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While reading on Pecanbread.com, I saw under common mistakes people make with SCD
"Starting the yogurt too soon"

But, yogurt is part of the intro-diet. Can anyone explain this?
It depends on ppl, some ppl don't tolerate dairy at all, check out SCD lifestyle I find them more up to date than pecanbread, they've got a free intro diet planner and stages mapped out. Hope this helps, I really needa get back into SCD/paleo iv been slacking
While reading on Pecanbread.com, I saw under common mistakes people make with SCD
"Starting the yogurt too soon"

But, yogurt is part of the intro-diet. Can anyone explain this?
One reason for that can be that pecanbread was/is originally for children, whos main illness is autism, and they often cant use milk products at all (casein and lactose).

It is difficult to check out if your body can digest casein from cow milk or not.. Start slowly with SCD yogourt and check your body.
I think that the science behind SCD is fantastic and it makes sense. At the same time, it isn't a one-size-fits-all deal. Many with crohn's cannot digest the milk proteins and for them it isn't just a lactose issue. I really think this is why some try SCD and say it doesn't work ~ they aren't willing to tweak. We have had to tweak SCD for E. He cannot have dairy at all, even the lactose free type, and he can't eat legumes (so no peanuts or peanut butter).
I have crohns and my husband has heart disease - we are both fairly young and really need to get on this diet! Can anyone give me a list of foods they eat and how easy it is...that is works - just trying to convince myself this is possible! :)
I have crohns and my husband has heart disease - we are both fairly young and really need to get on this diet! Can anyone give me a list of foods they eat and how easy it is...that is works - just trying to convince myself this is possible! :)
I guess since I'm lucky enough to have both an IBD and heart disease (I have plaque in an artery) thought to chime in with what I've done. The diet I eat and supplements taken are nearly the same for both conditions. Both diets call for low sugar intake. I avoid all grains (wheat, corn, rice), which easily spike blood sugar levels. I also limit how much sugar and starchy foods I eat. Because of the gut I also limit how much fiber I eat. (hopfully that will change in the near future!)

Foods that I can eat as much as wanted are: meats (I personally avoid eggs, chicken, and pork as I feel these might be trigger foods), spices, vegetables, aged dairy (I personally eat little), nuts, some fruit.

The supplements I take are:

* Enough vitamin D3 to reach a testing level between 50 to 70ng/ml
* Around 2000mgs of EPA/DHA from fish oil.
* vitamin K2-4, and K7
* Some iodine rich kelp tablets for thyroid health
* krill oil
* melatonin for a good night sleep
* pregnenolone

As for the diet working for the gut and ease of the diet, we're all different. Some here report diets works great. Others sadly have not seen success. For me, none of the diets worked when followed strictly. It has taken some tweaking of the the paleo/primal type diet I follow for it to work.

For more information, a couple heart disease prevention sights that I enjoy following are Dr. Davis's. His emphasis with prevention is identifying your heart disease risk factors and correcting them. (high blood pressure, high LpA levels, diabetes, size of cholesterol, low vitamin D, thyroid problems, low hormone levels, etc.)






Best of luck! Hope that helps.
I have crohns and my husband has heart disease - we are both fairly young and really need to get on this diet! Can anyone give me a list of foods they eat and how easy it is...that is works - just trying to convince myself this is possible! :)
I highly advise you to read the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle to understand the science behind the diet. Also, I completely agree with Beach on the tweaking. While we believe in the science behind SCD, in the end we have ended up following more of a paleo/primal diet since we omit all dairy (even cheese and yogurt) and legumes. E does take an SCD approved probiotic though.
HI all,
I've had crohn's for a little over 3 years. I'm on pentasa and recently tried LDN for a year. The LDN seemed to work for a while but I ended up feeling as bad or worse than I did before the LDN. I know it works very well for some.
Since I have "moderate" crohn's my gastroenterologist is not enthusiastic about changing my meds -( I appreciate that) - the problem, though, is that I suffer severe cramping and at times I'm up all night. I've also lost a lot of weight.
So I bought the book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" and "Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet" and for the last month have adhered to it religiously. The result being that I am feeling better. I also should mention that I take magnesium and a drink called "Calm" which is a magnesium drink made in Canada but available in the states under other names. This drink allows me to move my bowels ( unlike many crohn's sufferers I am constipated much of the time ).
So that's my story - I have hopes that the progress to better health with this diet will continue. The recipes very tasty so I'm not having a problem staying with it.
New joiner here, although I have been on relevant threads.

Started my SCD 6 weeks ago. I very quickly felt better on the existing meds Pred 20 mg per day. However, attempts to reduce the dosage have been bad, so maybe too soon? About two weeks ago I had found a well-established Candida infection which we treated with Fluconazole 50mg per day for 14 days. As soon as I started the Fluconazole I felt better but this has worn off. Testing tomorrow to see if Candida free now.

It Always gets me when things get better only to go back again. Should be more resilient by now but so tired I get a bit down. Currently on Pred 10mg but getting flare so I will have to go back to 15 or 20 until it improves.

I am just trying cutting out all milk products for a few days to see if that helps. Probably I went overboard with yog and kefir and cheddar so I am giving those a break just in case I find it is better without.

My last Coloscopy showed all inflammation in terminal ileum has gone (before the diet) so it is puzzling not to feel any better. Doing MRI in two weeks but I think they will not find anything although I am still straight into a flare if I reduce meds or get stressed. Funny old disease .....
Hi Paul,
I might sounds like a broken record - but the key with SCD / GAPS etc... is patience. There is no room to rush, nor to expect miracles overnight. Food introduction is to be slow, and even in small doses at a time. In case of adverse food effects - u can always go back to intro diet for a short period (in this case - would suggest GAPS intro diet - based on broth and fermented food). BTW - an area that found to be quite controversial - is the consumption of fructose (via fruits) and sweets (honey). As per my understanding, their consumption is to be limited and as a rule of thumb not to exceed more than 15% of the overall diet. Sugars feed the bad bacteria, and beyond certain threshold (ranges between 72-100 grams carbs daily - as per different theories) the body can’t absorb it easily any more. Anyhow - takes long time for the gut to 'heal' - even though relief in symptoms can be achieved quite fast. Wouldn’t suggest medicines reduction so soon into the diet - definitely not after 6 weeks. Timeframes being discussed in different books range between 1-2 years on the diet before starting to reduce medicines or move to 'normal' diet - if at all. As long as the combination diet / medicines works - wouldn’t rash to change it - the longest u are in remission - the better for the gut to heal and even for the illness to 'burn out'.
Good luck!
Thanks, I really appreciate your response - I have clearly been impatient and we will take a few steps back in order to start forward again. Funny thing is I had a few months of symptom remission a year ago when there was active inflammation so now the inflammation is clear I had hoped to achieve symptomatic remission more easily. Should have known the disease would have other ideas!
After feeling perfect for few weeks, son has had 2 bad days in a row, now. Says things just don't feel like they're moving correctly and had one bout of diarrhea on Tuesday night and hasn't gone again since. Hasn't eaten a lot, either. He's had low energy, too.

Late last night he had a cup of pureed baby spinach (for iron) and a smoothie and said he felt better, but his calories were very low for the day, around a thousand. :(

Is this what remission looks like? :eek2:
I take it that your last comment was said tongue - in - cheek but just in case - to me remission is the absence of all symptoms. As far as the iron comment - I take a slow release iron supplement every day and find it takes care of the iron deficiency and definitely boosts my energy.
I keep on hearing that we all experience gains (remissions) and losses (relapses) and this is "normal" for the disease we have. Although I have never experienced an absence of symptoms for more than a few days, I have been feeling a lot better on the SCD diet and am hopeful for better days to come.
I'm sure this has probably been discussed elsewhere, either on this thread or another one, but I want some advice on kefir making...
The GAPS book recommends making it much like yoghurt:
1) bringing milk close to the boil
2) adding the culture once the milk is cooled
3) fermenting for 24 hours at 38-41 degrees centigrade - I think that's about 105 Fahrenheit - (in a yoghurt maker).
But I have also heard that you don't need to heat the milk first, and that you can leave the kefir at room temperature to ferment.
Is this really the case? Those of you making your own kefir, do you have any tips or advice?
Is Campbell's tomato juice SCD legal? I read that it was, but I also read not to use any tomato juice made from concentrate. Campbell's tomato juice says From Concentrate, right on the can. Just wondering because my son got sick soon after eating it.

He seems to be back on track now, though. Whew! :)

Does anyone have a juicer?
Anyone recommend a good scd legal probiotic? My son is leaving for summer camp soon and he won't be able to have the yogurt for a few days.
I have now been on SCD for about 7 weeks. Firstly I felt much better but that wore off. Them we found a candida infection, eliminated that, felt better at first but that has worn off. Now I feel crap and am still on Peed 15 mg per day which is not really enough to feel comfortable. I am still losing weight despite managing to get through maybe 2000 calories per day on the diet. Got an Entero MRI next week because the last colonoscopy was clear. Round and round in circles - but today is bad mentally.

In WW2 my dad spent 5 years in a German POW camp in Poland then did the winter "long march" across Checkoslovakia towards allied lines. They didn't all make it. Days like this my dad pulls me out of the snow and tells me to keep walking. Pretty good trick for someone who died 33 years ago!
Paul, in a way we are in a similar situation. My Crohn's diagnosis is "mild" and yet for the last 3 years I have been experiencing severe stomach cramps. I take 300 grams pentasa daily and that is all my doctors want to give me. I'm grateful for that since I really don't want to take immunosuppressant drugs but on the other hand I need relief from this constant pain.
In desperation I tried low dose naltrexone (LDN) as well as the pentasa and for a while got some relief, but all too soon the discomfort returned.
At my last visit to the doctors he suggested that my pain may be more related to "irritable bowl syndrome" rather than the crohn's and that reducing stress and worry should be something to concentrate on. At that time I had already been on the SCD diet for about a month and feeling a little better.
Since that visit I have continued with the diet a am experiencing less discomfort, better night sleeps, and overall a healthier mental attitude.
They say that if the diet doesn't help within a month it probably won't help to continue. Obviously it is not for everyone. But if your colonoscopy shows an absence of crohn's then I would look to other causes for the pain.
I don't know about you but constipation is a huge contributor to bowl discomfort. I found that a magnesium drink in the morning works wonders.
Good luck with your search for relief!
Brahm, thanks. If my doc now doubts the diagnosis I have to at least consider the possibility it is something else. I favour leaky gut theory (whether Crohns or not). Glad I have MRI coming up to exclude or find alternatives.

Like you I don't want immunosuppressants but now I cannot have Imuran as no visible Crohns, but I do take pred which is worse. I am pretty sure the show will run and run but some do make it all the way to the other side!

Pentasa worked for me for a year. Then a flare with pred for 5 weeks followed by my only ever remission for 3 months then flare then Humir worked six months (but gave me bad flu) then only pred works. Probably a fairly classical progression except for the disappearance of the ileitis. We are all different in here as much as outside.
Hi Paul good luck with the scan. I always like reading your posts, I want to copy your attitude. Thanks for the wry humour and honesty.
Thanks Dee. Humor is essential. I worry if I lose more weight I might fall down the plug hole. I worry about meds, doctors, side effects. I worry if I am losing too much training time for the Olympics. But I hope also - that we'll all find a solution or at least an accommodation for this disease.

If I want a food laugh I just look at some of the elaborate deathbed scenarios I have conjured up as well as the spontaneous total remission etc etc, cause those things don't happen.

Dean Martin said that he pitied people who didn't wake up with a hangover. How would they be sure to feel better as the day progressed. With Crohns there is a reasonable chance of feeling better tomorrow than today if you do everything right. Many on this planet are not so lucky.
Hello everyone! I would love to join this group but for different reasons then others in this group. I have no choice but to eat a specific way. I've been diagnosed with Fructose Malabsorption which means that I follow a very strict low FODMAP diet. My food choices are extremely limited in that a majority of fruits and veggies are off my list. Needless to say trying to balance a healthy diet that works for my UC is becoming increasingly difficult. AND...meds have to be low in FODMAP's as well. Foods that are good for my UC (in a healing way) are no go's for my FM. I'm currently going through a flare and am struggling to find things that will help me through it. My GI/Internist suggested Ducolax to combat constipation but when I looked it up there is a specific warning that says not to take with FM or IBD's. ?!? Any ideas on what to take to help me out?
I've been taking a product called "Calm". Of course you will have to check the label to see if it conflicts with your condition. I believe you can get it unsweetened (unflavoured). It's a magnesium drink available at health food stores.
Good luck!
Salon just completely tore up the Paleo diet.
Oh, well, I wouldn't say they tore the paleo diet up. The article didn't seem much different from the other negative ones I've read lately.

The paleo diet has become very popular of late and with that comes attention. Many people seem to be feeling better on the paleo diet, and additionally many are being successful at loosing weight - which seems to cause the diet to have some staying power.

I've seen though in the scientific diet community some are questioning the future for the diet. Thought this a nice video on this. One form or another of the diet will likely be sticking around.

"The Paleo Movement of a Hundred Years Ago"


from Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt's write up:

The Paleo Movement of a Hundred Years Ago

Is the Paleo movement something new, or is it just a repetition of something that has happened before?

The lecture that impressed me the most at the Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 has just been posted online. Here’s Hamilton Stapell, Ph.D., comparing the Paleo movement to the “Physical Culture” movement of the early 1900′s. The similarities are startling. Better diet with less sugar and processed crap? Check. Strenght training á la Crossfit? Yep. Intermittent fasting? Sure. Sun exposure? Yes. Barefoot walking? Absolutely.

Both movements are about a “return to nature” in a stressful and disorienting new world, according to Stapell. They’re a reaction to rapid social, economic and technological changes.

If the movement of the early 1900′s were a reaction to the Second Industrial Revolution, the Paleo movement of today is a reaction to the Digital Revolution (sometimes called the Third Industrial Revolution).

Stapell’s argument raises some intriguing questions. Will the fast-growing Paleo movement of today go mainstream, or will it stay fringe until it fizzles out? Stapell was asked that in the Q&A (not in the video). He hesitated a bit and then said that… no, he did not believe Paleo will go mainstream.

I think Stapell might be right. This “return to nature” Paleo concept is very powerful today, but in ten years time running around barefoot might feel very passé.

What I believe is truly important is to make some core concepts in the original Paleo movement go mainstream. Like the focus on human evolution for understanding what’s likely to be healthy today (followed by controlled trials to prove it, of course). And most of all, in the middle of a disastrous epidemic of obesity and diabetes, to realize that we are not genetically adapted to today’s extremely insulinogenic processed high carb junk food.
After feeling perfect for few weeks, son has had 2 bad days in a row, now. Says things just don't feel like they're moving correctly and had one bout of diarrhea on Tuesday night and hasn't gone again since. Hasn't eaten a lot, either. He's had low energy, too.

Late last night he had a cup of pureed baby spinach (for iron) and a smoothie and said he felt better, but his calories were very low for the day, around a thousand. :(

Is this what remission looks like? :eek2:
Elaine says to expect temporary setbacks here and there for up to the first year. These are becoming less and less common. It is okay. Hang in there.
Hi Jbpharmd, I saw your post and wanted to add that I had been on the SCD for awhile with some improvement in symptoms, but had a hard time with particular foods (as anyone can with individual tolerances, of course). It turned out that these particular foods such as chicken broth(w/ onion, garlic), honey, avocados, coconut, pumpkin, stone fruits (peaches, plums), etc., were aggravating my symptoms (especially upper GI-GERD, as well as lower GI) because I had developed SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)--pretty common to Crohnnies. After I was diagnosed and treated for that (with Xifaxan) I went on the low-FODMAPS diet for SIBO maintenance, specifically. It is quite similar to SCD, with some tweaks to eliminate, or lower portions, of FODMAP foods and it has helped me a great deal in the past 2 years to alleviate SIBO/Crohns symptoms. I mention this due to your sensitivity to chicken broth and the fact that SCD does allow garlic and onions, etc. Didn't know if your broth had any seasoning... Anyway, if one is interested in SCD and notices issues with a host of FODMAP bearing (fermentable carbs that create excess gas/water in intestines) foods, it's worth investigating the connection with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and how it mimics Crohns symptoms. Best of luck. I know it can all seem like a lot to take in, and sometimes frustrating but, overall, it's great to head in the direction of your personalized foodplan and hopefully, feeling improvements! Take care.
Not going great here. Must now be two months on the diet. The diarrhea seems to have improved some days. However I am getting more discomfort than before and especially also up under the ribcage. Not blaming this on the diet, which is giving me enough calories, but I am still losing weight. All fat gone and muscle reducing now. Don't think Prednisone is doing me any good but no alternative at present.

Recent colonoscopy clear to the extent the Crohns diagnosis has been questioned and a subsequent MRI of the small intestine also clear.

However, for the diet I shall hang in there because I must give it a fair chance and anyway I actually like the SCD diet and miss little. However I do wonder if I should have done more of an elimination process.
Hi I have seen a few posts about SCD/fodmap combo diets. I have just started eating again after a 9week elemental diet and I am doing low fodmaps combined with SCD. So I can have broth but it is from stock made from chicken bones a carrot and bay leaf and now a week on, added celery but the celery removed after stock made. The diet so far is really plain chicken or fish soup, small amount of carrot and squash and eggs. I am following the pecan bread reintroduction plan. So far so good, all seems quiet down there! From what I understand SCD cuts out fermentable carbs and fodmaps fermentable sugars? I am doing it under supervision and still taking the elemental drinks as it is really hard to get the calories. Had some really nice support on my journey blog and everyone says go slow on the reintroduction. :ghug:
Hi Dee! I wish I could say that SCD cuts out fermentable carbs/sugars, but unfortunately it doesn't. It allows many of them---which are, of course, then limited, or eliminated entirely, based on individual tolerances. If one is FODMAP sensitive, and sees a lot of that, best to investigate low-FODMAPS & SIBO.

Check out the links on the SIBO wiki page of this forum and you'll see the food lists that limit or eliminate many items that are on the SCD "Allowed" list, such as honey (a major FODMAP fermentable offender), etc.

There are also links for it on many highly-regarded teaching hospitals GI Departments sites such as Stanford University, CA, UVa - University of VA, Universitys in Canada, as well as Kings College, London, and Monash University, Australia (Alfred Medical Hospital)--the Univ. hospital who spearheaded most of the research. I hope that helps as far as more info. for your personal situation and any food reactions. Hope your journey goes well! :)
Hello back! I think I wrote my post clumsily what I meant to say I was really interested in you post because I am trying to follow a the SCD diet and Fodmap diet together. So I have cut out all the SCD illegals and then also cut out all the fodmap ones too, so no onions and garlic, apples and pears, honey etc. My dietician is supporting me but would have preferred that I go for a straight fodmap list but I wanted to try the combo and then if possible add in things way down the line in an elimination. So far feel really good but I have only managed 500-600 calories in food so still pretty reliant on elemental drinks, but it has only been 10 days. All the best Dee. :smile:
Well done Dee. Elimination is a tricky stage - and the approach u are taking make a lot of sense, especially after coming out of elemental diet. My suggestion would be to start GAPS intro diet (from our experience its a good starting point), and start adding to it slowly different foods as per your tolerance or combined SCD / FODMAP list u are preparing - key is not to rush.

Paul - good news that all tests are 'clean' - but understand the frustration with the diets results or unexplained symptoms. if I may suggest - 1. go back to basics - strict intro diet and slowly adding foods. don't forget to eat FATs, plenty of them (animal fat, or ghee or coconut oil or all together.....) 2. Read the Perfect health diet book - http://perfecthealthdiet.com/ and see if the answer for your case is there.
Good luck, Dee. I actually did the same thing, combining SCD and FODMAPS, at the elimination phase, because I was at a point where I was sooooo scared about my situation and was feeling so incredibly awful and fatigued 24/7. It does take time and patience and I bet you'll see some positive results as you go forward. You are obviously already an optimist by giving all this a try :) and that in itself will serve you well! To date, I have a pretty good menu for myself and enjoy (unsweetened) Almond Milk smoothies--with ripe bananas, peanut butter, spinach, and sometimes some berries thrown in as well! It's worth the wait...Best wishes and hang in there!
Ok everybody let us start by saying I am off the SCD diet. It is all positive though because I have found a naturopath here locally who talks the same language in health terms and we are going to follow a similar French diet which is a bit like the full SCD but without any dairy or egg white. That will present a challenge but I am going to get back slowly into fruit and veg and rice, since my tests are clear as to inflammation. Interestingly she was recommended by my general doctor and she very much doubts the Crohns diagnosis as well. We are going to treat it with diet, maybe a little behavioural therapy and she gave me a first colon cleanse today which made me feel great afterwards. Truly I feel like a door has opened that I have to walk through and into the fresh air. As I say that my guts rumble a bit but Rome wasn't built in a day. It's all in French but mine is OK and finally I am talking the same language in terms of what my symptoms are and how they all relate. I wouldn't have been ready for this unless I had already been on SCD and seen that different approaches cure different people but the important thing is feedback and belief, neither of which has been forthcoming from my gastro guy. Still, on reflection he has done the important job of ruling out the nasties and he is no doubt right to have refused me Azathiopirine.

Anyway I have chosen a road which is not far away from SCD and as the success of it becomes apparent I will share it on the forum. Particularly as there may be some French speakers out there who might benefit. Diet reference book is L'Alimentation ou La Troisieme Medecine by Doctor Jean Seignalet.

Wish me luck! Actually the more I look this new diet is almost the same as Paleo apart from some issues of soy, nuts etc.
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Good luck Paul!
I continue with the SCD with alterations. e.g. no nuts!!
Tomorrow going to try to add oatmeal.
I too have lost a great deal of weight and my Crohns is considered mild and there have been suggestions that it is IBS rather than IBD that is causing the problems - but yet the pain persists.I see diet as the solution and like you continue to search for foods that don't irritate the gut.
Wonderful news, Paul. Best wishes with the Naturopath and that you continue to feel better and so positive.

NrthrnGrl, I just caught up with your last post and don't know what to offer other than what my GI has directed me, personally, regarding my own Crohns. You can glean from it what suits/is allowed for you personally. I was told to stay away from harsh laxatives/stimulant laxatives such as Dulcolax,/stimulant teas, or stool softeners. So, what now, right?! Always so ironic to be discussing constipation, as an IBD'r, but certainly far from amusing.

Since I am also directed to be on LFM's foodplan, like you, for fructose mal, etc., my personal go-to's allowed on LFM's are ripe, soft bananas (LOTS of freckles on them, but not all gooey yet!) and ripe cantaloupe, and lots of water, of course. I can tolerate making smoothies with pulverized spinach in them, but that may not be for you right now. I've always been told that SOLUBLE FIBER is the ticket for my Crohns, and that may pertain to UC, too? LFM's legals such as oats, oat bran, rice bran, quinoa, ripe bananas, cantaloupe, green tea (boosts "metabolism"), perhaps oats & banana in a almond milk smoothie? I have no affiliation with this whatsoever, but I follow this RD's blog for LFM's and here's a post regarding FIBER WITHOUT FODMAPS. Hope it helps!

Hi All! Anyone out there doing a ketogenic diet? I've been on SCD/Gaps for the last couple of years, now restricting carbs and adding lots of fat and feeling really good (although I am on 40 mgs of Prednisone while waiting for the TPMT test to come back). Just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences with Keto?
Hi All! Anyone out there doing a ketogenic diet? I've been on SCD/Gaps for the last couple of years, now restricting carbs and adding lots of fat and feeling really good (although I am on 40 mgs of Prednisone while waiting for the TPMT test to come back). Just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences with Keto?
The only person I've seen eating a ketogenic diet is form follower InstantCoffee. He wrote about his experience at:

"Success through diet"

As can be imagined the SCD diet is a popular diet for those with GI issues. It's by and large an eating plan where grains are avoided, and probiotic rich foods are eaten.

The SCD book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall is commonly used as a guide to the diet.


To add, the GAP diet, another popular GI book is based upon the SCD diet, with a few extra twists to it.

isabelle - keep us informed on how the Keto diet is going! In the health sights I visit, there seems to be a good amount of attention of late with a ketogenic diet and the positive impact it can have on health, in particular with brain health and building further upon Otto Warburg's cancer prevention work. Would be neat if the diet additionally helped those with severe Gi issues too.
I think it sounds like a reasonable move, Paul. You know how I feel about the dairy anyway. I think everyone should avoid it at first! Good luck and keep us posted.

Have you ever considered weaning off the prednisone? It could be causing your upper GI pain?
Yes, I will keep everyone updated on this experiment. I've been on a ketogenic diet for 9 days now. I eat only meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, some berries, oils, and animal fats. I follow all the rules of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet but also don't (can't) eat dairy, nuts, honey, most fruit, saccharin and probably some other stuff I can't think of right now. I keep track of everything I eat, counting up how many grams of fat, protein, and net carbs I eat each day. My daily goal is 145 g fat, 100 g protein, and 25 g max of net carbs. Keto means eating a modest amount of protein, which I really like, because I don't love eating tons and tons of meat. My protein intake consists of 3 eggs in the morning and about 5 oz of meat with my other two meals, which seems really reasonable and not excessive. I actually have trouble eating 145 g of fat every day, but I'm working on it... I've always loved fatty foods and I love eating as much olive oil, coconut oil, fatty pork chops, chicken with the skin on as I want! Plus, I'm feeling very satisfied after all my meals. I really, really wish I could eat butter, but alas...

I've noticed a few things so far: Although I'm on 40 mgs of Prednisone, I'm not eating compulsively or having any blood sugar ups and downs like I did last time I was on Pred, and although I haven't weighed myself, my body has changed. I was already slim, but my soft places have tightened up significantly and my jeans fit looser. Also, I can go a lot longer without eating or feeling hungry and my normally slightly crohn's-y tender stomach is very flat.

SCD and dietary changes have, historically, not helped when I'm flaring. The only thing that gets me out of a flare is a good drug. When I was on Remicade, that drug got me 80% feeling better. SCD got me the other 20%. SCD wasn't effective by itself, sadly, but I find I do a lot better with it. I'm not expecting a ketogenic diet to heal my guts, but I think it will help and is helping me feel a bit better. It's weird though--because I'm on Prednisone, I don't really have a good sense of what else keto may or may not be doing to me because I'm so cracked out. I do know that this is the best experience I've had so far with the drug...
I think it sounds like a reasonable move, Paul. You know how I feel about the dairy anyway. I think everyone should avoid it at first! Good luck and keep us posted.

Have you ever considered weaning off the prednisone? It could be causing your upper GI pain?
Thanks, Charleigh, you are spot on. Every time I tried to reduce Pred was a problem but now I have this support structure I am trying again. 20/19/18 a bit less each day and I am doing the same with Amitriptyline to clear my fuzzy head. So far I have reduced but not eliminated the yoghurt, reintroduced white rice and some easy vegetables like courgettes.

The colon cleanse has really given me a benefit and I am sleeping later before having to get up to dump. More solid if no less frequent!

Before I say goodbye to the docs I just saw the results of my MRI which show thickening of the duodenum in a couple of areas. I have no idea if this is significant until I see the gastro man in a couple of weeks. Until then and threreafter (whatever he says) I continue with my new holistic approach. Seeing the nutritionist/ naturopath next Monday for another cleans and talk. Feel like I am making some progress.

Thickening of duodenum mean anything to anybody?
As far as i know, thickening in the duodenum means the walls in that part of the intestine are thicker than they should be (so the passage is narrower). This can be due to inflammation or scar tissue.
Hi.ive been diagnosed w UC since 2006 but it is only now thought of joining here. Please anyone tell me about scd and gaps, what are these specific food allowed and what are not. I am suffering from ank.spondylitis, can't do much keeping my neck upright, seem will fall off and soooo much pain that s why my activities are limited. I observed my flares are triggered by dairy products, yeast, bread, gluten, legumes! Worsen my AS.,high roughage food scrape off my guts, are there anything else I should know? Been on salofalk 3 gms a day, etc, etc, always had protozoan reinfection, I wish to reduce my drug intake because sensed my kidneys are given up on me. Been almost on sterile diet, that worked to prevent infection for sometime now but very stressfull to maintain, flagyl is no joke to take, I'll get beat up. Because I have severe GERD and very delayed gastric emptying.
Hi Allbroke! Welcome! Here are some links to check out if you want to find out more about GAPS and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). It's way too much info for anyone to be able to post about thoroughly here on this forum, but there are lots of resources and books:

This first one is about the SCD:
The book about the SCD is called "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" by Elaine Gottschall

This second one is about the GAPS diet:
The book about the GAPS diet is called "Gut and Psychology Symdrome" by Natasha Campbell-McBride

There are also great Yahoo! groups for both GAPS and SCD. Lots of good stuff on the web. Good luck!

:hug: hi Isabelle, Thanks for the encouragement. I just found someone I could relate to for the first time.i've been diagnosed since 2006 but thanks it was controlled by salofalk 6 tabs a day, probiotics,antibiotics if with infection, antiallergies and prednisone during flares. Fortunately, I was able to identify my triggering foods as soon as diagnosed.I'm observing my symptoms well.i somewhat shutdown for awhile due to depression and manage my UC by myself and GI but didin't reach out for support outside until I start reading again, I came across SCD and GAPS. I'm just curious if there's still I don't know about the best diet for me after years of thorough observation versus what is suggested in SCD books, (I went to Chapters and found 4 books related to crohn's and UC)I' m sorry to say the best book that interested me was the crohn's&colitis for Dummies. Everything make sense. This disease can't be cured by diet alone. Curing IBD by diet is a myth though diet is one of the most important factor to attain remission.i was also confused because arthritis and AS are part of the disease process( but not all), then why SCD allow beans and nuts( high in purine), really worsen my symptoms and severe arthritis to the point that I 'd be bed ridden for days.but I agree , it is not the same for everyone,though.my best friend food during attack is soft boiled rice.Shellfish is also highly allergenic that SCD included(I'd be glad if anyone enlighten me if I'm wrong).i used to be fine with shellfish but flare with it after having UC.i admire those who can adhere to the diet but still has to be on meds and manage stress to stay on remission.my GI keep telling me to have hi fiber diet but can't digest well and worsen my symptoms , but i do low residue ,works better for me.
Hi, anyone has low WBC count for sometime now? I presumed this is related to prolong intake of hi doses of different meds.my GI agreed. And give my kidneys slight inflammation.it's so scary when while fixing our guts, it ends up breaking our kidneys and liver.
hi allbroke, yes, i think in the end you have to find what works for you. like you, i can't eat everything on the SCD...not even close. no dairy, no beans, no honey, minimal fruit. those who get full relief from the scd are, i think, lucky and rare. drugs are the only thing that will get me out of a flare, no matter how careful i am with my diet. good luck to you! keep us updated on your progress and your diet. :)
I understand. Since starting SCD, I have had a similar experience. I was already eating healthy by baking, grilling, boiling, etc. most of my foods and eating plenty of fruits and veggies. However I was still having D and mild flare ups. Since starting SCD the only thing that has really changed in my diet is to cut out sugar, processed foods, breads, grains and stuff like that. I'm thinking that as long as I stay away from those things the majority of the time I should be fine. Maybe only have them once a month or once every two weeks. At least then I wouldn't feel so restricted by the SCD diet. I'm feeling so good right now...I just don't want to mess things up. I'd hate to go back to feeling miserable simply because I just had to have soda or a piece of bread.
I don't know how to use the forum quite yet...

But! I agree I started out focused on SCD, but have found that by cutting out sugars, processed foods, and breads, and grains I feel much better.

I only use honey as a sweetener, and sometimes will cook rice or potatoes with dinner, but mostly stick to a protein and fruit/veggie diet and feel so much better.

I also had to decide what was sustainable in my lifestyle. I started out making yougurt and preserves, etc... from SCD recipes, but have had to pick my battles. I love Fage total, plain yogurt. I eat total for the extra fat because I want to gain weight. I have also found several organic products that meet the restrictions of SCD, saving me time in the kitchen.
I just started the SCD about two weeks ago. I had a flare last week and got my meds changed as well as put on antibiotic. I'm feeling much much better.

The SCD helped me feel much more alert throughout the day & a lot less tired; that's besides for my stomach feeling better.

Anyone have any recipes to share? I eat pretty much the same things every day & I need a change...
Hey everyone!

I just started the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol and was hoping to find some positive support as I go through the process.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2009. I haven't had too many flare ups. The last time I had any GI pain or discomfort was February 2012. I was put on Remicade at the time, mostly as a proactive measure. I built up antibodies to Remicade and by the time I stopped the treatment, I could barely walk from the muscle and joint pain (May 2013). Over the last few months, I've been on Prednisone to help joint pain and lung inflammation. I take plaquenil as well, but have not noticed any improvement. Every time I dose back on the Prednisone my lungs hurt, eventually I can't breathe without pain and sleeping is nearly impossible. I go could go on for hours about lupus like symptoms and remicade, but complaining doesn't fix anything.

After researching the "leaky gut" concept, I decided to try AIP. My GI dr said otherwise I can do cimzia and methotrexate. I'd like to start a family within the next two years so methotrexate is not an option to me. I'm looking forward to a day where I feel normal again! I'm open to any advice or support you have to offer :)
Hi Buggy,

I just started the Paleo diet about 10 days ago and after about 3-5 days I noticed a big difference. First I realized I was getting a waist again - the bloating was gone! :dance: Now I'm even eating blueberries and salads! I can't believe it!

Of course, everyone with Crohn's is so very different. I've been working with this for 30! years in September and also got some relief on the SCD, but found it tough to stay on. The Paleo diet seems much easier or maybe I'm just more willing to stick to it.

Anyway, give it a try. The Autoimmune Protocol is a bit tough, but I'm looking forward to trying eggs in a couple of weeks. Give it your best shot - I hope it works for you the way its working for me.
k_stewart, I'm happy to hear it is working for you. I'm also looking forward to eggs. I have a daily countdown of how many days until I can try eggs again. I think if and when I can eat eggs, the world of what I can eat opens up. Baking, sauces, and just eating plain eggs practically adds a complete new dimension of food.

Personally even though it hasn't been a week yet, I'm finding huge success with the diet. For the past two days, I have woken up and not had any pain in my lungs from breathing. The pleurisy is the worst part of the DILE. Knowing that I dosed back on Prednisone on Monday and a few days later didn't have more pain feels about as good as winning the lottery right now. For the first time this year my condition is improving rather than slowly deteriorating. I even did a small amount of yoga, which used to be a daily favorite for me. The joint and muscle pain has virtually eliminated this from my routine. However, I was able to practice for a while yesterday without my joints failing and me falling over. I'm hoping that this streak continues and it is more than enough motivation for me to steer clear of questionable foods.
Joining in anticipation of an actual diagnosis, although GP has advised me to avoid sugar, starch, gluten, grains, and anything else high-glycemic. Thanks!
I started on GAPS, then found Paleo was a better fit because I can't tolerate any grains. However, ow I have been on the Paleo Auto-immune protocol for the last month. Cutting out nightshades really helped. This should just be temporary until I get more healing of the leaky gut and then I'll slowly add back foods one at a time to see how I react.
Hey All,

I'm looking for some accountability with my paleo/scd. Here's my story:

My name is Isabeau, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at age 18, and I'm 25 now. My symptoms are not as horrid as some stories I've heard. I tried healing myself the natural way without medication until I had to leave in the middle of a final exam because I couldn't control my bowel movement.

I went on Asacol at that point; 2 800mg tablets in the morning and 2 at night. It doesn't completely eliminate the symptoms, but it helped with the bleeding and mucus.

Over the summer I ate strict paleo for 3 weeks straight and it was the best I have ever felt in my life. My bowel movements were perfect, the excess bloat was eliminated and my energy levels were so high.

Unfortunately I struggle to maintain that way of eating because I find myself compulsively eating sweets when they're nearby, and none of my peers have any reason to eat clean as a lifestyle.

I want the paleo/scd way of eating to just be the way I eat. I just need help from someone who understands what this is like. I need to learn your "why", I need someone to go to when it gets hard.

Can you help me?

Thank you for your consideration,
Isabeau P.
Isabeau, I've struggled a lot with the same thing... Did you eat sweets and snacks compulsively before you went paleo/scd?

If you didn't, it may be that you're not feeding yourself enough. The only way I can make the SCD work for me is by eating a lot of fat and protein...like 5 or 6 oz of protein per meal (you might consider buying a food scale and weighing your protein to make sure you're getting enough) and about 3 tbs of fat per meal. Without plenty of fat, I'm famished 2 hours after eating. Also, if you're eating a lot of fruit and/or honey, the sugar might be triggering more sugar cravings. I eat only meat, fish, poultry, cooked vegetables, and fats/oils. No fruit, no nuts, no honey, no dairy, and that helps my cravings.

If you did eat compulsively before starting the SCD, you might be a compulsive overeater. I am and I go to a 12 step program for it. I would not be able to stay on the scd (or any healthy food plan) without it. Here's a link that might help you figure out if this is an issue for you. Feel free to message me privately if you want more info about this.


Hi Isabeau

I also struggle with eating sweets. Iwas the best ever when I started Paleo, but have gotten a little more slack with it over time. The last few weeks have been not great, but then I'm also under a lot of stress right now as my Mom is sick and dying with cancer. She lives with me and so I'm doing a lot of extra work and care there.

However I still think I need to stay away from the sweets. I just cut out honey in my tea again (at times when I feel exhausted it's what I want), but the reaction is a reminder to stick with it. Look at it like a reminder to do what you need to for youself. This is what you need.

Good luck, karen
My son has been on the SCD since May and he has random good days and bad days, which we can't link to any particular food.
Hi all! I started Humira a couple months back but, since I know it's not a long term solution, I started SCD (without intro diet, but Humira has me in a pretty good place) after a mini-flare a couple weeks ago. Feeling good so far! Although if someone knows how long die-off tends to last that would be helpful - mine isn't too bad but my BMs became a bit all-over-the-map after about a week on the diet. Nothing super bothersome or uncomfortable, but, you know...Any insight helpful!
We were just discussing a similar topic under http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?t=56446
I wouldn't skip the intro diet - and would complete it up to its full recommended period (3-5 days?), its a good step to 'clean' the gut, start fighting bad bacteria - and start from that point a strict SCD protocol (or any alternative / alteration u might decide)

good luck!
Going Paleo frankly has saved my life - I know not everyone has the same feeling about it - but everyday I'm thankful for the resources that are out there, my life has improved 100% since my diet change ,and getting better.

Here is a great resource site for paleo info, I like it a lot as it has info, recipes and isn't cluttered up with ads: http://www.paleonewsandreviews.com/
Hi everyone,
I'm new to the forum so thought I'd introduce myself.
I was diagnosed with Crohn's 2 years ago at the age of 43, after a huge flare. Before that I thought I had IBS and followed a gluten free, sugar free diet as I felt much better eating that way.
After my diagnosis, my GI said there was nothing diet related that I could do and suggested all the usual drugs. I was very reluctant and did some googling and found the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.
I started SCD & didn't start taking the drugs that were prescribed for me. My GP was reluctant and said she would retest my blood in 6 weeks. She was amazed with my near perfect blood work after 6 weeks and in another 6 weeks my tests were perfect. I'm so thankful that that is where they've stayed for the past 2 years. I only have crohn's symptoms when I stray from the diet.
If anyone is interested, I've blogged my journey at an www dot an aussie with crohns dot com (where I also post my SCD recipes.)
I've also just started a new website full of SCD recipes from different bloggers around the world. It's at www dot SCDelish dot com
I hope you'll stop by and have a look.
:) Deb
Deblukey, thanks! I found your website when I was going SCD after May 2013 Crohn's dx. Thanks for the great content. I'm about to go back to work soon after long recovery process with a few complications. Good report from surgeon today, so I'll keep eating clean! Bless my GI doctor's heart, but I brought him the vicious cycle book and he wasn't familiar with it. I'm confident SCD/paleo has substantially helped my ability to heal. May everyone on this forum feel the support I'm sending to keep up with meal planning and shopping and cooking :). Lots of love to all of you.
Hi Everyone,

I started the paleo diet 3 days ago and I am very interested in how this has worked for others.

I'll tell you about my Crohn's experience. I was diagnosed 13 years ago, but I had symptoms for 22 years before that. After being diagnosed I received the right meds and I felt "normal" again until I broke my leg four years ago, which was compound and I needed to be on antibiotics for 6 weeks. A few weeks later I went into a flare, like nothing I have ever experienced before. Well, 3 surgeries later, I now have SIBO and constant pain.

I thought having surgery would leave me pain free and "normal" again, hahaha, that couldn't be farther from the truth. I have tried FODMAPS and GAPS, which helped some, but I want more!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone that has shared info! I'm looking forward to learning more and sharing my experiences.

Good luck everyone :goodluck:
I'm new to this forum, and new to Crohns. I was just diagnosed in December after a few sick years. I was diagnosed with Celiac a year and a half ago so I have been gluten free, dairy free and nearly sugar free for awhile. I have yet to start on any medication because my Crohns isn't too severe, only one bowel movement a day and minor abdominal/back pain. I'm really considering the Scd or Paleo to see if it will help with remission, my only hesitation is that I am extremely underweight as it is, I don't have a pound to spare. Any thoughts on when/if/or how to proceed with the best treatment options be it diet or meds or both for my situation?
I hear you tiredandsick. In the past I have been on both SCD and paleo and found over time I got more slack and the diets stopped working. Now I know I have to get back there, but wonder which to try. I like that SCD was developed for people with IBD and it has cheese and yogurt which would be great.

Does anyone have thoughts on choosing between paleo and SCD? Also has anyone tried the SCD lifestyle book? Was it helpful?

Thanks for your help, karen
So would you suggest attempting the diet alone before introducing meds, or should I just accept reality and start on meds for a more immediate fix? I guess I'm worried about the meds masking the effects of the diet.
I'm no doctor, but I guess I would say start with the diet, if you can stand the symptoms and you are well enough to carry on. Are you losing weight in an extreme way? Are you able to eat? I think trying something with fewer potential side effects makes more sense.

I wish you good luck with whatever you choose. Karen
I'm new to this forum, and new to Crohns. I was just diagnosed in December after a few sick years. I was diagnosed with Celiac a year and a half ago so I have been gluten free, dairy free and nearly sugar free for awhile. I have yet to start on any medication because my Crohns isn't too severe, only one bowel movement a day and minor abdominal/back pain. I'm really considering the Scd or Paleo to see if it will help with remission, my only hesitation is that I am extremely underweight as it is, I don't have a pound to spare. Any thoughts on when/if/or how to proceed with the best treatment options be it diet or meds or both for my situation?
Hi I have been on SCD for 7 months now and have lost quite a bit of weight but stabilized after 5 months at a good weight for my height. I found the pecan bread web site really good at the start for phasing things in and some tips on putting on weight. I think everyone finds their own way but it took me a long time to tolerate things like nuts and coconut flour (still sometimes give me belly ache). But eventually I am on 3 meals a day of 300 calories, 5 ripe bananas and 3 nut and date bars plus the odd snack and that keeps my calories up, if you count calories and spend some time on recipes and stuff you can get there. Good luck if you are trying it.
Thanks for your reply. It's the phases that scare me...it usually has you start basic to let your guts heal and work your way up to the more advanced diet. If I actually followed the phases I think I would wither away...I'm only 95 lbs at 5'8". I can't afford losing 5 lbs. do you find the SCD has helped the crohns? Are you taking any meds?
The phases are scary at first. I think you can advance fairly quickly to cooked veggies/fruits. E lost weight at first, but then once he stabilized he started putting on all the weight he initially lost when he got crohns. We waited a while on beef, raw fruits and veggies, and nuts. We found that smooth sunbutter was easy on the system and packs some good calories. Trader joes has coconut milk in the can that is just coconut milk and water, another calorie packed item. If you blend the sunbutter with bananas, ice, and the coconut milk then you have quite the calorie packed smoothie. Make sure you eats lots of fats and carbs for weight gain.
Hiya, I am new to the whole diet side of things and am trying to pluck up the courage to start eating more healthy!

Has anyone got any good websites or books that they would recommend for a complete beginner?

Any help and tips will be greatly appreciated;)
Hi there, glad you're ready to make a positive change, SCD - breaking the vicious cycle by Elaine Gotschal, there are some good sites also like scdlifestyle etc, :)
If you think the SCD route might be for you the pecan bread web site has great advice on how to get started and phase things in or even if you wanted to eat some calm food on a bad day the food lists might help. I have a dietician to support me to check I get all the right iron and stuff like that, good luck I am feeling well on it. x
Thankyou all for the recommendations:)

I think the first steps are going to be really difficult but it clearly makes a big difference to many people so I better give it my best shot:)
I'm looking forward to figuring out the diet that's best for me. I'd like to hit B&N this week to shop for books. Are there any SCD blogs I should follow?

Also, being new to this I'm trying to be so careful. Doing the SCD intro diet sounds so extreme right now with the possible side effects. Am I just being a sissy or is it possible to gain benefit from SCD skipping the intro, especially while I'm taking antibiotics and steroids and Pentasa?
Very interested in this forum. Our 10 year old son was just diagnosed with Crohn's (last week) and needless to say we've had a tough week with lots of ups and downs. Currently his "only" symptoms are that he is anemic and not gaining weight. I am really interested in alternative/diets before jumping into heavy medications. We're going to start him on entocort to reduce the inflammation that his endoscopy/colonoscopy showed. I know this will be difficult to change his diet as he is 10 but hubby and I promised to do it with him. Has anyone done the diet along with supplements (someone recommended Absorb Plus)?

In any event, any help or advice is much appreciated. Looking forward to learning more.
Hi, wondered if anyone could help:)
I live in the uk and I have started to do a lot of baking since being diagnosed with crohns as I like to snack a lot so need to make health paleo stuff!

Anyway, most if the recipes include almond flour and its becoming quite an expensive hobby! Just wondered if anyone new any good websites where I would be able to bulk buy foods?

Thanks x
I'm looking forward to figuring out the diet that's best for me. I'd like to hit B&N this week to shop for books. Are there any SCD blogs I should follow?

Also, being new to this I'm trying to be so careful. Doing the SCD intro diet sounds so extreme right now with the possible side effects. Am I just being a sissy or is it possible to gain benefit from SCD skipping the intro, especially while I'm taking antibiotics and steroids and Pentasa?
Well, if you're thinking of "die off" symptoms, you're basically already experiencing them because you're on antibiotics. I've never felt a "die off" that was worse than the disease. But I can see how when you feel sick already, it would be scary to think of voluntarily submitting to more agony. It's not as bad as that. Let me help ground you a little in the basics of the biome that lives in us all the time:

1. If you don't eat anything for a few days, they all go dormant. People who fast experience die off of the flora naturally, just like hibernating bears. Some researchers in the 1930s confirmed that bears did not have active gut flora while hibernating. This is probably one reason why GI docs occasionally put people on NPO/TPN.

2. People who fast for religious reasons sublimate the die off and other effects of fasting as "the agonies" and consider them as sacrifices to purge the gluttony. If you are religious and overweight this method of mental attitude may help, if not, nevermind.

3. Changes in the diet lead to changes in the flora and thus may lead to some but not all of the effects of fasting. Monash University has shown how changes in the levels of what they call FODMAPs (fermentables) in the diet change the flora. Varying levels of carbohydrates will produce these changes, particularly if you cut out wheat.

4. Drugs will also change the flora, both hormones and antibiotics of all kinds. As will DHEA, I'm surprised I haven't read much on these forums about DHEA, though I saw some things about it on PubMed.

Basically, whatever you do, something is changing your flora... is it enough to cause you an "agony"? Not sure... Is the problem too much flora? Sometimes.... Too few? Sometimes (after a fast if you do that)... Contamination by the wrong flora? Probably but we don't know much about which ones are the right ones...

There are some SCD blogs out there, but I've found they tend to morph away from the book and into something else, more geared toward the person's individual experience than what is recommended. For example, many of them talk about rice as if it's ok. Another common mistake: using parsnips. It's probably ok if you're doing very well. But it's simply not part of the program and for very good reasons explained in her book.

If you follow an SCD blog and it doesn't work, and you were using rice, then please don't say SCD doesn't work. SCD is the only one where people hesitate to send you to the internet for more info. It's just too easy to misunderstand what she recommends. Or too easy to assume it's just another low carb, high meat plan - which it isn't- but there are some good websites like this one:

Thank you for all of that info @too many bum steers
After I posted that, my GI asked me to stay low-fiber and not do anything drastic yet.
Earlier this week, I learned that my abscess hasn't healed. I have an appt tomorrow and will ask again.
Is there any SCD-legal chewing gum or hard candy? We are about to fly to the UK and would love my daughter to be able to chew or suck on something. Otherwise I'll just have to keep her supplied with our very tough homemade beef jerky!
Is there any SCD-legal chewing gum or hard candy? We are about to fly to the UK and would love my daughter to be able to chew or suck on something. Otherwise I'll just have to keep her supplied with our very tough homemade beef jerky!
I can't think of any hard candies of the top of my head. Trader joes has a mint patty that is honey, mint oil, and cocoa. Some people allow cocoa but it isn't technically "legal" for SCD but would be fine for gaps or paleo.
Quick question for the paleo aficionado's among us. I've been using this RVCO in my first week of a semi-paleo/perfect health diet. I love it, but it's burning a hole in my wallet and sometimes the taste doesn't comply with what i'm cooking (although coconut eggs were a surprisingly nice discovery). Would I still manage to get the health benefits from a refined oil like this one?
most of the health benefits are still there (same fat - less coconut 'impurities').
but keep shopping around.
There is good raw virgin coconut oil to be had at cheaper prices.
It's cheaper in larger jars
Try Asian or Caribbean shops?
If it is raw virgin then don't worry so much about organic label.
-we get 900gm jars for AU$16.50 (9.25pounds for 900gms=2.1 pounds for 200gm) but it took us a while to work out where to shop.

Refined coconut oil still has the good fats but may have suffered through a chemical refining process.
some prefer refined without the coconut flavour....

other Good fats -
Lard/Tallow -once every 6 weeks or so i get lamb fat from the butcher for free and render it - makes a hell of a mess but it's free. Most butchers will give it away free or cheap.
Ghee is primal not paleo and if it is tolerated is a great fat
So I literally just ate about 600 grams of steak, with a nice side helping of soft green beans. I splurged and bought 3 New York Strip Steaks. And cooked them all.

That's about 1500 calories, 150 grams of protein. nom nom nom :)

I eliminated dairy about a week ago completely. I've been feeling a lot better. My appetite has been insane.

Something about steak, literally makes me feel VERY good. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that it's because my hemoglobin is low, and steak has tons of iron and Vit. B12.

But seriously, after I eat my dinner of steak I always feel great. Just like a calmness and energy and focus.
Everything is going pretty good for me, except my weight. I have an insane appetite. No pain, my stools are gradually getting better over time. But I'm still not putting on weight.

It's frustrating eating like a horse and stepping on the scale and not seeing it translate.