was doing well this morning. This afternoon I'm worn out, tired, fatigued. I'm feeling chilled. Fasting and the cold weather have worn me down as has the leg exercising done yesterday. So tomorrow should be a better day I imagine, with eating two meals. With all the weight lifting I'm doing and getting some sun, or using the sunlamp, I might not lose any weight.
I'm coming up I believe on 5 months of avoiding beef and dairy. I'll keep avoiding those two also.

It has occurred to me that possibly why I'm doing better is the addition of the extra fiber to the diet and avoiding beef and dairy products. It wouldn't surprise me. Maybe after the New Year I'll do a test on that. If I can keep the good energy going it should be easy to figure out. If the good energy levels go away then I know I have a problem food.
165lbs. I am using the bathroom less still and am gaining some weight as a result. appearance wise though it looks like I've lost a little bit of fat. So it is good. Tired and fatigued this morning. It is mainly the over working out and fasting that likely caused this. Maybe later today I'll find myself more energized. Left foot still does not hurt. I'm using the bathroom less. Avoiding the nightshade family is doing me good. Eating some extra fiber seems to be helping. I'll keep avoiding garlic family and beef dairy too.
I forgot to note down, I fasted yesterday. Despite being worn down from fasting, I didn't experience the fasting laxative effect. Since avoiding nightshade and garlic family the laxative effect has gone away I suspect. That is big.
165lbs. A bit on the fatigued worn out side this morning. Not surprising. I'll make more of an effort to not weight lift much over the Christmas holiday. Left foot still does not hurt. The gut is doing quite well. No laxative effect experienced. I'm guessing that came about from avoiding the nightshade family. I've had the laxative effect when fasting and avoiding garlic/onions and beef products. Hope this continues. I'm still guessing that if the gut continues to do well I'll be much healthier by sometime in Jan.
Felt rather run down, tired today. it was likely exercise fatigue. I'm going to take the next few days off from muscle usable, lifting weights. I need to recover. Outside of that greatly enjoy that the gut is doing well. I'm not entirely confident in the gut. Anohter few weeks of being well like this and i'll gain greater confidence. Left foot does not hurt.
165lbs. Thinking more about, I've been sick many times while avoiding the nightshade family. So I'll stick with avoiding garlic and the nightshade family. I'm starting to appear healthier I believe. Eating fiber is helping some. Left foot does not hurt. Tongue still has some marking issues. Energy levels have been lousy the last couple of days, likely due to exercising to much, and maybe eating to many nuts and to much fiber. Gut is doing really well. I'm liking that.
Looking at my notes i see today marks one month of avoiding the nightshade family. I like how that avoidance is going. Another month if things go right I should be largely well. I hope that ends up being the case. I didn't workout today and this afternoon i'm feeling good and energetic. It is wonderful. I'll be ready for Christmas celebrations. I'm sitll not talking all that well. Found that out this morning. Hopfully that will come out soon. Weight this afternoon is barely 165lbs. there is a decent chance I'll be 163lbs in the morning. That would be a good Christmas gift.
A couple notings, I was well to the gut today. that's a rare event. Hope I experience that more often obviously. the gut has improved nicely over the past month. With any luck I'll be well here soon. Fingers crossed.

The other note, I was cleaning out my closet and tried on 4 pairs of shorts that were to small. Today, they all fit. 3 fit great and 1 was tight but could be worn. I may have not lost weight the last two weeks but further proof I've lost some fast with the shorts fitting. With the gut it has improved nicely since avoiding the nightshade family, and everything else, garlic/onions, chicken eggs, etc.
164lbs. Doing alright this morning. Back a bit sore, due to jogging around to much. I'll be fine. Gut ok. Left foot does not hurt. Skin looks healthy. Energy levels alright. Strength ok, nothing great but not horrible either. It should be a good day. I'm not planning on any weight baring exercising today though probably tomorrow I'll do some light lifting.
Im a bit tired, fatigued today. Instead of it being exercise fatigue I'm guessing this is fatigue caused by the extra fiber I'm eating. The fatigue is not overwhelming. I'll try fighting through it. I'll keep eating as I have been. On the good news my tongue markings/sores, are pretty much gone. There are still some remnants showing but overall the tongue has healed up. I imagine that to be a good sign. The tongue also has a lot of little healthy looking bumps on it. Don't remeember those being on the tongue when I was avoiding grains and eating potatoes.

For some reason I keep having this idea in my mind that it is multi vitamins that are making me sick. I don't take a mutl anymore. My thinking is that vitamins fed to animals is showing up in meat and making me ill. It's an old theory, and I hae my doubts, but have to admit my symptoms are similar to when I take a multi vitamin. Multi synthetic vitamins make me feel awful, lots of fatigue and give me diarrhea. It could explain why the fish diet helps and avoiding wheat which is fortified with synthetic vitamins seems to help me out. The rice and corn I'm eating do not appear to be fortified with synthetic vitamins.
Woke up quite tired. Went to bed quite tired due to the Christmas dinner gathering. Now, I feel ok. Eneryg levels alright. It doesn't take much to wear me out. Hope that changes next month. Nightshade, garlic family, and chicken family are the main foods being avioded. Not mentioned earlier but I noticed when eating eggs and chicken, plain, I appeared unhealthy I thought. I appear much healthier just eating fish. DOn't know if that means anything but remember thinking that over a week ago. The fatigue I'm experiencing is likely caused by over exercise but also the fiber being eaten. Fiber might be the worse cause at the moment.
This morning began slow. I was fatigued. Now this afternoon I'm feeling better. The fatigue has largely lifted. Gut remains doing well. that's big obviously. The fasting laxative effect so far as gone away since avoiding the nightshade family. Left foot also feels good. Thursday is going to quite the test. It is to turn cooler on Thursday. i also have famiy flying in, and a party with neighbors to attend in the evening. Pictures are also to be taken. I was pretty wiped out yesterday by the Christmas party. I had the afternoon to rest up. On Thursday do there will not be any time to rest in the afternoon.

The weather is predicted to turn much cooler by the end of the week and stay cold. I'm now hanlding the cold better, my body adjusted. This next cold front though I imagine will be taking a toll on me.
Not sure what my weight was this morning but will guess 166lbs. Complaint this morning is my back hurting. I don't feel the back pain unless I'm lying down and looking to get out of bed. Will be nice once that heals up. That is the thing I suspect, I'm not healing quickly. With that said on slow healing tongue is looking quite nice, better than ever. Overall I'd say I'm on the right track. The next two weeks will be important. Left foot does not hurt. Energy levels are better this morning. Strength feels good.
I'm better today but still dealing with some fatigue. It is awful, though things could be much worse. Tomorrow is the big day, sister and family fly into town. Should be fun in some respects but will wear me down I'm thinking. tomorrows dinner should be a hoot though. The family from Thailand is to be joining us and the father has no qualms telling you what is on his mind. Left foot still odes not hurt. I am sore all over, back, legs, arms, but nothing horrible. I'm guessing it is the fiber being eaten. The gut keeps doing well. Love that. I'm all for a better but though I have a feeling that the fatigue is in part due to the gut not wanting to be used.
Doing well this morning, picture day. Lots of signs that I'm getting well. Energy levels feel good at the moment. Look healthy or healthier. Strength feels good. Gut doing well. No fasting laxative effect experienced. No pain experienced on my left foot. I'll keep avoiding the nightshade family and soy, along with garlic and bird meats.
Nothing much new to note down. I am looking healthier. That is good and new. The same fatigue is ahold me. Everything is moving in slow motion it seems. It is rather unpleasant. Back still hurts some. It isn't overly painful but I notice it and will be glad once it is gone. I figure it will not be till the fatigue goes away that the back shoulder blade pain will go away. figure the fatigue comes from the extra grain fiber being eaten and also the nuts. They are irritating the gut mildly. Exercised some this morning on my legs. I feel alright from that. I might do pushups tomorrow but will do regular ones. The tough ones are probably what caused the shoulder blade pain. Left foot still feels pain free. Avoiding the nightshade faimly seems to brought that about. Tongue looking good with a few slightly markings. I would pass a dental exam I imagine.
It was nice I felt better this afternoon. Much of the aches and pains went away. Not sure why but i grounded using my hands this afternoon. Maybe that was it.

Something I've noticed for a few weeks now, I've noticed that my wrists are getting smaller. the watch I wear needs to be tightened down to a new notch. No known reason why that would be, but maybe avoiding the nightshade family gets rid of swelling some. Don't know. Have been wondering what is going on with the shrinking wrists though. I guess too, I have shrunk around the waist also by an inch. I was working hard to lose the fat with fasting so maybe that was it. I didn't lose weight though.
Doing well this morning. Gut keeps hanging in there. I keep thinkin i should be sick at some point but so far nothing significant has happened in the sickness department. No fasting laxative effect, thankfully. I'm not entirely psychologically over my fear of being ill but if this keeps up it won't be long till I am thinking I can travel anywhere when ever I want. Course this low level fatigue keeps with me. Hope that goes away soon. It will be smooth sailing once that happens I imagine. I'm not planning to stop eating grain fibers but if the fatigue keeps hanging around that will be my next move i imagine. Left foot does not hurt. that is so lovely. Energy levels are ok. Fatigue is still with me but not at a high level. Strength is surpriingly decent. Could be better with strength. I'll keep away from the nightshade famiy, garlic and onions along with following the alpha gal diet. It's doing me good, slowly good.
I still I have good reasons to believe the diet I'm on is working. The gut has been settled overall. I haven't experiencd the laxative effect after fasting, knock on wood. I'm fasting today too. Left foot doesn't hurt. Leading diet candidate is the nightshade family along with avoiding soy since soybeans have been modified with a member of the nightshade family. Will see of cuorse. I can still see a possible answer with garlic/onions.

It has been an alright day. Energy levels so so. Strength is good. Left foot does not hurt.
I woke up this morning thinking the carrot family is my answer. It reminded me that for awhile avoiding carrot was high on my list of things to do. It makes sense for several reasons. A big reason being that I've been quite frustrated in not being able to repeat being well as I was in Nov. of last year. It dawned on me that one newish food this year has been adding carrot juice to my diet. that is probably it, the carrot family, which includes parsley. I'll write that in my notes of foods being avoided, the carrot family.

Chilly this morning. It might be the coldest it has been this year at the moment. I feel ok overall though. the gut is doing well. I've been able to keep the laxative effect away. I did fast yesterday.

Weight 165lbs of 164lbs. I was right inbetween the two. .
Doing well today, looking ruff, likely do to the workouts done the last couple of days. Feeling upbeat. I like the carrot idea I remembered last night. I've been avoiding carrots and parsley most likely since Nov. 24s so I have a good avoidance going with it. Hope it works out. The gut keeps doing well so imagine I have a good chance at that.
Forgot to note down, my tongue looks fabulous. It is now healed up. It took 5 weeks for that to happen on this diet where I'm eating corn, rice and wheat a little bit. If I avoided grains or only at a little bit of brown rice, I suspect the tongue would be healed within a week.

Will be interesting to find out what happens once i test potatoes and nightshade again. I typically have switched potatoes and grains for each other, avoid grains eat potatoes and avoid potatoes I'll eat grains.

Little fatigue experienced today. Hope that sticks around.
Doing well this morning. Energy levels were high last night and still feel good this chilly morning. Left foot does not hurt. Gut feels fine. I'll continuing with avoiding the carrot family, nightshade family, and garlic family along with following the fish diet for now. Looking forward to adding eggs and chicken to the diet soon. If I can keep my energy levels high for a week I imagine I'll be ready to try out new foods.
Last night I had dinner at a neighbors. Steak was served which I passed on. I'm still avoiding beef, and it had lots of spices on it also. It did have me thinking though about how much of a roll grain fiber is having on me. No doubt I'm doing better in several ways since adding corn and rice fiber to my diet. Bit surprised about that. Not all is perfect but the general gist is I seem to be doing better. I'll always have quesitons about beef I suppose and for now will remain avoiding.

Would be very nice if it was the carrot family that is my problem food group. that is relatively easy to avoiding.

Last night a spinach garlic salad was served. Its smell was making me sick. It made me wonder if garlic is my issue. It certainly seemed that way last night. I didn't come close to being ill from the strong garlic odor but I suspect if I had hung around that salad in the kitchen long I would have become ill.

I'll stay away from the nightshade family too.

Last night I ended eating a lot of crackers, some rolls, and nuts. I'm not used to eating so much wheat. It has me a little gittery this morning. the nuts likely hurt my gut a bit also as nuts can do.

Feeling decently strong this morning. I like that. I could do many pushups and weight lifting exerciss I suspect though I'd feel unsteady for the rest of the day after doing that. Energy levels are so so.

Left foot hurt slightly on my way home. the pain was slight but enough for me to note that was the first time the left foot pain had made an appearance since avoiding the nightshade, garlic families. This morning the left foot feels fine.