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My journey to getting well

I'm doing really well this morning. it seems the last bit of unsteady feeling has gone away. My strength levels are high. Energy levels are good. I'm on the right track, at least for this morning. I'll likely fast today and so I'll be worn out by later this afternoon. Oh, it is cold this morning, or better said cool, yet I feel good and warm. I'll keep avoiding citrus, nightshade family, and spices.
It is one of thos things difficult to judge but i'll note it down. I've been monitoring this for awhile, since I've avoided citrus off and on. When I avoid citrus I believe my personality changes some. I'm a bit on the shy side. When avoiding citrus the shyness goes away, I believe. What is a little puzzling is that I'm still not the best of cummunicators. I've thought the two went together, shyness and not being able to communicate. Maybe that is not the case. At the moment though I don't feel shy in the least when avoiding citrus.
It is kind of nice that avoiding citrus has helped me out, maybe. I'm not so sure of the shyness change. I am less shy I believe but it might also be due to avoiding the nightshade family or avoiding spices. that is likely my answer too, as i've said several times, nightshade.

172lbs this morning. I weight lifted hard yesterday and I'm doing fine this morning.

At the moment I'm reading a book on the negative health effects of the nightshade family. I'm learning quite a bit I didn't know from before. the guy who wrote the book had a great many stomach issues over his life. It wasn't till he began avoiding the nightshade family that his health problems began to improve. Fingers crossed similar happens for me. Today marks one week of avoiding the nightshade family. Only 15 more weeks to go.

Red mark on skin is pretty gone now. There is a good chance later this morning I'll experience the laxative effect since I fasted yesterday. Would be great if that didn't happen though.
it has been a good day. Energy levels have been decent. Strength is good. Bit surprised as i worked out hard yesterday on my legs. I should be worn out but I'm not.

I shouldn't discount citrus. It has a good chance of being the answer. My hair is darker since avoiding citrus. It does seem like my personality has changed for the better. Appearance is relatively healthy. Lots of positives seen with avoiding citrus.
I screwed up last night. In the evening I decided I wanted to eat some snacks. I wasn't all that hungry but eating sounded good, and what started out as just a little snack turned into a meal of snacks. Wheat was on the menu also which is always hard to digest. As a result I was up a good portion of the night. My gut didn't hurt all the much but it was irritated and I found myself up and running to the bathroom to often.

It will likely be a tough day today. I'm not horribly tired and sore but I'll probably be so later today. I'll plan on fasting for the rest of the day. That should help the gut to relax and recover. I should avoid as much as possible snacking or eating dinner. It just doesn't work for me.

I bagn taking taking some primrose oil this morning. I'm trying an experiment. Hope that goes well.

Since avoiding citrus, nightshade faimly, and spices the unsettled feeling as slowly gone away. I may have slept poorly last night and the gut was grumpy but I feel strong and decently energetic this morning.
As I thought would happen, I'm pretty worn out this afternoon. Overall though considering the lack of sleep and a slightly beat up stomach I'm doing well. Kind of strange too in that I'm largely well to the gut. Wondering what is going on with that. Good going on, but a bit surprised by it. Found myself stuck in traffic for 30 minutes on the causeway. that would typically worry me but not so much today. Was glad about that.
Doing better this mornig, much better than I expected. Slept well through most of the night. I thought also since I fasted once again I'd likely experience the laxative effect but so far that hasn't been the case. It sometimes take an hour ot two after waking up for that to happen.

Still number one avoidance is the nightshade family. I'm reading a good on the negative health effects of the nightshade family is and can see why many ancestors refused to ate them.

My preference is for citrus to be the answer. That would be quite easy to avoid. I doubt though that my aviodance is that simple.
Today has been another day of not feeling weak, feeling slightly dizzy, having poor energy. I'm feeling decently well overall. I had a nice workout this morning too. I'll stick with avoiding citrus, nightshade family and spices.
Doing well this morning though I have some cramping going on. Never any fun. I believe the cramping is due to that late night snack I ate a few days ago. It always takes awhile for that to work its way out. Bread and cashews eaten to excess are always tough on the gut. I'm also a bit unsteady and I thought that would happen after yesterdays tough upper body workout. But despite my complaints I'm doing well and expect to have a good day. the gut is grumpy but once again I'm not sick. Energy levels are better overall. Appearance is healthier than normal. Avoiding nightshade tends to do that. Don't know my weight but remember weighing myself last night and so I'm likely 169lbs.
Well, I guess I can note I was peeing like a race horse today. That tends to happen when the gut is irritated but i'm not sick, so good in a way though not enjoyable running to use the bathroom.

Had a dental issue with my dental cleaning today. A pocket was deep and needed deep cleaning. I've had a great amount of dental problems and I blame my poor gut health and poor health overall for that. I'm thinking I'll have better gum and dental health with this latest diet I'm on of avoiding citrus, nightshade family and spices.

I've fasted for the day so I'm a bit tired now but I'm hanging in there. I'll be going to bed early though I can imagine.
168lbs. I lost a few pounds yesterday. I'm not all that surprised. Im aying 168lbs but I could say 167lbs if I rounded down. I'm not entirely sure what was irritating my gut but wouldn't be surprised if it was the tea I started drinking. Caffein seems to be a bit of a laxative irritating the gut.

Doing well this morning. I don't have any unsettled feelings. I'm feeling strong. In the future when I go to test citrus to see if I can eat it or not, that is what i'll look for, that unsettled feeling. It makes sense but will not be straight forward to judge due to the longer time it takes to get a reaction. I am pretty certain that it is the nightshade family causing my stomach woes though. hard to imagine that it is not.
Doing ok today though I am worn out this later afternoon and understandly so I'm recovering from exercise. Overall though I'm doing impressively well since avoiding the nightshade family, citrus and spices. Hair continues to be darker in color. Figure that is a positive sign. Gut continues to be well, more or less. I've done a lot in the last week that would typically make me will a little bit, but so far no illness. I had some cramping yesterday but nothing all that serious there.
To ramble a bit more, I'm basically well to the gut. I have been so for a number of days. I keep waiting for the shoe to drop but it isn't happening. Starting tomorrow I'll list out on the note pad the foods I'm currently eating and drinking. It would be best that I note this down.

I've tried nightshade avoidance many times in the past. Why it is working now has me a bit puzzled. Maybe the soy sauce I used to use freuqently in the past.

And I shouldn't discount citrus entirely.
Did well today. I'm still well to the gut relatively. I'm not 100% well but I'm not ill either. Probably if I ate a bunch of cheese I'd be 100% well. Thinking about it, citrus does make some sense. I've tried spices and nightshade many times before. I don't recall ever having a time were I was more or less well doing that. Citrus avoidance is realatively new. It would have been easy for me to not notice the being well more or less. I'm still having diarrhea but with far less water involved. So will see, as only time can reveal if I'm on the right track. It always seemed like a month or two was needed to determine if a diet still has me ill.

I worked out to hard today. It is warm in the house at 77F. It is as warm as it has been in 2 months. Yet Im feeling chilled and that is likely due to the pushups done this morning. I'll take a break tomorrow and recover.

Would be wonderful if the answer was citrus. That is relatively easy to avoid. I'll also need to avoid jams and jellys since they are made with citrus pell to help them gel. The pectin. Honey to be avoided also.

I'll of course continue to avoid nightshade family and spices.
It has been a decent day. Energy levels are good. I've been a bit hungry so I've snacked this afternoon. I avoided wheat though as last time I did this I few the wheat slightly upset the gut, giving me poor sleep. I'll likely fast tomorrow.

Most likely it is the nightshade avoidance that is helping me. I'd like to think it is the citrus but back in Nov. of last year when I got well I was eating citrus and avoiding nightshade. What I didn't count on was the long time it took to get well, something the hurricane helped me to stick with the diet since food choice was less available. I did find myself craving new foods today and that is how I get myself in trouble. I don't need anohter hurricane just more will power I suspect. It has only been 2 weeks on the latest nightshade avoidance. Imagine another two months should have been in decent working order.

We are in store for warmer weather for the next 10 years. that will be a welcome change, back to more normal temperatures for this time of year.
The morning is starting out a little slow but I'm doing well. I was a bit unsteady but nothing major and that unsteady feeling has already passed. I'm going to guess that was caused by snacking yesterday afternoon. I'll plan on fasting today. Gut doing well. For the past week I have that healthy looking square look. I can remmeber as a kid an asian friends mother telling me in her home country that square look is considered good luck. that's me, mister lucky with the IBD stomach condition. Joking around. Nice of her to say. I think the square look comes from losing fat,or losing water retention. Mouth feels better. The dental work done on Thursday caused some pain on the lower right and lower left back teeth. Now the lower right does not hurt at all. the lower left hurts some but only when I brush that area. Imagine the lower left pain will be gone in a day or two.

I'll keep debating in my mind between citrus and nightshade for some time. This morning it is nightshade I need to be worried about. the nice thing is that avoiding citrus is not hard.
It is a little early to note this down but it is a good development. I find myself doing little extra chores. All to often I'm to fatigued to do the lesser activities. Instead I've concentrated on the important actions. Now I'm doing both. At least for the last week I've been this way. Hope it continues. I guess one way to put it, I've become bored. I'm typically to fatigued to be bored.
This morning I'm noticing how dark my hair has become. I'm thinking that is due to avoiding citrus. I'm two weeks into avoiding citrus. That is good. It is likely a sign of better digestion.

Left lower gums still hurt but once again the area seems to be getting better. The pain is do to the dental cleaning it received last week. Might take longer than I hoped for that pain to go away. My water pik arrived last night. I'll get it set up today and give it a go. Hope it doesn't make the area ore tender.

Gut doing well. I noticed it really responds to taking Imodium. Often times Imodium does little for me. That's a nice change, not that i'm taking much Imodium.

Energy levels ok. Strength ok. I'm over exercising. I try not to but it remains to easy to do. Hope I can handle a beating a little better in the near future.
Ate a bunch of cheese today for a snack. Tasted awful actually. Every so often I had a craving for some cheese. Typically it tastes ok. Not this time. Maybe the new idea has cheese tasting worse. Hard to say. I'm not as hungry on this citrus free, nightshade free diet. That is typical when I avoid citrus, with my appetite decreasing.

Energy levels so so. I've over exercised so good I took a break today and I'll plan on breaking again tomorrow.
Feeling a little unsettled this morning but nothing of big significance. The left lower side pain in the gums has largely gone away. When brushing and flossing my teeth I felt little pain this morning. I did not use my new water pik. I'm thinking maybe tomorrow when the pain is mostly gone I'll give it a try. Gut doing well. I'm largely well to the gut. I have a good streak going with being well to the gut. Fingers crossed the streak continues. Feeling fat this morning due to all the cheese eaten. I'll probably fast today.
The morning is starting out well. Feeling decent. Hair still looks darker in color. Used the water pik this morning. It will take a bit to get used to. I need to use warmer water when using I've found out early on. Left foot feels good. Energy levels are ok, nothing great.
For the last few days I've done well but have been a bit worn down. Feels like the fiber I'm eating is hurting me just a bit. I'm eating grapes, pineapple, sourkraut and corn chips. I'm doing ok though just a bit run down. Hopefully this will pass soon. I'm doing very well with the gut. No illness in the least for two to three weeks. Love that.
I feeling pretty this morning. It's a good feeling obviously. Little fatigue being felt and this is after doing upper body exercises. Nothing much else comes to mind. I'll keep avoiding citrus, nightshade family and with that spices also. Slept quite well. Left foot feels good.
As mentioned yesterday I'm a little bit fatigued. It is effecting my ability to communicate. I hate when that happens.

The positive is I'm noticing, and having noticed for the past week, that my muscles are more filled out. Hard to describe, but the same happened Nov. of the hurricane year when I became well.

I'll keep avoiding nightshade and soy since soy has been genetically modified with a member of the nightshade family.
It is great to see how dark my hair has become since avoiding citrus and nightshade too. I'm pretty sure it is the citrus being avoided that darkens the hair but can't entirely leave about the nightshade family as a possible cause.

I've noticed of late I'm able to exercise more and not become as fatigued as a result. Nice, and that is what I'm looking for obviously, being able to take a little beating for a change. Did around 50 leg squats this morning. that's a good leg beating. I'll likely be sore in the mornig. Now I feel just fine.
Feeling pretty good this morning. I'm sore in the leg from exercising and waling 15 miles but overall I'm feeling pretty good energy levels. I like it. the exercising though does have me a bit unsteady but nothing terrible. Gut doing well. I'll likely fast today. Weight was likely 169lbs. Left food feels fine.
yesterday was a real up and down day. The day began wonderfully. I was feeling so good. I was alive. It was how I want to feel I kept thinking to myself. I decided to fast for the day and skipped lunch. By later in the afternoon though I was feeling miserable. Typically on a fast, the first day of a fast I feeling pretty much fine. This time was different. My guess is that the leg workout done the day before was to blame. I needed more food, more energy to help heal from the leg workout. So I gave in to my feelings to eat and had dinner. Now I almost never eat dinner as dinner keeps me up later into the night, upsets my stomach. This time wasn't any different. My gut was aching some and it kept me up a little but in the end I slept well enough. This morning though is different. I'm not hungry at all. So i'll try fasting again today but am skipping breakfast. I'll eat lunch and pass on dinner. At least that is the plan. Gut doing well enough.

I'll keep on avoiding citrus, nightshade family, and with that spices. I bought some chicken the other day a new brand. It was on sale. Much to my surprise when I got home I looked at the ingredients list and found it was lemon juice and natural flavors on the ingredients list. So even with the most bland of foods I need to be careful of what I buy.
Today i stopped drinking that grape juice that has the pulp in it. I suspect it slightly irritates my gut which then tires me out. So far so good. I'm feeling more energetic this later afternoon. This is after only eating one meal today. I'm pleased. I'll keep avoiding citrus, and the nightshade family, along with spices though I'm not all that worried about spices.
Doing ok this morning. I keep thinking I'm going to experience the fasting laxative effect but so far so good. Overall too I have a good streak going with the gut being well. I don't believe I've had a serious ill day to the gut on this diet of avoiding citrus and nightshade family. Lets keep it that way. Have a dental x-ray this morning at 10:00. The drive will take me about 30 minutes each way. I'm doing well to the gut but I'm still nervous about such longish drives.
I decided to add citrus/oranges back into the diet. I'll concentrate just on the nightshade family and spices avoidance. I'm feeling really good at the moment. Energy levels are high. Strength is good.
I began taking EPO oil a week ago. I'm going to stop. I believe it could be making me appear less healthy. Hard to say of course but I'll stop taking it and see what happens. I began taking the EPO as it might help improve ones immune system. In theory it should anyway. That isn't something I need to be all that concerned with though I believe. I'll just keep away from unnecessary NSAID medications.
Eating oranges again. I'll keep an eye on my hair color. Will be interesting to see if it turns lighter in color once again. I might be wrong and the darker hair might come from avoiding nightshade and spices.

Lower back hurts a bit. It has been sore for a few days now. Not sure what is going on. Maybe avoiding EPO will allow it to feel better.

I do appear healthier since avoiding EPO. Will monitor.

Glad as can be that my dental infected area is healing up. I suspect it is healing slowly though. The doctor suggested I have another xray in a year to check further progress. I've had a theory for awhile now that eating nightshade or spices is causing my teeth to fall apart. It might be the same for my bones overall. Will be nice if those areas heal up quicker since avoiding nightshade and spices.

The weather has turned warm once agian. It is summer like weather and I'm not used to it. It feels uncomfortable. I've known for awhile now that eating garlic will make me feel chilled. Maybe that can explain why I;ve always tended to like hot weather. Avoiding garlic/spices might have me feeling more typical.
Doing well this morning. hair remains looking darker since adding oranges back into the diet. Likely avoiding nightshade and spices is what has caused the hair color change. Weight 171lbs. Was expecting myself to weigh more as I've been pigging out the last few days. Nice, glad about that. A bit worn out this morning and believe that due to the light workout on my legs yesterday. Legs are always the toughest. Appearance healthy. Skin looks good. Gut is doing well. I believe I'm coming up to 3 or 4 weeks avoidance with nightshade and spices. Oh, I didn't eat beef yet but cooked up some beef yesterday. I've noted that in my note book. I've gone around 9 months avoiding dairy and beef. That is not the answer, I greatly suspect. There is always the possibility that there is more than one food group I need to avoid.
Slow going morning. I'm worn out. Yesterday I ended up doubling my exercise amount and I was not intending to do that. So good that I'm able to do that, but it has me tired this morning. Gut is doing well. Skin looks nice and healthy. Spices and nightshade family appear to be the foods that give me that slight rash. I might fast today. I'm tired but I'm also feeling full. A fast might do me good.
171lbs. I was greatly fatigued yesterday. I'm going to guess that was caused by the beef I eaten the day before. It likely was not the beef causing the fatigue problem though. It was likely the fat causing my problem, irritating my digestive system. I'll plan on sticking with just eating fish, chicken and eggs fro now. they seem to go down easier. ]

I have a good run going with the stomach. I haven't been all that sick for at least a month. Love that. Hopefully the fatigue will lift soon. I've also been eating wheat of late and wheat can be hard on the gut causing fatigue. that is another possibility. Tongue looks very good. Left foot is doing ok. Every so often ive experience a painful twing in my left foot but it doesn't happen.

Overall I'll hold the course. Oh, hair remains darker in the color. I believe that a sign I'm digesting foods better.
I am feeling quite a bit better today. I'm guessing that is due to avoiding beef and how it can be hard to digest. It is one of those things though. Ive long suspected beef and dairy as being problem foods, yet I avoided them for 9 months and didn't notice an improvement. i'll go back to avoiding beef and dairy. Maybe it will be easier to digest in a month or so. I'll keep on avoiding nightshade family and spices. I still have a good thing going with the stomach. i haven't experienced a significant illness in a month.
I was feeling quite well this morning. Then I ate breakfast and I'm slowing down now. Eating will do that. Overall I'm doing alright. I like the direction the diet is going. Wish things went quicker so I would know if the diet is working or not for sure, but for now things are looking good. I'll keep avoiding nightshade family and spices.
Kind of interesting, I've been mildly sick today. Nothing terrible but it is never enjoyable to be sick, even mildly. It isn't the laxative effect. The laxative effect only has happened when fasting and eating nightshade. This is different in a positive way. this comes after eating beef the other day. The day after eating beef I was greatly fatigued. And now I'm ill. So I'll continue to avoid beef. I want to believe this issue has been caused by alpha gal but I'm leaning more toward the beef being greasy and hard to digest. I avoided beef for 9 months I believe and didn't notice a significant change for the better.
Just a thought - what started on this note taking was that I was frustrated in that I found a diet that could make the gut much better, but I wasn't recovering. I was also ill from time to time with the gut. Maybe what kept me from getting well, recovering was greasy beef. It is harder to digest. Anyway i keep thinking about that possibility today so thought to note down. It makes sense as I was avoiding spices on that diet and with that nightshade family members.
174lbs! Yikes I don't know what it is, but if I'm sick for a day I gain weight. One would think it would be different. Very odd. Last night I slept poorly. I'm not sure I slept any at all. That is all to often common after an upset stomach. I'm doing well at the moment but Ill likely be crashing later today.

Naturally running through my mind is that beef or alpha gal is my problem. I've tried the alpha gal idea so many times though that I'm thinking of not doing that idea again. Well, I will do the alpha gal diet as I don't like beef all that much anyway, but mainly Ill stick with avoiding the nightshade family and spices. Since avoiding those two I've stopped the laxative effect and my hair has turned darker.

Today marks 4 weeks avoiding nightshade and spices. Another 3 months to go for a minimum.
I'll note this down as it has been in my mind quite a bit the last 24 hours. During that month where I was well after the hurricane I was reguarly eating wheat. Wheat is fortified with synthetic B vitamins. I've had a lot of problems in the past with synthetic multi vitamins, but maybe a small amount of B vitamins is good and helpful. I'll be avoiding beef and dairy, and it will be interesting to see how my tongue looks as a result. Right now, with eating bread my tongue looks great this morning. There is some slight tongue markings but mostly the tongue appears good and healthy. Maybe that is due in part from the wheat being eaten, fortified with synthetic B vitamins.
171lbs. Weight back down to more livably levels. Would prefer 169lbs or lower. Hair remains nice and dark on this diet. I'm a bit tired and fatigued this morning. Nothing different there, the story of my life. Hope the diet gets rid of the fatigue soon.
It has been an ok day. As usual dealing with fatigue quite a bit, a little more than normal. Would be so wonderful to have some relief from that. On the positive I'm experiencing no unsettled feeling today. I worked out on my legs too, a typical sure way to bring on some unsettled feel. So that is a big positive. Would be wonderful to be able to take a little bit of a beating and feel good afterwards. Experienced some pain in my left foot but nothing to painful.
171lbs. I'm feeling good this morning. Energy levels are higher, gut feels decent. I avoided wheat this morning. Eating wheat everyday for a few days likely contributed to the fatigue I was feeling. Wheat irritates my gut slightly and I tend to feel better when I avoid it though I doubt it is a major problem for me. Tongue looks great. I'll keep an eye on that as avoiding wheat and the fortified vitamins added to wheat might have helped with the tongue markings. Overall I'll keep avoiding the nightshade family, spices, and beef and dairy.
I did well today. No weakness feeling. This afternoon too I worked outside pulling weeds for an hour. It tired me out good, but was glad I was able to do it. Bending over does tend to tired me out. Appearance is healthy. I'll keep avoiiding the nightshade family and spices.
Doing ok this morning. Fatigue is still hanging around which isn't enjoyable but I'll make it trough. Another possible cause of the fatigue is I[m feeling better to the gut. I've noticed in the past that my gut doesn't enjoy being healthy, at least at first. I can imagine that being part of the problem. Strength feels decent. Weight was 172lbs this morning. I'll likely fast today and see about getting back down to 170lbs. Tongue looks marvelous. Left foot hurt last night. I woke up to it doing that painful sharp twinging. Ate some wheat this morning. It was a relatively small amount. Maybe twice a week eating wheat will be a good experiment. It was probalby what I was eating back in that month I got well after the hurricane. I'll keep on avoiding nightshade, spices, and beef/dairy products.
171lbs. i was close to 170 but not quite there.

Yesterday I was reminded that I]m also avoiding the carrot, parsley family. I was at the store and say the carrot juice I suspect made me sick back in Nov. Back in Nov. I was preparing for an operation. Around a month before the procedure I began eating very carefully. The only controversial food I was eating is potatoes. All seemed to be going well with the diet when out of the blue I became sick to my stomach. It was a shock. the main food I thought was a problem was the potatoes being eaten. then I remeembered I had recently bought some carrot juice thinking it safe and would be a good source of nutrients.

Carrorts and parsley actually as a better fit than the other items I'm avoiding. The parsley family would explain several mysteries of why i became sick or bad spells of being dizzy.

So I'll try to restrain myself from eating or drinking carrots. Carrots taste bad so no problems there.
Oh forgot to note possibly the most important, I do appear to be becoming stronger. It is really to early for me to mention that, but as i've noted of late and noted quite a bit yesterday my strength is getting better. I still ware out easy but overall I believe i'm doing better. Another week or two I imagine will show a more clear strength improvement.
Boring day. I suppose that is good as I'm all to often worn out to be bored. Energy levels are decent though. I like that. I worked out hard on my legs. i'll likely be more tired tomorrow. Was thinking about grandma and her health problems. I've wondered if my fatigue and muscle aches could be similar to what grandma had. She never had stomach issues as i have had. Maybe that has been a positive in some ways, as i get rid of the toxins before they cause serious muscle problems. I'll never know the answer to that question but something I've wondered about.
I had a horrible nightmare last night. I dreamt that I had to drive a very unreliable car for a long distance, it was a two seater but I had two passangers, it was stick shift with a heavy clutch, and it constantly broke down. It was my first car! I remember that thing well. To top is off I was very sick to my stomach, and was drinking a bottle of Imodium. I woke up competely believing I was ill to my stomach. It was awful. Never had a dream before about an upset stomach.

Thankfully this morning the gut is fine. I am tired though. I didn't sleep all that well.

On the positive my hair remains nice and dark in color. Also I worked out on my legs hard yesterday morning yet I feel I have decent strength this morning. That is wonderful. I need to get stronger but things are going well at the moment.

Avoiding nightshade, the main avoidance item is going well.
I'm going to try an experiment for a bit and avoid all grains once again. I'm going to see if some aches and pains improve. I'm doing well overall but want to see if things can be improved quicker and I'm not in love with eating grains. I've been eating wheat of late and it's packing on the pounds and I'm not enjoying the corn ships all that much.
Once again when I avoid grains I feel better. it is easy for me to forget that. It should be settled, I do better without grains. I appear healthier also. So I'll go back to eating grain free. i had a lot of success in the past eating that way but couldn't recover. So maybe there is another food that causes me issues. I'll try going that route.
172lbs. Not bad considering I ate a good amount of food. I'm back to avoding all grains. Feel better this morning. Energy levels are good. I have no aches of pains to report at the moment. Give it time. Yesterday too i did a bunch of squeeze hand exercises. All to often that will leave the hands aching for a day. This morning, no pains. They feel great. That is something I don't believe I've tried to note down before, avoiding grains and paying attention to fatigue. I'll see if the exercise fatigue goes away. For now my diet will remain the same. I'm just removing grains from it. Later on if this goes well I'll add spicy chicken meals to the diet.
I'm off to a wonderful start with avoiding all grains. I'm communicating quite well. I did enough pushups that I'm guaranetted to be good and sore for tomorrow. I'm a bit wobbly from that now but nothing terrible. I suspect though tomorrow I'll be fine. Tongue looks great. It takes about a week or more but imagine all the markings will be gone soon. the last time I went grain free I was only eating fish. Now I'm not only eating fish but also eggs and chicken. That is likely more nutritious.
I'm off to a very good start with avoiding all grains. I'm not sore this morning. No fatigue at all noticed. that is half the battle Im trying to solve, get rid of the fatigue and improve the gut.

Course I shouldn't get to excited yet. It is only one day. I'll want at least 2 weeks of good day before success with fatigue can be declared. I'm off to a great start though.

To add to the potential misery I[ll plan on fasting today. I'm looking to drop my weight back into the 160 range. I forgot to weight myself this morning but I was likely 172lbs. The nice thing about avoiding grains is that losing weight is easy. at least it has been easy in the past. So avoiding grains helps me to lose weight, it gets rid of the tongue sores, and something new I notice, it might get rid of exercise fatigue. Wish I had noticed that in the past.
I have lots of energy today, and I'm fasting. It is wonderful.

Well, a big iff,but if this keeps up it should be easier to figure out any ohter foods that cause me stomach issues, or energy problems. If my energy levels drop, and I'm greatly fatigued then I have an idea something is wrong with that I ate.

Good day so far. I've been doing a good amount of house work. Id typically hurting, crying out to momma at this point. No problems today.
I'm slowing down a bit after fasting, but overall it has been a great day. I have no fatigue. I'll hope that continues in the next couple of weeks. If soI'll begin experimenting with my diet, adding new foods. I've gone grain free several times before but couldn't make it work. I'm wondering if beef and dairy are a problem for me also, or alpha gal.
170lbs. Good and bad news this morning. Bad news, I experienced the laxative effect this morning. I fasted for 23 hours yesterday so I'm guessing that is the cause.

Good news, I'm not all that fatigued. I feel good. WIth that said today is the second day after a tough upper workout and the second day tends to have me feeling the worse. I do feel a touch sore, and a touch worndown. I'm better than typical though.

So overall good with avoiding all grains. My tongue as expeted has been healing and looking quite good. It isn't perfect yet but close. It takes a week or two for a perfect looking tongue to appear when avoiding grains.

I feel good about continuing to avoid spices and beef/dairy. Beef and dairy does make me feel fatigued and sluggish. I'm looking forward to adding spices back into the diet but I'm not in a rush.
No fatigue today. I feel alright. I'm not overly energetic but I'm not long on energy either. I'm not feeling unsteady.

I've changed my mind, I'm going to add spices to the diet. I figure no reason in waiting around. If the fatigue returns then I'll go back to eating plainly.

Gut is making growling noises that are not good. The types of noises are all to commonly associated with stomach problems. With that though I have no stomach pain. Just don't like the noises.
171lbs. I'll likely fast today. that will most likely bring me down to 169lbs. When avioding grains I lose weight easy.

the fatigue from exercise got me last night. I was tired out. and this morning I'm tired out. I feel good though overall. It will be a slow day but I should be able to do what ever I want.

i added spices and nightshade to my diet this morning. the main foods being avoided now are all grains, and allowing the alpha gal diet where I avoid pork, beef, and dairy. I have a sneaky feeling this is the diet that will workout for me. It will take some time but it has a lot going for it.

Tongue looks nearly perfect. Gut is better this morning.
It's been a tiring day, and all that typical yuckiness, yet I'm not complaining. At least not much. I'm sore from the upper body workout a few days ago, and that has me dragging some. It isn't that bad though. No unsteady feeling has me upbeat. I dread the unsteady feeling. I've suspected for awhile that feeling unsteady comes from eating rice and other grains. That Chinese rice meal that makes me super dizzy for 3 days is constantly on my mind. Well, not constantly but it is a mystery that needs to be solved, as i don't want that to happen unexpectadly again. So I'm thinking I have a solution for the slight unsteady feeling, and possibly the big unstead dizzy feeling, grains. Grains causes it.

Gut did much better today. Apearance awful. Imagine that will improve. i might need to find some fiber rich food to eat to help some. Tongue looks fabulous, it is now perfect. And I'm back to the old theory, if I figure out what causes the tongue sores i'll have my answer for the stomach problems. I just need to show patience.

Oh, eating spicy chicken has gone well. I liked it so much I ate lunch today though I was planning to fast. i might fast tomorrow instead. The nice thing is when avoiding grains when I lose weight it tends to stay off easier.
172lbs. I'll plan on fasting today. I only want to lose a few pounds so that shouldn't be to bad. I ordered some fish oil today. I think that helps the gut and have to admit I'm a little concerned about the diet upsetting the gut. Hope eating spices and nightshade turns out well. At least so far it has. I have no unsettled feeling this morning. Energy levels are better. Appearance could be better. Looking a bit ruff. Left foot feels good this morning. I think a piece of shoes I've been wearing might be hurting the left foot cause those painful twinges.
as I feared, it was a bad day for the gut. I was sick this afternoon. There is good news though, I have lots of energy and I;m communicating great.

What I'll do is return to the fish diet to be safe. I have family visiting in a few weeks. I want to be in better shape for their visit. At a later time I'll add spicy chicken back into the diet.

I'm doubtful Ill ever have a good stomach. I can have an improved stomach though. What I need is to get rid of the fatigue and have more strength. Right now avoiding all grains, cheese and beef, along with pork seems to be doing that.
171lbs. So I'm doing the same diet just minus the chicken and eggs. I'll be on the fish diet, avoiding eggs, chicken, grains, beef, dairy and pork. At the moment I'm feeling good. I was pretty sick to the stomach yesterday afternoon so a bit surprising I'm doing so well this morning. Energy levels are good. Strength though isn't all that good.

I've long suspected that eggs, chicken and bird meat overall is a problem for me. It seems like I never can get eating bird to work yet i tend to feel ok when I eat it. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Hopefully I can stay the course with the fish diet, and get a few months is with avoiding bird. that would be similar to what happened before the hurricane, which I then at the fish diet and I'm guessing 2 months later I was well.
Hi there, Beach. I've been reading your journey and following your weight going up and down. Could you clarify for me, pls, if you're male or female? Would make the weight readings make so much more sense. Age would be helpful, also. I'm trying to get a sense of how this disease progresses over time. Thank you!
Thanks whitby2773 for the interest and questions. I realize I'm on a public forum, but I consider myself to be keeping a personal health diary. I'm glad this web sight makes it easy for me to do so. I'm going to pass on answering the questions but wish you the very best in trying to improve your health.
Thanks whitby2773 for the interest and questions. I realize I'm on a public forum, but I consider myself to be keeping a personal health diary. I'm glad this web sight makes it easy for me to do so. I'm going to pass on answering the questions but wish you the very best in trying to improve your health.
Oh! Well, it's hard to work out whether you're progressing or regressing, which is what I thought the contribution of this thread was. Can't work out whether your issues have lead to a problematic weight loss or not. So - yes - this is indeed a public forum and this is indeed a very personl diary.
It has been a good day, well sort of. Found myself trapped in doors most of the day waiting for a delivery guy to show up. Never fun. Health wise doing well. No problems with the gut. the fish diet is working its magic. I've done this diet several times before, just likely didn't go far enough. No unsteady feeling today. I'm feeling decently strong. Tongue isn't perfect but it is close. Imagine in a week or so it will look as good as it can. I should just make it a point to avoid all grains. It is the cause of that dizzy unsteady feeling and tongue sores. Wish I had greater courage to eat chicken but after yesterdays illness I should be fine for awhile on the fish diet. Appearance is much improved today.
Doing well this morning. Energy levels are up. Strength is really good. All positive signs. I didn't weigh myself this morning but I'll guess 171lbs. I might fast today. Might not. Eyes are bluish. I'm back onto the fish diet and it does me good. I can remember I've done this diet before, and back before an operation in Nov. one week before I became sick. It was a huge shock. I didn't think I could become ill on this diet. things were going so well with avoiding grains, and following the fish diet. The only controversial food at the time I was eating was potatoes. So I removed potatoes, nightshade, from the diet, and added grains. I'm thinking now that was a mistake. this is probably the diet that will get me essentially well, but having an upset stomach will remain easy. the gut will be improved though. That's my theory for the morning.

No unsteady dizzy feeling. Grains cause the dizziness it looks like. tongue remains nearly perfect. Only a small marking on the upper left hand side remains. It should be gone soon.
On this latest fish diet trial, I'm going to also avoid all beans. I seem to remember the last time I tried the fish diet, and had the surprise illness, I also had added refried beans to the diet. This theory goes to the idea that animals fed soy beans, a common animal feed, will also make me sick.
I'm doing fantastic today. I have lots of energy. My strength is high. I've been thinking I think I'll try eating spicy chicken again. It looks like grains are my big problem but I need to find out if I'll be able to eat other foods too. If it doesn't workout then I just return to the fish diet. It shouldn't take long to discover an answer.
I'm feeling quite well this morning. Energy levels are higher than normal. I did a bunch of upper body exercises yet I feel fine. No soreness at least no soreness so far. the second day tends to be the worst.

I stayed with the fish diet this morning. Eating spicy chicken sounds delicious but I'll wait a bit before that. It would be good to get stronger first. I'll probably eat some spicy potato chips first also and see how those go down. The idea that bird meats and eggs are a problem remains strong in my mind, though I am noticing that avoiding all grains is doing me lots of good. Of course I've avoided all grains before, even went years without eating grains but could not recover so I'll have to figure out why that was.

No unsteady feeling this morning. Love that. Left foot feels great.
ok day. Energy levels decent though I did begin to feel yesterdays upper exercise. No unsteady feeling. It does look like grains caused that. Gut alright. Always could be better, but overall not bad. Knees feeling good. I avoid grains and any aches and pains felt pretty much go away. Appear healthy, which is a little surprising since I workedout yesterday.
170lbs. No bad as I have not fasted for some time but lost a pound. Avoiding grains does make it easier to lose weight. Slept in, which was nice. Tongue looks great except for one small area. Imagine by the end of the week it will be healed up. I'm naturally having some minor doubts about grains being my main answer. I don't know why. So many signs point to grains being a main problem maker. There is something else going on though. Maybe animals fed corn causes me problems. I hope not and have some doubts on that but at some point I'll need to test that. I have lots of spicy corn fed chicken in the freezer. I might go ahead and fast today. I keep doing that but don't fallow through but this morning I'm feeling quite full and imagine it would be easy to fast and drop a pound.
Doing quite well today and appearance is quite good. I did a good amount of work this morning and afternoon and so far am not all the worn down by it. I'm also fasting. Weight is already down to 171lbs so imagine I'll be 169lbs in the morning, more into the idea range. Everything is looking up. Possibly what had me well way back after the hurricane is early on i was eating little grains. I don't know. I do know that later on I began eating corn chips so maybe that is what began making me ill. I'll hopefully find out. Tongue is looking good but has a few more days of healing to go.
170lbs. I was close to 169lbs my goal but not quite there unfortunately.

I was mildly sick this morning. I'll call it the fasting laxative effect. I have my doubts that if I avoid bird meats and eggs for 2 months that the fasting laxative effect will continue.

Avoiding grains is still working out well for me. I'm stronger for doing so. No unsteady feeling despite working more, doing more, working out, etc. Still have the tongue markings, sores. Hope they disappear soon.

It is hard to convince myself that eating eggs and chicken doesn't do me good. I feel fine when I eat that way, but later on have always gone on to deveolop stomach problems. I did notice something this last time while eating chicken and eggs frequently. I began to appear less healthy. I was losing color in my skin. I was developing sunken in cheeks. I can keep that visual in my mind without to much problem. That should be a deterance for returning to that diet.
So far this morning I'm a bit beat up and fatigued. It is likely due to the workout done on my legs yesterday and the fasting. The mild upset stomach this morning didn't help matters.

I was thinking of a good way for me to avoiding bird meats and eggs long term. I just came off a beef and dairy avoidance diet for 8 to 9 months. Nothing much was discovered from that very long avoidance. I'm still staying away from beef but I should consider it relatively safe to eat, grass fed beef in particular. Once the gut calms down I'll add beef to the diet. It is good that I have another meat outside of fish as I tired of fish within a month typically.

Glad I'm avoiding grains. No biggy there. I have a love hate relatioinship with grains. I don't enjoy their taste all that much, and they do put weight on me, cause tongue markings, cause me to communicate poorly, but they can be a filling snack type food.
Not my best of days. I was feeling run down. So I decided to have some grass fed cheese. It has gone down well. I think the fasting being done likely can ware me out more than I should allow. If I'm doing well I'm relatively fine with fasting. When I have a slightly grumpy gut fasting hurts me. So I better stop the fasting till the gut improves some.

I'm thinking positively on a long term avoidance of bird meats and eggs. That should tell me lots I imagine.
171lbs. Glad I didn't weigh more since I ate a bunch of cheese yesterday.

Feeling ok this morning but not great. Gut is a little sour this morning. I seem to recall this is typical when I avoid chicken and eggs, for the next two weeks the gut isn't in good shape. I'm only on day 5 of avoidance of bird meats and eggs.

On the positve my tongue continues to look healthier. It occurred to me that in the past I thought it was chicken and eggs causing the tongue sores. I figured out that chicken and eggs caused finger nail pitting. And I thought it also brought about the tongue sores. Later on I began to think it was grains that caused the tongue sores. It dawned on me that likely when tongue sores happen I avoid the two without thinking much on. So at some point after the tongue looks perfect I'll have to add one of the two to test and see if the tongue sores return.
It has been an alright day. I've been a little sore and worn out but better than yesterday.

I forgot to note down that the whites of my eyes have become quite clear. That tends to happen when I go onto the fish diet. I wonder if avoiding grains does similar. Don't remember when on a grain free diet in the past how my eyes looked.
Doing decent this morning. Gut doing better. Appearance healthy. Energy levels so so. Strength could use an improvement. I don't imagine I'll do any exercises today as i'm looking to stay up late. Tongue nearly looks perfect. That one area keeps growing smaller. I can guess by tomorrow i''ll have a perfect tongue most likely brought about by avoiding all grains but also possibly by avboiding bird meats and eggs. Left foot feels good. Eyes look good and clear. Didn't weigh myself but I'd guess I'm 172lbs. I had snacks yesterday afternoon.
Was doing well this morning, good energy. Now, I'm a bit worn out, a bit unsettled. I'm guessing the unsettled bit is due to eating to much fiber. Appearance healthy. Glad about that. I'm feeling good and upbeat. Gut is improved. I'm close to 2 weeks with avoiding all grains. I'm close to a week or avoiding bird meats, and eggs. Tongue looks great. It is pretty much healed up now. I'll of couse continue to monitor. #1 candidate for causing the tongue markings/sores is grains. In some ways that is a bit puzzling but I'll go with it.
172lbs. Tongue is perfect! Well sort of perfect. A little part of the tongue on the upper left had side is a little chewed up if I look closely. Overall though looking good with the tongue as often happens when I avoid grains. It doesn't happen over nights, it has been nearly 2 weeks since I stopped eating grains, but tongue sores go away when avoiding grains.

Of course possibly eggs and chicken meat along with turkey are responsible for the tongue markings. Will have to eventually figure that out.

so far this morning I'm feeling energetic, relatively, and decent. I'm feeling decent. Wish I weighed 3 pounds less but for now I'll stick with eating two meals. I've been snacking more of late. If I cut out the snacks I'll likely drop some weight slowly.

that is one thing I've noticed, not only now but in the past too, when I avoid grains I find myself peeing a lot after eating. Typically when drinking a lotof fluids and you don't pee them out soon it is said you have an enlarged prostate issue. For me it looks like a grains issue. I'm peeing like a young kids since avoiding grains.
It has been an alright day. It would have been better if I had more energy but overall good day. Once I have better energy levels I'm liable to start fasting again to drop just a couple pounds. That is all it takes typically.
Feeling a bit weak this morning. Surprised by that but it is a common occurance. I'll likely be feeling better soon. Didn't weigh myself. Not sure what that number is. I did avoid snacking yesterday though so I might be down a pound and it probably explaiins the weakness feeling this morning. Appearance healthy enough. Skin looks good and healthy. No rash like markings. I'm on day 8 with the chicken meat and eggs avoidance. I have a good feeling that is my problem though avoiding grains does me good. Tongue looks great though I have to admit there remains some slight tonue markings. They will be gone soon enough.
It is amazing at how white the whites of my eyes are. My lips are also super smooth. All good. I know from experience when well the eyes are nice and clear and the lips smooth. So the diet is going the right away I suspect. It dawned on me that I probably can use the white eyes and lips are a testing tool. Not entirely sure how it would work out but if the eyes start to have lots of red in them, then I've added a food that is going to cause me stomach problems. At least that is my guess.
Mixed bag this morning. I ate a bunch of cheese with breakfast. Rather regretting that now. The good with that, my eyes are still bright white in color. The bad news, I'm feeling lousy as cheese will make me and feeling fat. I didn't weigh myself though. I put the rest of the cheese into the freezer.

Tongue is looking great after I eat breakfast. When I first wake up though the tongue looks to have some markings, or sores on it. Overall though I'd say the tongue is imrproving. It always takes longer than i suspect for the tongue to competely heal, but it does appear to be healing.

I'm communicating well ever since I began avoiding all grains. I suspect there to be a connection between the two.

Gut could be better. It is better than last week. I'm thinking it is avoiding chicken, and spices that is helping. I am back to avioding spices, but not on purpose. Just with the diet I'm following has me avoiding spices. the only controversial food being eaten is potatoes.
I forget what they are called but this afternoon I developed a sore on my upper inner lip. Maybe they are called canker sore. I'm wondering if the cheese eaten this morning caused that. It is a bit on the painful side but not overly hurtful.

Doing ok this evening. Gut ok. Energy levels decent. Strength is improving.
172lbs, not to far from 171lbs. Kind of surprised at that. Thought I'd weigh more.

Canker sore seems to be healing since avoiding dairy, cheese. Like that and hope it is true. It is less painful at least. Only used the bathroom once yesterday and today I'm more energetic this morning. I suspect there to be a connection. Overall it is a good morning. Hope more like it await me. I'll keep avoiding all bird meat, eggs, grains and spices.
Today has been a really good day, with energy levels up and strength levels higher. It isn't a perfect day but overall a nice improvement. Hope I'm on the right track with avoiding all grains, bird meats and eggs, along with spices. I still have that annoying canker. Might have to buy some alum to get rid of it. Tomorrow I'll be driving to the dealership, 30 minute one way drive. Hoping that goes well. I imagine it will.
Doing ok this morning. I'm not overly strong and energetic but better than last week. Gut doing good so far. Skin looks nice and healthy. Wish I knew what caused the healthier skin. That is another if I figure that out I have my stomach cure sort of like tongue markings/sores. tongue looks good after eating. Don't know what it appeared like before eating.
Ithas been another very good days. I'm stronger and more energygetic. I'm once again not overly energetic and strong but for me I'm improving. Appearance healthy enough. I came close to fasting today but thought I'm enjoying this good energy. No reason to mess with that just yet. I'll keep on avoiding all grains and bird meats, eggs, along with spices.
The morning is starting out well once again. I have good energy, above normal. Gut is ok, nothing great there. Strength could be better. I probalby will be able to get a decent workout in though. Skin looks good and healthy. Wish I knew what caused the skin redness. Overall, it is looking liek I'll be experiencing 3 days in a row of above average energy levels. I'll keep avoiding all grains, bird meats, and spices also. I'm also largely avoiding dairy products as they tire me out.
It has been another good day, with higher than normal energy. I did tire myself out though this afternoon. I have been on my feet quite a bit doing this and that. I'm pleased though. it is good. this is now getting a little exciting. Fatigue and poor energy levels are half the battle and if I can resolve that, that would be oh so very wonderful.

I bought some beef grass fed with spices meals today. I'll be ready to test new foods when the time comes. Figure it will be the good energy levels that decide that. If I can get a few weeks in with improved energy levels I'll start my food experimenting. I'll keep avoiding all grains, spices, and bird meats and eggs.

Tongue is looking better. Still has small areas show up but overall I can see healing going on.
Something I forgot to note down but it is important, I am communicating so much better. I pretty much do not have any hesitancy in talking with others. I'm not the best of communicators but I'm a normal talker on this diet. This a big issue I've been hoping to solve and it looks liek I finally have found a solution with aviding all grains, avoiding bird meats, limit cheese eating, and staying away from spices. i can eliminate spices from this cure as I've avoided spices many times I never noticed a change is taling ability. Most likely it is avoiding grains that has brought this change about. I noted that down early on when I began avoiding grains.
the morning is starting out a little slower. My energy levels are not as high as they have been the previous 3 days. I'm doing ok though. Overall while this morning might be the lowest start this week I'm more energetic than typical. Gut doing well.

That reminds me, a most likely answer for the gut problem is spices. I say this due to when I began eating spicy chicken. When I did that my gut turned much worse. I went from having chunky diarrhea to liquid diarrhea. I had perviously been eating plain chicken seasoned with salt. So while not 100% certain, I have to imagine spices are on top of the suspect list. Avoiding grains helps also but I can;t shake the idea that grains are a secondary type problem. I can eat grains but overall they are nto healthy and I can do better without.

Of the spices most concerning I'd say garlic and onions. It is kind of interesting that I'm eating potatoes, a nightshade family members, and I'm having some good energy days. That and the gut is doing decently well.

Well, I'll keep avoiding spices, grains, and bird meats/eggs. I'm doing something right with this diet.
check out the leaky gut thread in the research section. combine leaky gut protocol with your modified diet and 6-12 weeks later should have dramatic improvement, if not sooner. might also consider bacillus coagulans - a straight up miracle in a capsule. there's a thread on that too
Doing quite well today. Love it. Energy levels have been up. I went ahead and ate some chicken for lunch. It was just plain chicken. I figured why wait. I have good energy, lets begin experimenting. I'll add eggs tomorrow. tongue looking really good. I'm getting that weird experience of receiving attention while out and about, at the the store, shopping place, for the last 3 days. Makes some sense since my energy levels are up that i would also look healthier also. I'll keep noticing that. I'll keep avoiding grains and spices.
I still have elevated energy levels. It is becoming the new norm. I believe this is 5 days in a row now with better energy. Fingers crossed the chicken and eggs being eaten have my energy levels remaining high.

Appearance healthy. A negative is the canker sores. So strange. It has been decades since I had a canker sore and today I now have two sores. the first one doesn't hurt anymore and appears to be healing. the new one hurts a bit. Reading up on these sores there doesn't appear to be much known about why they form. One theroy suggests food allergies at the cause. I originally thought some grass fed cheese brought about the canker sores. Now I'm going to lean on the idea that some fish oil I began taking brought about the sores. I began taking the liquid lemon flavored fish oil around the same time the sores began to form. Maybe the fish oil flavoring is causing me troubles. I'll find out and avoid the fish oil for awhile and see what happens.

Gut ok, not great but ok. The gut was mildly sore this morning but nothing I'm worried about at the moment. Strength is good. Wish my strength was better but it is better than average.
It has been another good higher than normal energy day. Tomorrow I might feel different. I worked out hard today, doing both upper and lower body workouts. Will see. Gut doingn well. I'll keep avoiding all grains, spices, and limit dairy products. So far chicken and eggs, plain, seem fine. Much more time is needed to be sure of course.