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My journey to getting well

I have been pretty tired today. It feels like exercise fatigue. the exercise makes me feel cooler and being a cool day it tires me out. at least that is one of my guesses on what is going on. Outside of that doing well. I'm fasting today. I ate a lot over the holiday so want to get back to 165lbs and lower. I might try to once again lose some more fat this week. I'll continue to avoid nightshade family, carrot family and garlic family. For eing worn out I'm appearing decently healthy. That is different.
166lbs. It is cold this morning. I'll be bundled up at least here early in the day. Hope it warms up well later. Working out does make me feel cool. Think I'll add chicken and eggs to the diet. I'll see what happens. It is early to do this but I have pretty good confidence now that I've narrowed the list to garlic family, carrot family, or nightshade family. Appearance healthy. Skin looks good. Left foot does not hurt.
Tongue is looking great. I was thinking there for awhile I was going through a lot of tongue sores. i wasn't used to that and it had me mildly concerned. The idea that carrots and parsley are my problem makes a good amount of sense in regards to the tongue sores in had in 23. Carrot juice was new to the diet. I rarely ate carrots. though from time to time I'd buy a packet of carrots thinking they are good nutrients, parsley is found in spicy foods, something that has long concerned me. It is a decent fit. Time will reveal if this is the answer of course.

Tires today. Cold also. I'm thinking I've over exercised. I didn't workout today and I'll likely do mild exercises tomorrow. It is to be another cold day with the addition of rain this time.
It looks like I have two ways to get rid of the tongue sores. There is avoiding grains, which gets rid of the markings but doesn't have me recover. Now it looks like I can get rid of the tongue sores by avoiding the carrot famly, garlic family, and nightshade family. I hope the second avoidance has me recoverying over time. I suspect it is but healing is slow.

168lbs this morning after eating a big breakfast. I'll likely fast today. The temps are to be warm so it will be a good day to try and lose some more fat. Yesterday I found tucked away a small tee shirt that was to small to wear not long ago. Last night I could easily wear it. I haven't been losing weight of late but I must be losing fat.

Left foot does not hurt. Skin looks healthy. Not that my skin has looked unhealthy in the past, though I have thought I had developed a slight rash in the past, a common sight for stomach problems. I even had a doctor asking about a skin rash in the past. Back hurts slightly but that has largely gone away. Strength is good. Energy levels are ok.
Did ok today though I did tire myself out. Eating chicken hasn't been a problem I believe. I'll add eggs to the diet tomorrow. Fingers crossed that does well too. Imagine it will. No left foot pain though i wore the tight shoes. I was on my feet for the afternoon and did ok. I was pleased about that.
something i'm watching, last time I ate chicken I seasoned it with garlic. During that time my teeth began to hurt. Then I removed the garlic and the tooth pain went away. So I'm starting to eat chicken and eggs too once again. I'll see how my teeth go. I also felt the garlic was causing the skin to pulll away from my finger nails. It was slight but it is something I'm familiar with in the past. I'll keep an eye on that too.

Weight was 166lbs I was hoping for 164lbs so that was a big miss. Doing well though. It does even look like I've lost some fat.

Oh, I'm only a few weeks into avoiding garlic and eating fiber. That might push the hoped for Jan. recovery into Feb.
I am becoming much stronger. There is little doubt about that in my mind. Just last week I could do a simple task such as washing the car and would find myself wiped out, tired. Now I can do much more without issue. It goes with my tongue looking much healthier, with the tongue markings pretty gone. Yesterday I also rode my bike and found it easy to do. So good sign that diet I'm on is working - avoiding garlic family, carrot family, nightshade family. Looking ruff as always but less ruff than before I believe. I'll keep up with the lightworkouts. as I can handle them easier. Energy levels not all that great. Today has been a pig out day. I'm not all that hungry but am frustrated and a bit tired of dieting all the time.
Something that I need to remember to remind myself often is that since avoiding the nightshade family and carrot family I've stopped experiencing significant stomach issues, or the laxative effect. that is huge. there are two main items I'm looking to change and that is the laxative effect and the fatigue I deal with. So on this diet energy levels are not all that great but the stomach so far is doing very well.

I am adding new foods to the diet now and naturally need to be prepared for that to change. So far so good with adding eggs and chicken.
I'm going to take citrus out of my diet for awhile once again. I have a reaction when I eat citrus, I get a runny nose, I sneeze a lot and my hair turns light brown in color. When I avoid citrus those things go away.

I know last year I tried avoiding citrus a few times, but never more than a month and a half. Since I'm also eating more fiber now, I'll try avoiding citrus to see what happens. It is worth another look at. I have my doubts it is the answer I'm looking for but I'll check once again. Maybe the fiber will make a difference this time.
It occurred to me that last time I avoided citrus it was to get rid of a back problem. I learned that eating or taking a ginger supplement along with eating citrus caused my back to hurt. I stopped the ginger eventually and the back improved but still hurt some. Avoiding citrus and taking the ginger supplement caused the back pain to go away.

Anyway, it has me thinking I have a slight back pain once again, that keeps hanging around. It doesn't hurt that bad right now but I can feel it. I'm not eating or taking ginger. I'm guessing though that by avoiding citrus the back pain will go away entirely.

If the back pain does go away I really should stop eating oranges all together. I don't know why I return to eating them. I am having some reaction when eating oragnes which isn't good, with a runny nose, sneezing, and back/muscle pains.

I don't care much for eating pineapple but I can always drink pineapple juice and eat and drink other vegetables and fruits that are not citrus.
I stayed away from eating an orange this morning and as expected I have no runny nose nor am I sneezing. Will of course continue to monitor if that should change. Doing ok this morning. Energy levels and strength seem good. I've eaten a lot of fiber of late. I am now a bit worried about that. I'll pull back on the fiber eating. Tongue looks good. Left foot doesn't hurt though from time to time I can feel that zap feeling but a not very painful zap. I don't like any kind of electrical type zap but a far less painful zap is preferable to the big painful type. I'll probably for ever stop eating citrus. I'm not good at keeping those types of statements but there is a reaction going on that is problematic. Whether is results in fatigue and stomach issues is unknown. Oh just remembered about my back. the back pain is gone. another reason for me to keep avoiding citrus. I completely forgot about the link to back pain and eating citrus that I discovered last year.
This morning I feel much warmer than I have felt in these cooler days. I'm guessing that is due to avoiding citrus. Will monitor. Hair is already darker also though I recall it takes a few days for the darker hair to be more finalized.
It has been a really good day. My energy levels are high. I feel good. Strength is better. Avoiding citrus and eating some fiber is doing me good for today. I'll hope the good feelings continue. If I can get a few weeks in feeling like this, I'll have lots of confidence that avoiding citrus is one of the key food groups for me to stay away from.

I had family pictures taken a week ago. The pictures have come in and I look awful. It is sort of what i expected but don't like. One thing that caught my attention was high light in color my hair had become. I knew it was light in color from looking at the mirror but the pictures really highlights this. It occurred to me that just last year I had figured out eating citrus causes my hair to become light brown, with some gray in it. Avoid the citrus and my hair turns dark brown, with the grey going away. Wish I had remmebered that before the pictures were taken.

I'm much less phlegmy when i avoid citrus and am wondering if that phlegm is blacking my absorption of nutrients.

i worked out hard today. If my back is going to hurt it should hurt tomorrow morning unless avoiding citrus solves that issue. I hope it does.
So far so good. I do not feel fatigued, or sore this morning. That's a very good sign. I'll keep avoiding citrus. Maybe it will result in the fatigue going away entirely. I was doing better I thought before I began to avoid citrus so I shouldn't forget that and add lots of foods right now. For the time being I'll take it slow, stick with the diet and hope I continue to improve. Quite exciting though. I might have found another, most crucial problem food with citrus.
I'm likng this avoiding citrus. I remember complaining quite a bit about it in the past for some reason. I feel good, energy levels are decent. Strength is high. I did leg exercises today. hair color is darker. I can imagine the grey and blonde hairs will be entirely gone in a week is my guess. It has me foolishly thinking of adding spices and nightshade to the diet. I might fall to the temptation.
166lbs. I'm off to a good start, well sort of a good stant. My back does not hurt. My energy levels are quite good. Strength is good. My only complaint is last night my left foot began to twitch and hurt. the pain woke me up and I am up earlier than normal. I'm oretty sure now the left foot pain is due to me beginning to job. Once I began avoiding citrus and my back pain resolved mostly I thought I'd do some jogging. I'll hold off on jogging and see if the left foot pain goes away. Gut doing well. Skin looks healthy. No runny nose. I am sneezing still though. Hope that goes away in a week.
166lbs. I'm off to a good start, well sort of a good stant. My back does not hurt. My energy levels are quite good. Strength is good. My only complaint is last night my left foot began to twitch and hurt. the pain woke me up and I am up earlier than normal. I'm oretty sure now the left foot pain is due to me beginning to job. Once I began avoiding citrus and my back pain resolved mostly I thought I'd do some jogging. I'll hold off on jogging and see if the left foot pain goes away. Gut doing well. Skin looks healthy. No runny nose. I am sneezing still though. Hope that goes away in a week.
I'm feeling cold today which I'm thinking has been brought about by the exercises done over the previous 2 days. I should warm up by tomorrow. Looking a bit run down but healthy enough. Energy levels are still good as is my strength.

Something I've noticed right away but didn't know what to make of it is a blister like bump that would form after breakfast. It would happen after eating breakfast. That is when I would eat an orange typically. I though the bump or blister was possibly caused by drinnking pineapple juice in the morning. Now I'm thinking I was wrong, that it was caused by the eating of an orange. So glad that is no longer forming.

Overall good day. I'll continue to avoid citrus, spices, nightshade family. Oh, left foot has not hurt sine I did not jog around the house this morning.
I'm going to make a diet change. I'm going to add potatoes to the diet this afternoon or if I fast tomorrow. I'll go back to avoding grains. I'll see what happens. Glad I'm avoiding citrus. I'll plan on doing a good long citrus avoidance and see what happens. I'm not comfortable eating all this grain. I can see it does bring about tongue markings. I have a marking now, very slight but would prefer that there were no markings at all and i know aboiding grains will bring that about. No runny nose this morning. I'm sneezing much less since avoiding oranges. Hair color is darker. Right knee hurts just a bit. It feels like the chill is causing that long with leg exercises done and maybe eating grains. I know grains can make my joints more sore.
This is big.

I thought to see if avoiding citrus effected my eye sight. this morning for awhile I didn't wear my reading glasses. I've been blind without the reading glasses when it comes to reading. This morning, I'm able to read without the glasses. My eye sight isn't perfect. Overall though Im able to read without the glasses without much difficulty. I'll defiently need to keep tabs on that. That's a huge change if it sticks around. I'l keep avoiding citrus.
Eye sight is improved. I can read now just about everything on the computer, though it still is easier to read with my glasses on. Don't know what is up with that and if it will stay around. I like it though. Hope my eye sight continues to improve.

I still like avoiding citrus. It seems to be doing me good. No or very little sneezing today.

Kind of cranky today. Not all that cranky but I'm a bit on the tired side due to all the exercising done.
I;ve done well today. I feel as if I'm writing better. Energy levels are good. i did a number of pushups enough to tire me out. Hope I don't feel to cold and tire tomorrow as a result. I'll stick with avoiding citrus, spices and nightshade family. Oh that is not true anymore about the nightshade family. I am eating potatoes now and that seems to be going well so far. Hope that continues to be the case.
Doing well this morning. Woke up feeling quite good and energetic. Now after a big breakfast I'm naturally feeling sluggish. I've added fish gelatin to my diet. I've had it in the past and found it didn't cause me problems. Not a whole lot more to add. I guess weight was 166lbs, barely. I'm not feeling sore this morning despite doing a good number of pushups yesterday. That's a positive sign that once again i hope continues. I'm not feeling cool this morning so far. It is to be a cool rainy day I believe.
Kind of a funny morning, or strange morning might be a better way to describe. I'm tired, fatigued, likely from yesterdays workout, yet I'm more with it. That typically doesn't happen. When I become fatigued and tired I'm out of it too.
I'm liking the fish collagen I began taking this morning. It seems to have my hair and skin looking nicer, healthier.

Something I'm not liking is synthetic vitamin C, maybe. I'm going to do an experiment with synthetic C. For awhile now I've been drinking grape and pineapple juice. I've made it a point to buy these juices that do not have vitamin C added. It isn't easy as nearly all pineapple and grape juice has synthetic vitamin C added. A week ago or maybe a bit longer I broke down and bought juice that has lots of synthetic vitamin C in it.

There might be something happening with the synthetic vitamin C in that it is making me grouchy. I haven't been grouchy to anyone but I can see that bubbling in him I guesss it can be said.

In the past I've noticed multi vitamins will make me grouchy. So now I'm thinking the vitamin C is bringing this about it might. I might be wrong. It could be the diet change to avid citrus. I have my doubts on that though as in the past I do not remember this happening when I avoid citrus before.

What I'll do is return to drinking pineapple and grape juice that are free of synthetic vitamin C. I'll see if that gets rid of the grumpy feeling I have. I suspect it will but will see.
Forgot to note down, glad I'm back to avoiding grains. I don't believe grains are a big problem but I do feel better avoiding them. Also as typically happens it seems my tongue is looking better. The markings are gone, or nearly gone.
Only 166lbs after fasting. Energy levels ok, nothing great. i was looking healthy this morning. The fish gelatin appears to have helped in that area. Gut is ok though I am a little worried about it. Was thinking last night that citrus is something I've most of hte time thought of as being healthy and safe for me. During that time were i ate a lot of cheese, and had the gut in decent working order, though I never recovered, I was eating citrus. I am sneezing much less since avoiding citrus. The runny nose is much improved. So changes happened when avoiding citrus. I'll plan on a very long avoidance if not total life long avoidance of citrus.
The avoiding of synthetic vitamin C is working. For today I can't have that anger type feeling. It makes sense to me. I've known for a long time that a multi vitamin causes me problems, from feeling out of it for the day, fatigued, and angry. For what ever reason I do not handle most synthetic vitamins well.

Have high hopes for the current diet of avoiding citrus and the garlic family. I'm doing well over all. Back is not hurting. It feels just fine though I suppose if I pressed the issue I could bring that pain back. My hair is not as dark brown as i know it can be, but that is likely due to the workouts I've been doing. Workouts will cause my hair to be lighter in color also.

Next week I might look to add garlic to the diet. Will see. I'm not in a terrible rush. It would be more pleasant though if I had more food choices in the diet.
Doing ok this morning. I'm a little sore from yesterdays workout on the legs. Gut is doing ok. Still happy about avoiding citrus. Today makes one week of avoidance. I have another 15 weeks to go at a min. Eye sight remains improved. I found yesterday I can now read books. It is easier to read with glasses but I can read slowly without them now. Probably at a later date I'll make it a point to try and read without glasses. See if that helps the eyes. That woud be nice. I've grown used to the glasses would easily get used to not wearing them I imagine.
I'm always looking for changes when I try different diets, and I notice my hair is thicker and fuller since avoiding citrus. I got a haircut today and notice it even more now. Doing well today. I'm fasting. Energy levels are alright Gut is doing well. So far no laxative effect from fasting. I am a little concerned that the potatoes I'm eating will bring about the laxative effect.
164lbs. That was a nice surprise. Maybe fasting and avoiding citrus will have me losing some weight once again. I'd like that.

Tongue has some markings on it but they look better. Avoiding grains continues to have the tongue looking better. Has me thinking this morning that avoiding grains and citrus is the combo I'm looking for, for good health. Hope so.
Tomorrow I'm going to take a chance and add spices to the diet. I'll just be avoiding all grains, citrus and the other regulars such as pork, pumpkin, etc.

I've done well today. It is a funny thing to be keeping track of but hair is looking good and healthy. Even received some complements on it. Avoiding citrus has helped the hair. Skin looks healthy. Energy levels are good. I have to admit I'd have better energy if I wasn't working out as hard but then again it is all relative. I was on my feet for a good portion of the day and I'm feeling fine. I'll stick with the diet and hope the added spices are handled well by the gut. Tongue is healing though it does have good sized markings on it.
I'm on the tired wornout side this morning. Iit should be a good day I imagine but I'll be going in slow mode. Ate spicy chicken for breakfast. Hope that goes down well. I'll stay away from citrus and all grains. Gut is doing ok. Tongue is healing up since avoiding grains. Hair is looking healthy. Kind of laughing about writing on that, but it is a change I notice on this citrus free diet. Runny nose is mostly gone. I'm also sneezing less.
On the tired, worn out side today. I'm feeling cold so imagine that is the cause. Then again I remember the last time I ate garlic feeling cold also. Will see. Overall though doing well. I'll keep on avoiding all grains and citrus. Tongue is looking decent. It is healing since avoiding grains.
Last nigth I was freezing cold, yet I did not get sick to my stomach. The laxative effect did not happen. That was good. I'm pretty sure the cold feeling I had was due to fasting. I've done 23 hour fasts for 3 days out of the last 6 days. When I get that chilled feeling is when I tend to get sick. I have several theories on why I become ill when fasting. One theory that i've hoped to be true is that I get sick due to the food allergy is still being eaten. Avoiding that damaging food will stop the laxative effect. Don't know if citrus is that food, but would be wonderful if it was.

Weight 165lbs this morning. Disappointing but I am seeing cloths fit better. I seem to be losing the fat though my weight remains the same. Hope that is still going on.
I'm doing alright though still tired and worn out likely due to the fasting being done and the chilly temps.

It does seem I'm no longer making much progress with dropping weight with fasting. I might be losing some fast and I've lost a clothing size. But something different needs to be done if I hope to lose the rest of the belly fat. I'm so close to doing that. I'm going to start 4 newish ideas to see if the weight comes off. I'll exercise an extra 250 calories, if I can. I'll start using more light therapy ideas. I'm avoiding new foods such as citrus as one doctor has written how he was able to have patients drop weight by figuring out food allergies, and and ....drawing a blank at the moment but I'm doing other thing I've written in my note book. Lets see if one of these ideas gets me across the finish line.

I'll likely not fast tomorrow. It is to be more chilly and I'm feeling to run down. I need to recover.
I'm doing well this morning, feeling cheery and upbeat. I'm sure that will change as the day progresses. Weight this morning was 170lbs after breakfast! Yikes. I do seem to be putting on weight since avoiding citrus. At least my cloths fit fine. I even put on those tight shorts and found thye fit fine. Looking healthy. Feeling alright, with muscle a bit sore. I got my 30 minutes of exercise in before breakfast. I'm hoping exercising for 30 minutes before eating will burn some fat away. Stomach hanging in there. It is to be a chilly day. So far I'm doing well with the cold. Saturday will be the coldest day of the year so far. I'll be sure to eat my more typical 2 meals a day for the next few days to recover and help keeps me warm.
I'm doing well this morning, feeling cheery and upbeat. I'm sure that will change as the day progresses. Weight this morning was 170lbs after breakfast! Yikes. I do seem to be putting on weight since avoiding citrus. At least my cloths fit fine. I even put on those tight shorts and found thye fit fine. Looking healthy. Feeling alright, with muscle a bit sore. I got my 30 minutes of exercise in before breakfast. I'm hoping exercising for 30 minutes before eating will burn some fat away. Stomach hanging in there. It is to be a chilly day. So far I'm doing well with the cold. Saturday will be the coldest day of the year so far. I'll be sure to eat my more typical 2 meals a day for the next few days to recover and help keeps me warm.
Blue eyes, forgot about that, but I've long been searching and waiting to see my eyes turn blue. Avoiding citrus is something I did in the past when my eyes turned blue. Don't know why I havn't done much avoidance with that idea. I don't really enjoy avoiding citrus I guess. It is something I slightly crave oddly. But today just being day 11 with this avoidance, with any luck in a few months I'll see blue eyes and have a good idea that I'm finally on the right track.
I'm doing well this morning on this grain free, citrus free diet. For breakfast I ate a lot of spices. Hope that goes down well. appearance healthy. Left foot feels good. Energy levels are decent. Weight 170lbs after breakfast. I might fast today. I don't know. It is to be a warmer day and I might take advantage of that. At this point though I'm not so sure that fasting helps all that much with weight loss.
167lbs. Tired this morning. I'm guessing that is due to exercise fatigue. Will monitor of course as I have started to eat spices regularly. Stomach doing ok. Happy about the weight. I've eaten 2 meals a day for 3 days. Happy I didn't really gain any weight. I'll likely fast today before the big weekend cool down. I have a good feeling about this diet. it has the feel to it that I'm on hte right track. I'll likely stop writing so often.
I'm doing better than I thought I would this morning. Glad about that. Energy levels feel decent. Strenght is ok. It might be chilly today but the morning is starting well. Eating spices at the moment seems to be going well. I'm a bit nervous about the spices but hopefully I'll be alright. Left foot had some slight pains yesterday. It had me concerned about the spicing being eaten causing that pain. I'll of course monitor if the left foot gets worse. Gut dong well Weight I'll say 165lbs though 166lbs is just as likely. Tongue still has some markings on it but I believe them to be slowly healing.
Doing well this morning. Have noticed my left foot is slightly hurting. It isn't much of a pain but it once again has me thinking spices/nightshade does bring that left foot pain out. the pain is not intense so I'm not entirely sure what to make of it.

I have company coming to visit one week from Monday. As a result I'll go onto the fish diet. I'll go back to avoiding spices and the nightshade family. I want to be more assured of not being ill during the visit. I have a good feeling about avoiding citrus and grains getting me well but I'm not 100% sure at this point. I'll go back into the diet where I'm eating spices and the nightshade family on the following Tuesday the 30ths. Yesterday was cool. This morning is the coldest day of the winter season so far. I feel fine. I'm not feeling chilled. That is a good sign I believe.
I forgot to note down, it could be significant. Yesterday I did twice as many leg exercises than normal. This morning I didn't have any significant fatigue. I was a little tired from it but nothing major. This morning I also did some light upper body, arm exercises. No problems experienced there either.

That's big if it stays around. The two main problems I'm working to solve as the stomach issue and fatigue.
Tongue markings are nearly gone. Avoiding grains looks to be getting rid of the tongue sores once again. It isn't good having those markings I'm guessing. I should stay away from grains permanently. Don't imagine any other foods causing the sores.

And there must be some other food causing me problems. I've had good luck in the past iwth avoiding grains. It got me partially well but not recovered. Maybe citrus is that other food I'm looking for. I hope so.

I'm on the fish diet but not strictly. I'm going to also eat eggs and plain chicken. I'll just avoid spices and nightshade family till the visit is over

I'm also still avoiding beef and dairy products. It has nearly been 6 months avoiding those. Not sure if that is doing me good or not. Since avoiding beef I'm not had those pulled muscle experience. That's wonderful.


Since avoiding citrus I'm handling the chilly weather much better. At least it seems that way. It was 71 F in the house this morning, a temp I'm normally feel frozen. i felt just fine. No problems at all. Yesterday was the coldest of the year so far. I never felt cold though.
Left foot is feeling good once again since avoiding nightshade and spices. There seems little doubt that spices and nightshade will cause the left foot to hurt. Exercise will make it worse but I continue to suspect it isn't the cause.

Also that spicy chicken, and barbecue chips I was eating were slightly upsetting my stomach. It wasn't a big problem but it felt like it was heading in that direction. So I'll stick with avoiding spice, nightshade family, grains and citrus. It is to much to be avoiding at once but I'll see how far I can take it. If I continue to feel as i do today I might be able to last awhile on the diet.
Tongue sores are gone. They were healing up as usual once I began avoiding all grains. And 12 days later now they tongue looks great. I suspect what is going on is that like most I'm not able to handle eating grains. There are plenty of writings with researchers and doctors saying everyone can not handle eating grains. they are bad for peoples health, with some people having worse reactions then others. I'm sure that is a controversial statement but I suspect there to be some truth in it. Grains are addictive. Most people do not enjoy avoiding them. I've often joked to myself when reading or watching shows theorizing they people went from being hunter grathers to farmers, grain farmers in particular. I suspect it was due to people enjoying grains and the good feeling it gives me. Making beer is another reason.

If grains were my main problem I would have figured this out many years ago. I avoiding grains and yet did not recover. In particular my teeth began to fall apart. It was a huge surprise to me. I avoided grains, even had my stomach working decently well, and yet i didn't recover and my teeth began creating cavities. I remember one time going to the dentist and having 8 cavities! My teeth were also breaking apart. I'd have to have the remants pulled.

I might have figured out what caused the dental issues now that I've gone back to avoiding all dairy and beef. the last dental appointment I had my teeth only had one small cavitiy. I hadn't been completely dairy and beef free the previous 6 months but I close to being free of those foods. For the past 6 months I have avoiding beef and dairy products entirely. I have a dental appointment in 1 months and I'm looking forward to what is found out. this might be the fist time in my life that I'm looking forward to be a dental appointment. So my main problem might be that I have alpha gal, making it impossible for me to eat pork and beef without having big health problems. It just might take a long long time to recover.

I'll likely add potatoes back to the diet. Avoiding so many items isn't good. I'll find myself craving foods and in the end not following the diet.
I made a convincing argument this morning to myself. I'll just avoid red meat or basically the alpha gal diet and I'll stay away from grains. I'll eat chicken, eggs, turkey but not fatty chicken and turkey such as sausage. That might upset my stomach. I'll wait till the dental appointment a month from now. If i do well with the appointment I'll stick with the diet. And I do poorly I'll look to make changes. I do well on this diet in general. I feel the best on an alpha gal diet. There is that strange occurance though of a month later on this diet has some sneak attacks with the stomach. That have always come with eating grains also and with fasting. I'll still fast some, but the grains are out of the diet.
I think I figured it out. I think I know why the fish diet hasn't worked since I returned home after the hurricane over a year ago and 3 months.

When I stayed at my parents place after the hurricane for 3 months waiting for electricity to be restored at my place and the roads to be repaired, i got essentially well. I was feeling great. My energy levels were good. the fatigue was gone. the diarrhea had not stopped but was improved and I'll guess within a year would have gone away. I could do light exercises everyday. It was wonderful, and a bit comical in a way. During the devistation of a hurricane I was happy as can be due to improved health.

Then I began eating some chicken nuggets and slowly got weaker. I also returned home around this time. the expectation was that I'd return to the fish diet I had been on and would figure out what it was in the chicken nuggets making me ill. It never worked out though. I couldn't get myself to the return to the time where I was well and without fatigue while on the fish diet.

My mistake I believe is that I've only been concentrating on foods eaten. I've over looked the quanity of food consumed. It makes sense. That is a main part of the puzzle, food allergies. The part I over looked is that at home I have a weight scale. Once home I began weighing myself and seeing I shuold lose a few pounds and began 23 hour fastings. And fasting will make me weak and fatigued.

Silly over sight on my part. So I'll return to the fish diet today. I'll eat when ever I want to keep my strength up. I'll hide the weight scale. Most likely just two meals a day plus snacks. Grains can be eaten as i was eating grains while staying with my parents during the repairs.
Mixed day. My energy levels are improved. I like that. I am a little bit out of it, and I suspect that is due to yesterdays spicy meals. Overall feeling upbeat about the latest try at the fish diet, eating more food. to get well. I think it is going to work this time. Spices and nightshade are likely the answer I'm thinking but it very well could be chicken, eggs, also.
Doing ok this morning. Gut fine but not great. Tongue sores have not gotten worse since I added back grains. A bit surprised by that. I'm going to add another wrinkle to the diet. I'm on the fish diet. I'll also avoid beans, not only avoiding beans directly but also avoiding them indirectly such as soy beans fed to chickens, turkey's cows, etc. I've long said I'd try this idea of a bean allergy but never have tested it all that long. It is worth a look to see what happens. Appearance healthy. Left foot feels ok, though it did hurt just a bit yesterday. No pain of signifcance though with the left foot. .
I've gone all in with eating grains once again and so far my tongue looks fine. There are still some markings on the tongue but nothing different than before. Will be interesting to see if the tongue gets worse or not. I'm guessing it will get worse.

My hair has turned darker today. I've been trying to bring back the dark hair without much success till today. I'm guessing the new bean free, spice and nightshade avoidance diet is doing that. I am eating two meals a day plus snacks so possibly that is doing it too. Will wait to see if that continues.
Gut is hurting a bit this morning but nothing terrible. It will likely clear up soon. Left foot feels good. Appearance healthy. Energy levels alright, maybe a little better than normal. Tongue has some markings on it. The markings have not gotten worse since I added grains back into the diet. Strength is average. I did some pushups this mornign and found I could only do the typical amount. I'll keep avoiding beans, nightshade family and spices.
Thinking about it further, in the process of elimination it is hard to believe that the answer is not the nightshade family. Back 2 months ago I did that trial were I essentially ate this very same diet I'm on plus potatoes. In the end it didn't work. then I tried eliminating the potatoes from the diet, felt good but didn't like the tongue sores/markings. That is understandable but I think it got me off track. I do better when avoiding nightshade and soy since soy is genetically modified with a member of the nightshade family.

So that is what I'll do, just avoid the nightshade family, plus soy. The tongue sores don't bother me as they are not painful. I suspect they will go away, it just might take a month or two for that to happen. I'll do that diet instead.
I have all kinds of energy this afternoon. As I've jokingly called it in the past, I have the crazy energy. Most likely this is due to avoiding the nightshade family, avoiding soy since soy is modified with a nightshade family members, avoiding cheese which makes me feel tired, and I'm back to eating 2 meals a day plus snacks. I'll get back to fasting some time in the future, once I have better health. If I can keep the very good energy levels up, no more fatigue, I'll be good to go.
I'm going to stop writing, believing I have my answer with the need to avoid the nightshade family, along with soy since soy is modified with a nightshade member. The only reason why I haven't been doing this earlier is the tongue markings/sores. Yet I've not linked the tongue markings to gut health, or energy and strength well being. So I'll stick with this diet with the belief this is my answer. Of course if in time I find that not to be the case I'll get back to work. I hope not I'm kind of tired of these notes. As a surprise I weighed myself and found I've gained 10 pounds so quickly yet oddly all the tight fitting shorts and shirts still fit nicely. Don't know were the weight went but works for me.
I'm glad I'm writing less. I'm liable to talk myself out of doing long trials that are needed. To quickly note down, I notice that when I avoid the nightshade family it appears that swelling goes down. I'm not so sure that I'm swollen but have noticed that my watch, and cloths fit loser when I avoid the nightshade family. Doing well with the gut, and energy levels are decent though not great. Long ways to do on the diet but glad I'm on it.

Sad day today as Gerri passed away from heart problems.
Maybe I'll write a little bit more. It gives me the feeling that I'm working to solve this stomach and fatigue problem of mine. I'm always thinking on the condition and imagine that will remain the case till I return to being well and energetic.

Did notice something different that I've known about but never gave it much thought. When I avoid nightshade family while the tongue sores show up, they show up more because they are surrounded by a white outline. At ohter times the tongue markings are just red in color. On this diet though the tongue markings show up due to the white outline. Maybe that is a sign of healing.

Weight 167lbs. I slept terrible last night. I'll be tired later today. I might have gotten only 2 or 3 hours of sleep in. Don't know why other than the passing of Gerri which naturally has me sad. She was a good cat. We'll all miss her.
And just like that I can talk well once again. Today is the 5th day on the nightshade free diet. Talking is another problem issue, and embarrassing issue. I mark it down to fatigue, being to tired to hold a quality conversation. Today though that problem went away. i'll of course see if it stays away. I was a bit sick this morning. i'll blame that on the fasting laxative effect. Overall though it has been a decent day.
167lbd. I'm a little weak this morning but nothing of significance. I can feel it but it shouldn't effect me much today. I'm guessing this is largely caused by the good number of push ups I did yesterday. Energy levels feel good though. Tongue has a few sores with that white border. Wish those would go away. I have a dental cleaning in 2 and a half weeks. I'd need to reschedule if those sores stick around much longer. No need to panic the dentist. I've had these type of markings for 30 years. I've read about them in book with it saying they are not anything to worry over. I'm sure though if the dentist saw he would have a fit. It is something different. It would be similar to the time where the dentist yelled at me due to my gums being inflamed after I ate pork. Gut doing well this morning.
I've noticed of late that I'm not as tired, though I can be fatigued. Hadn't noticed that before. Don't know if that is normal or not on a avoid nightshade family diet. Have slight arthritis in my hands. I'm not surprised. Eating grains will do that to me. It will likely pass in the next few weeks. If not i'll return to eating grain free. also have a tooth that hurts a bit. No big pain and I suspect the pain is coming from eating grains. Hope it doesn't become worse. It only hurts a bit when I hit it hard with my teeth. I eat two meals today. i'll likely fast tomorrow. It is to be warmer.
Seems safter to say, the darker hair has returned. At least for the last few days I've noticed my hair being darker. It might be to early to say that for certain but hope it sticks around. I figure it to be a positive sign of better digestion. Feeling a bit weak this morning but once again nothing horrible. I'll likely fast today. have a few aches and pains but nothing terrible. Gut doing well enough. It is a typical morning I suppose.
I continue to have quite good energy levels. I like it. hope it continues on this avoid nightshade family diet, along with staying away from cheese. Kind of laugh at myself as I have a cheese craving for some strange reason though I know eating cheese would slow me down. I find myself not tired and naping in the afternoon as has been all to often needed. Tomorrow might be a busy day. I'm to help set up a sea shell display.
The gut hurts just a little bit this morning but nothing major. It should go away as the day goes along I'm guessing. Feel alright outside of that. Tongue markings looking a little better. I'm thinking at the moment I should be able to go to my dental cleaning in around 2 weeks and not panic the dentist. Appearance healthy. Left foot doesn't hurt. Gut typical. Strength ok.
I was doing really well today till I saw the pushup devise. For some reason I thought I have the energy, I can do lots and lots of pushups, it would be good for me. Now I'm quite tired and worn out. I'm not all that sore at the moment. I'll leave that for when I wake up in a considerable amount of pain. Outside of that it's been a good day. Appearance healthy. Left foot does not hurt. Avoiding the nightshade family is doing me good. I'm just 8 days in on this diet trial, many more days to go at least.
So far I'm feeling fatigued, tired this morning. It is likely due to all the pushups done yesterday. I'll be alright though I imagine as the day goes on, I hope. Still thinking highly of the avoid nightshade family, along with cheese. Gut doing ok. Hair remains darker in color. Looks like I found the diet that causes my hair color to change from ligher brown to darker brown. That's a positive sign I suspect as I believe that to mea I'm digesting food better.
Something good is going on with my exercise energy. It is only around 10:15 and I've already have doubled my typical exercise amount. Often I can have trouble just making my exercise goals for the day. Now I've already doubled them and feel fine. I'm guessing later I'll be hurting but for now no issues. Well. I do have some stiff fingers on my left hand which I'm reminded of as I type this. I'm guessing that is due to eating grains. I'll keep up with the nightshade free diet, avoiding diary, and eating some grains, rice and corn in particular.
I've walked 25 miles today and now I'm feeling it. I'm dragging. It is to much. But with that said, I'm still functioning. It is quite exciting for me. So hopefully I finally found the diet where I have some good energy. Next week should be revealing.
170lbs this morning. a bit disappointing but I'm not all that surprised. I've been exercising more and I put on muscle easily. I'm guessing it is muscle gain. The gut is doing well so it could be other things possibly. My cloths fit the same.

I'm doing alright this morning. I walked a tremendous amount yesterday. my thinking was I'd wake up sore as could be and fatigued. That isn't the case. I'm a little tired but it isn't anything significant. I might ver well become more energetic as the day goes along. I fasted yesterday also, eating just one meal. That is unreal.

If I have my answer at last, I've very lucky. Most people don't seem to ever find an answer for their gut issues and fatigue. I'm not lucky in how long it took for me to find out my answer. I might be counting my eggs before they hatch. I'm doing better but I'm not like I was in Nov. of 22. Maybe in a couple weeks of following this diet I'll be there. I hope so.
All the exercising did catch up to me today. I've been in a bit of a daze. Overall though I'm much better than I thought I'd be. I ate more food than i expected but I'm glad I did so. I needed it, with all the exercising. tongue looks good. Left foot feels fine. Despite the dazed feeling my energy levels are not bad. Strength is good too.
Same story as yesterday, tired but not overly tired and fatigued. Overall I'm doing well. Today I'm planning on keeping the exercises light. I'll look to recover. Gut is ok. Weight was 176lbs after eating and pulling clothed so I was likely 169lbs I'm thinking. Anything lower than 170lbs works for me. With the gut working better I'll find myself gaining some weight I imagine. Stiff fingers are gone this morning. Tongue looks good.
A different type of day. I'm feeling cold. I'm feeling run down. Yet I'm not sore, I'm not all that fatigued. I've over exercised. That would explain the chilled feeling and slow movement but kind of like the lack of pain. Overall good day. Hair remains dark brown. Gut doing well. Left foot does not hurt. It is a good day but could be better. It is to warm up after tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that.
169lbs. I'm still feeling sore this morning but I had ok strength. I'll be taking today off from weight exercises again. that is something that i haven't thought much about but the possible cause for why over a year ago i lost my energy and strength was because I over exercised and didn't rest enough. I was stronger then but over did it. I've typically blame new foods eaten, which played a roll I suspect but the main problem was over exercising. Trying to find that happy medium isn't easy. To little exercise has me feeling lousy, and to much exercise has me feeling lousy. I'll stick with avoiding the nightshade family and soy.
today has been a better day. I'm not completely with it. I'm stil a bit in a daze. I'm still weaker than I wished but overall things are looking better. Eyes are blue. I'm always looking for the blue eyes, in hope they turn bright blue. As I joke if that should ever happen again the machinery will be turning on.

Come to think of it, in the past I've have long hoped that avoiding beef and dairy products would bring out the blue eyes. And avoiding beef and dairy does do that to a certain extent. After 6 months of avoiding beef and dairy though I would have to imagine my eyes being solid blue by this point. That didn't happen.

In the past, when the bright blue eyes occurred I was avoiding the nightshade family. I wasn't stick with nightshade avoidance but did a decent job of staying away. The problem might have been the soy sauce I was using nearly daily back then. I know now from reading that soy is now basically a member of the nightshade family since genetically modified soy has been modified with a member of the nightshade family.

I'm only 2 weeks into the latest diet trial. i'm sticking with it, not liking it, but looking and feeling better is of course nice.
Doing ok this morning. Energy levels feel recovered. Strength isn't all that great but not horrible either. Gut is very good. Hope I didn't jinx myself there. Hair remains darker in the color. Left foot hurt a bit yesterday but nothing terrible and so far this morning it feels good. Today should be the last of the cool mornings. that I imagine iwll be helpful. i'm overall handling the cold better this winter though i sitll have my times were i feel chilled and lethargic.
I've been feeling run down, poorly the last couple of days. I've theorized that has been due to over exercising. I'm starting to think that idea is wrong. I'm now thinking the cause is that I've been eating to much fiber. I had this same problem half a year ago I believe. So yesterday I cut out a good portion of the fiber being eaten and drunk. I'll see if I begin to do better this afternoon.

This morning I'm feeling run down, weak, not all that energetic. I've been worse but it is never much fun feeling this way what ever the degree. gut ok. i fasted yesterday which might have not been the best riming for that but I survived. Weight 168lbs. Appearance healthy enough. Hair dark in color. Some tongue markings but nothing terrible.
Not my best day, but i'm doing better I feel as the day progresses. Fingers crossed it the fiber from the fruit juice I was drinking that caused me to have some energy problems.
It occurred to me last night that I had added a food to the diet right about the time where I've had these latest difficulities, chocolate. I've known for osme time that eating to much chocolate can cause my heart to race. Some feel a racing heart is a sign of a food allergy. I thought that possible but also thought it might be the caffein causing the racing heart. I've also suspected chocolate causing the sore left foot. I have had some slight left foot pain. So I'll remove chocolate from the diet and see if that helps. I might have found another food allergy, chocolate. That would be wonderful.

Do so so this morning. I'm feeling about the same as yesterday morning. Hopefully with avoiding chocolate by this afternoon I'll be doing better.
So far so good with avoiding chocolate. My energy levels have increased this morning. My strength has returned a good amount. I'm less dizzy and unsteady. Don't know if this is it, as i'm doing other things too but looking good with chocolate being an allergy food. there is still something else out there making me ill. Maybe the nightshade family. Will see. Kind of exciting though. I feel there is a good chance I found another allergy food.
It has been a decent day. I'm not entirely better since the latest down turn but most aches and pains have gone away. I'm stronger and less dizzy. I'll keep on avoiding chocolate. Oh, I noticed even my tongue looks better. maybe chocolate was causing tongue sores. I know that chocolate isn't the final answer. there would have to be other foods causing me issues, such as maybe nightshade and spices. I'll keep on avoiding those also.
Doing alright this morning. Still thinking avoiding chocolate has been a good idea. I still have some of that weakness this morning, and slight dizziness but it has improved. I'll keep avoiding choclate, along with the nightshade family, spices, and dairy and beef too. I bought some cheese yesterday thinking I'd have some today but thought better of it. This would be a poor time to eat some cheese. Appearance I feel is healthier. That kind of stands out to me this morning, darker hair color, etc.
I really am doing better since avoiding chocolate. I'm not brimming with energy but I do have improved energy levels. the dizzy weak feeling has further faded as the morning has gone on.

Tongue looks better since avoiding chocolate.

i've decided to avoid all grains once again. The main tongue sore trouble maker I've suspected most of the time has been grains. And for a long while I had a great amount of stomach success with avoiding all grains. I got the gut well most of the time on that diet. the problem is I never recovered on that diet and I eventually gave up and moved on. Maybe my problem was chocolate. I was eating a lot of chocolate while avoiding grains in the past. Maybe that is what prevented me from fully recovering.

Tough diet trial with so many foods being avoided, all grains, chocolate, nightshade family, spices, and red meat. I can handle the diet for awhile though. A week from monday I have a dental appointment. After that appointment I'll look to open the diet up to new food once again, if eveything goes well of course.
quite upbeat about the chocolate idea being another problem food. Also feeling good about avoiding grains. there might be a problem for today though. I'm feeling rather run down now. Kind of different feeling as I'm less sore but have noticed this in the past. When avoiding all grains for a day or two afterwards I'll feel run down. In the end I might end up passing on the SuperBowl gathering tonight. Probably fall asleep during the game the way I'm feeling. Probably not a problem with this crowd. A younger crowd might draw pictures on my face. Probably best I stay home just to be safe.
170lbs. I ended up eating some spicy chicken last night. I want to the superbowl gathering. I'm surprised to weigh 170lbs. Though I might weigh more. I'll go back to eating plainly.

Well, I'm still weak and slightly dizzy. It isn't horrible by any means but still is hanging on. Frustrating. Avoiding choclate has been good though. Some aches and pains have improved. Also avoiding grains is good too. I do better not eating grains.

Thinking maybe I should try avoiding citrus once again. I ate an orange with breakfast and soon after breakfast the weakness returned. I woke up feeling great thinking about. It wasn't till I ate breakfast. Think I'll do that and see if the weakness and dizziness goes away. It is no fun experiencing this but it is also an opportunity.
I decided to start eating grains once again. I'll put that idea on the back burner for now.

Instead I'll remove citrus from the diet and see if that helps. What prompted this is I remember around the time I began experiencing this latest poor episode I began eating 2 oranges a day. typically I only have one orange a day. I remember that two oranges a day well as i was worried it would turn my air blonde/gray in color. It has me thinking that idea has a better chance at success.

I've spent a good amount of time in the past year plus testing citrus. When on those trials I've certainly noticed improvements, even thinking a low grade allergy might be happening. It has been hard to say though for certain. Now, maybe what I needed was to eat more citrus to know for sure. I'll find out this week. hope the weakness and slight dizziness goes away.

I'm still avoiding one of the basic food groups, chocolate.
Off to a good start this evening. Avoiding citrus for the afternoon has the weakness and dizziness gone. Hte morning will be the big test. That is when I typicslly eat an orange. I'll be avoiding citrus so hope that solves the weakness issue. One can hope.
I'm off to a better start this morning. Since avoiding citrus in the afternoon yesterday I feel stronger this morning and that mild dizziness has all but gone away. Maybe the cause was eating two oranges a day. Will see, more time and testing is needed but for now avoiding citrus looks to be important. Skin looks nice and healthy, a good sign of overall health.
Doing decent today. Energy levels are good. I'm not dizzy, or maybe slightly unsteady but nothing of significance, or a bother.

Someting I have not noted before but have noticed for as long as i can remember, I can get bumps inside mouth. They go along with the tongue sores but are a more frequent occurrence. I'm not sure what the bumps are but have thought possibly they are blisters. What ever they are, they are gone this morning after avoiding oranges/citrus. Hope that continues and of course will monitor further. The bumps can be large in size or small.
Dizziness is gone entirely. Glad about that obviously. I am tired though. I'm quite worn out which might have come about due to the pushups I did this morning. Hair looks darker. Not sure if that is important but it is a change. Oranges do make my hair light colored in appearance.
171lbs. No bisters in the mouth for a second day in a row since avoiding citrus. Wish I had noticed that before. Imagine that is a good sign. On the negative I remain slightly unsteady. Wish that would go away. It tends to be worse in the morning and improves as the day goes on. I'll likely fast today.
Still no blisters in the mouth. I'm fasting today. I'm on the tired side but doing well enough. Gut doing well. Left foot feelings good. i appear run down. Overall I'll keep avoiding citrus
For 3rd day no blitters in the mouth since avoiding citrus.

170lbs. I'm feeling good this morning. Energy levels are ok. Strenght is good. I can always be better but at the immediate moment I'm feeling well. Skin has a red mark on it. I ate some cheese the other day, first in 6 months, and without much surprise the skin isn't looking as healthy. Probably by Saturday it will appear healthier. Left foot feels good.
I've eaten lunch very early, wanting to fast for most of the day. And with lunch I developed one of those bumps, or blisters. They don't hurt so don't know what they are. Disappointing. I'll stick with citrus once and for all though. I need do a 4 month trial of avoiding. there are changes I notice when I avoid citrus. They are mild changes but they do happen. Maybe the biggest item I should monitor is the gut. I don't believe i've really done that, does the gut gradually improve avoiding citrus. I'll find out, I hope. I always seem to find reasons why I should eat oranges. It is one of those strange food addictions I believe, I to an extent I crave oranges.
Bit disappointing about the blister appearing but I'll stick with avoiding citrus. I've done well today. I'm feeling good, don't have much of that unsteady feeling. So long as that remains the case I'll avoid citrus easily.

Back hurts a bit and Im pretty sure the pain was caused by the type of pushups done. I'm hurting a bit in the back but not terribly. I better stick with regular pushups and using free weights. Less issues that way.
173lbs. Good news, the unsteady feeling is gone. Oh, forgot, the 173lbs is after eating breakfast so guess I'm 170lbs. I'll plan on fasting today. I would prefer to see my weight below 170lbs.

I'm feeling pretty good about avoiding citrus. Once again I feel I have the answer, That would be nice. Now I need to do the tough work, go for a 4 months and longer dietary avoid trial. That isn't much fun.

My strength is quite good this morning. Energy levels are the moment are ok.

I'll likely get back to writing less. I'm always back and forth on that as my note taking does give me a sense that I'm trying to improve my health situation. On the other hand I believe it can at times lead me to over thinking things. .
This is different and worth noting down. I'm 174lbs at the moment. I don't imagine I'll be back to 170lbs in the morning. With that said though, the shorts that have been to tight fit. I can wear them without issue. Guess since avoiding citrus I'm gaining muscle. I am lifting some, and getting sun, the combo put on muscle in the past but took more effort. Maybe avoiding citrus has me gaining muscle weight easier.

Tongue looks good. I've been wondering if avoiding citrus has an effect on the tongue and so far it appears to, but of course far to early to say for certain.

Tired today, being the second day this week of fasting.
Kind of tired this morning. Exercising and fasting will do that. 170lbs. Kind of surprised to see that. Thought I'd weigh more. Wish I weighed less. Tongue looks fabulous. that would be interesting if citrus caused the tongue sores. Will monitor closely. Not much comes to mind. The weahter is to turn colder oncea again later this afternoon. Hope I handle the cold well.
This morning I had the laxative effect strike. I'm doing ok though. My energy levels are decent.

I forget to note down, along with avoiding citrus I'm also avoiding the nightshade family and spices. I appear much healthier when I avoid the nightshade family and that is something I need to keep in mind. When I was relatively well in Nov of 22 I appeared much healthier. The only two food items do that and those are dairy products and nightshade foods, potatoes, red peppers, tomatoes, egg pllant, etc. I still have a good feeling that nightshade is the cause of my stomach issues.

Along with avoiding nightshade Im also avoiding spices. The two naturally go together.
OK day but not talking so well, a bit on the tired side. I still have that red mark on my skin. It dawned on me that on Super Bowl Sunday last week I ate some spicy chicken. That was likely the cause of the red mark instead of cheese. I'll stick with avoiding the nightshade family, spices and citrus. In a way I kind of like this diet. I'm appearing healthier which helps to keep me on track. When I eat potatoes everytime I look awful, at least in my mind. I might fast tomorrow. Hope the fasting laxative effect goes away soon. Oh, I haven't added chocolate but I probably will tomorrow.