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You might have Crohns if…


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You wonder why there isn't a fitting room when checking out new toilet seats...

You judge people by their toilet paper and complement them when its nice and soft.

You decide which restaurant you want to go out to by the quality and cleanliness of their bathrooms.
So true. :rof:
You might have Crohn's if you buy dark colored underwear.
You need a new toilet seat every year.
Your kids ask if it's ok to go for a shower.
You buy supplies in the baby isle, but you don't have one.
I so needed this today!
I am undiagnosed but I have one:
If you check the CF and not Facebook cause the people here understand when you say you had a good day cause u pooped less than your 2 month old friend's baby! LOL
You might have Crohn's if your contemplating purchasing an intestine plush pillow that says I heart guts.. I hope this makes me feel better
You might have Crohn's if.....you get excited when toilet paper goes on sale for $3.99 and you buy the 4 pack limit.