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My journey to getting well

I am doing surprisingly well thsi morning. I thought with hte extra exercising I'd be overly worn out this morning. So far I'm doing fine. My energy levels are elevated. Eyes remain bright and clear since adding eggs and chicken to the diet. Glad about that. No red seen in the whites of my eyes. My shorts are a bit tighter than wished. I haven't been watching what I eat and I'm likely up a few pounds. Might have to work to drop a few pounds so shorts fit better. Overall, I'm pleased.

Was thinking about a mystery in the past. i've yet to see the bright blue eyes in quite some time now. In the past though the blue bright eyes were common. Back then I pretty much only ate sourdough bread. the store I stopped at sold lots of sourdough bread at a good price and it reminded me of the bread I'd often eat when growing up in California. Then the store stopped selling sourdough bread and the around that time my bright blue eyes went away. I guess the mystery I was wondering about last night is if I have problems with eating grains, which at the moment appears to be the case, maybe sourdough bread was safer to eat. Not that I'm looking to buy sourdough bread. It just had me thinking of testimonials were some people say breads from overseas have been easier to eat compared to Americans breads. Maybe breads from overseas are more like sourdough or aged bread.
breads doing harm -- you are in good company. a VERY common harmful food for our guts. it can damage the structures/little fingers in the small intestine. damage that leads to leaky gut which leads to disease, esp autoimmunes.

too, this can/does cause lactose intolerance. at the tips of the little fingers is where the substance is produced that breaks down lactose. breadstuffs can/do wipe them out.

as part of my program that made crohns and inflammatory arthritis disappear, i gave up all bread for three months - giving time for the gut to recover from the damages. after that i limit bread to one or two meals per week. so far so good, going strong for two years now -- zero sign of the crohns nor the inflammatory arthritis

more on this in the leaky gut thread in the research subforum
It has been a wonderful day for me. My energy levels remain high though I've only eaten one meal today I went on a long bike ride, plus did other activities. No problems doing that. Hair has turned nice and dark in color. I'm still not all that strong but imagine with time my strength will improve. I'll keep avoiding all grains and stay away from spices. I can imagine if this diet works out and I recover I can remain on it for a long time. It is to be a very active hurricane season. I'll have good incentive to remain on the diet and not overly experiment with new foods.
Doing well this moring. Today is the seond day since working out hard, typically the hardest recovery day. So far i feel little to no fatigue. Energy levels remain high. Gut could be better. It is a little more sour than typical but nothing terrible. I fasted yesterday and with that can expect the gut to be a little worse the next day. So odd. I'll keep on avoiding all grains and spices. I can imagine if spices are my answer then that one turkey lunch meat I ate that didn't label the spices it had on the meat was responsible for why I didn't recover in the past. It also highlights how just a small amount of spices can cause me problems.
I thought I'd try an experiment this afternoon and eat some cheese. In the past, while avoiding all grains, i have speculated that maybe it was the cheese I was eating that was causing me to be ill from time to time, develop dental issues, and put on weight. Well, I became sick today after eating the cheese. It is telling. It might be that the cheese was to fatty for my gut to handle. But also I know that cheese wears me out, causes my muscles to lose definition and puts on weight quickly.

So I stopped the alpha gal, avoid beef and cheese, along with pork diet awhile ago but it probably would not hurt if I continued that diet. It is easy to do for me. I don't like beef all taht much, and while I have a craving from time to time for cheese, I have a good idea cheese will upset my stomach and I don't like that.

A lot of times also when I get ill, I panic. I think what controversial foods am i eating. I should begin avoiding them. Since I have a good thing going with the current diet of avoiding grains and spices, with my fatigue levels, I'll remain with the diet. Overcoming the awful fatigue is half the battle. I can do more if the fatigue lessens further which I suspect it will on the current diet.
I'm doing really well this morning. My energy levels are higher than typical. Strength could be better. I was not expecting that. Since I was sick to the stomach yesterday, had worked out, and ate some cheese I thought all these combined would have me overly fatigued in the morning. Nope. I'm feeling good and energetic. at least at the moment.

Weight 173lbs. A bit on the fat side of things. 170lbs would be better or less.

Tongue sore just keeps hanging on. It isn't getting worse. It is improving but ever so slowly. After i eat I hardly notice it. I have to really look. It is when waking up that I can see it more clearly for some reason. Regardless I still believe avoiding grains and spices is not only improving my energy, getting rid of fatigue but is slowly getting rid of the tongue markings.
It is so wonderful, my energy levels remain high. I'm doing something right. And this comes the day after being ill and working out this morning. So wonderful. I'll stick with the diet of avoiding all grains, and spices, along with limiting dairy.

I hope soon i become stronger. I suppose if that does not happen i'll remove potatoes from the diet, the main controversial food being eaten.
It is another wonderful start to the day with good energy levels. I think I even feel a little bit stronger also. Lovely. I'm probably going to be a broken record for awhile but it is best that I note this down incase something goes wrong and I need to go back and read what I was doing and feeling. Tongue is looking good. Gut is good so far. I'm 173lbs so I'll probably fast today. I shuold be able to handle that. Goal is 170lbs. I;m fasting mainly due to my closeing better a little tight around the waist. Lose the water fat to 170lbs and everything will fit better.
Did well today. this evening I'm tired but that is largely due to fasting, only eating one meal today. Gut is doing well. Hope I don't experience the laxative fasting effect in the morning. I should be 172lbs in the morning so only 2 pounds away from goal of 170lbs. This shouldn't be to painful.
172lbs. I'm feeling better this morning after breakfast. I was having a hard time of it yesterday evening after a day of fasting. I tried having a conservation with my parents on the phone and it was ruff going. Overall though I still have high energy levels. The diet appears to be working here in the early stages. Gut did well this morning. No laxative fasting effect. Skin looks healthy. No rashes. I'm feeling a bit sore but nothing terrible. Shorts fit better.
I forgot to note down, the canker sores have gone away. I think the theory that the lemon flavored fish I started taking was causing the sores is probably right. before the canker sores showed up I was noting down how smooth my lips had become. I'm guessing the smoothness was caused by the lemon flavoring and for what ever reason brought about the sores.

Another theory I had was the new brand of saurkraut I started eating brought about the sores. I'll fin dout tomorrow if that is right or wrong as i'll start eating the kraut against tomorrow.

Energy levels ok. They are down a bit and I'm guessing that is due to fasting the day before. I'm likely to fast tomorrow and Saturday also. I'll get to the 170lbs mark that way. More importantly the little bit of bloat i've developed around the gut area will be largely gone.

Gut could be better. Hope it gets better soon though I've not had any major issues since I began avoiding spices and all grains. I'm communicating better today since eating two meals.
Here is a bit of a surprise, my tongue looks perfect. The little bit of remaining markings that were hanging on have gone away. Wonder why that is. What ever caused the healing to go so slowly glad the tongue looks great now. I'll of course monitor the tongue. What ever gets rid of the tongue markings/sores likely will lead to the gut healing up. It probably just takes a lot of time for the digestive system to heal though.
Doing ok this morning. Energy levels feel good. Tongue looks great. I didn't sleep all that well last night. Im not sure why, but I feel decently rested morning dispite the poor rest. Strength is ok, but nothing great. Left foot feels alright. I tried jogging some the other day and the left foot pain returned. I'll stick with walking. Left arm hurts due to reaching exercise goals. To get the watch to record exercises I need to move around the left arm and since I stopped jogging, moving the arm while walking is causing the shoulder to become sore. I might need to buy a new exercise watch.
It has been another wonderful, higher energy day, and i'm fasting today making this the second fasting day of the week. It is wonderful. I even did a bunch of pushups this morning. Thought I'd be worn out by now but I'm not.

Have used the bathroom less today. Weight is likely to come in at 172lbs in the morning. I was hoping for 171lbs but it is not likely to happen. The gut I can see though is growing smaller, and the shorts are fitting better. That is the goal ths time.
172lbs. I feel great this morning. Rather a pleasant experience. Normally after fasting I'm feeling run down. Fasting twice in a week and I'm dragging badly. This morning, I feel fine. Love it. I like fasting to help with weight loss but haven't cared for the run down feeling. If I have gotten rid of the run down beaten up feeling then fasting will be easy. I don't feel sore this morning though I exercised my upper body. About my only complaint I can think of is I didn't need to use the restroom this morning. I hate when that happens. At some point, I'm liable to find myself running to the bathroom. Hope that doesn't ahppen when I'm driving the car, or out and about.
Have been doing great today, till I took a nap by accident and since then I've been in a bit of a stupor. Gut is working well enough. Appearance healthy. Tongue looks good. no marks noticed. I seem to have decent strength. Could do better there. Overall a good day, other than the hard to wake up from the npa. It didn't help that i was woken up by a phone call. That is the worst.
Mixed bag this morning. I slept poorly once again but my energy levels are good this morning. I am tired though from the lack of sleep. This is the 3rd day this has happened. I'm not sure what is happening but maybe having more energy I'm needing less sleep. Maybe I should exercise more and that will tire me out some. Last night I know I was up till midnight and maybe around 1 I fell asleep making up before 5. And I did take a short nap yesterday. I should try nad avoid the naps. That should help I imagine.

172lbs. Gut doing ok. I'm probably going to fast today. I want to reach 171lbs tomorrow.
The fasting and exercising has caught up to me today. I'm worn out, fatgued. I'm not feeling awful but I'm not as energetic. Looking forward to my two meals tomorrow. Might have to take an easy on the exercising, to get my energy levels back up. When I fast I notice tongue sores more, and I have one now, but it isn't bad and is in the same spot as the last one went away. It's probalby the old one, i for some reason couldn't see it when eating more. Still quite happy about the diet, avoiding grains and spices. Do kind of wish I'd add spices to the diet and see what happens but rationally that isn't a good idea. With energy levels going down due to fasting, adding new foods would cause to much confusion.
Later in the afternoon I developed a lot of energy. I feel fine. I went on a longish bike ride this afternoon, much of it going against a good breeze. Maybe that tired me out for awhile more than I thought.
171lbs, nearly 170lbs,

I have a test result. Eating chicken and eggs leaves me not able to sleep. Last night was another night were I slept very little. I've noticed this before in the past. When I eat bird meats and eggs I'm not able to sleep. I don't like it. Eating chicken and eggs have several positives, as I noted over the last week, my energy levels have been good in particular, but this lack of sleep is quickly running me down. I suspect too that if I remained on eating chicken I'd within a week or two would begin to experience liquid diarrhea, the scary diarrhea.

So going forward I'll return to the fish diet. I'll avoid chicken eggs, turkey.

I'll likely add spices to the food, but not today. Maybe next week once I'm better slept. I'll keep avoiding grains. Avoiding grains seems to do me good, though I suspect I'm able to eat grains to a certain extent.
I'm certainly on the tired side today, since avoiding chicken and only eating fish. Feel worn down, and a bit lousy. Imagine if I sleep tonight I'll be better by tomorrow. Think tomorrow I'll add spices to the diet. No reason to not.
It should be obvious, but need to remind myself, chicken might not be a problem with my gut. I know eating chicken and eggs will make for a bad nights sleep. The poor sleep might simply be due to having more energy. I don't know if the gut has a problem with chicken or not. I'm more certain of grains being an issue. Well, I'll find out tonight if I sleep better. I imagine I will.

I went ahead and ate a bunch of spices, spicy potato chips. So far so good with them.
Finally, a good nights sleep. I slept the whole night. It is further confirmation that eating eggs, chicken and probably turkey causes me to sleep poorly. So I'm back to avoiding bird meats and eggs. Instead I've added spices to the diet and am only eating fish. this morning I'm a little on the tired side but nothing horribly tired. Strength is better than normal but nothing great. Energy levels are poor. Left foot feels fine. Gut could be better but it isn't horrible.

Chicken and eggs are strange ones. As I was reording last week in someways I was doing better. the big problem was that I couldn't sleep. Sleep is important. Part of me wans to think that eating chicken and eggs isn't to big of a problem. But sleep is important. I can't get around that. I do feel crudy not being able to sleep and I'm sure if I continued on the diet I'd eventually crash and burn essentially from the lack of sleep.

At some point I'll begin eating grass fed beef. I'm not rush. I'm not much of a fan of beef.
Doing quite well today. My energy levels are good. I'm fasting today also which is ncie. This is the 4 days of fasting in the last week. That is one thing about avoiding grains, I'm able to fast and not feel worn out when I'm avoiding grains.

Still up in the air mentally about chicken, eggs, bird meat. No doubt when I eat them my sleep is disturbed. On the positive though my energy levels are good, appearance healthy. I can imagine the only way I'll be able to solve the bird confusion is to get the gut well and then begin eating bird meats and eggs and see what happens. that will take awhile. In the mean time I'll stick with avoiding grains, and birds meats and eggs.

Oh, so far all seems good with eating spices. Hope that remains the case.
I slept well again last night. It was wonderful. Tongue doesn't look as wonderful as before. Originally I thought eggs and chicken caused the tongue sores. Then I began to believe it was grains. Now I'm avoiding both so it will be interesting to see if in the next couple of weeks the tongue looks better. Gut doing decent. Energy levels ok. Strength is decent. I have a long slog ahead of me with this only being the 3rd day of avoiding bird meats and eggs. Glad about the improved sleep I'll remember that easily.
I've done well today. Nothing great, but not awful either. I was a bit weak this afternoon but it didn't last long. Gut is ok. I'm a bit worried about the gut as avoiding chicken, eggs after a week has resulted in some horendous stomach flares. Very odd, but thankfully it doesn't always happen. Tongue is a bit sore when eating. Hope that goes away soon I'll stick with avoiding eggs, bird meats, and grains.
178lbs after breakfast. Yikes! I slept well once again last night. yesterday evening I was feeling a bit hungry and I thought maybe eating would be a good test to see if it effected my sleep. i went to bed and at first I was having trouble sleeping. My gut hurt some. It didn't take long though for me to fall sleep and I slept through the night. So it is looking confirmed that avoiding eggs and bird meats helps me to sleep. I get basically no sleep when I eat eggs and bird meats.

I might fast again today. Since avoiding grains my energy levels have increased some, and fasting has seemed to be easy to do.
I'm doing quite well today. Energy levels are up. I feel good overall.

I'm doing an exercise experiment. To record exercise on my watch I need to move my arms around. For awhile now my warms though, left arm in particular, has become overly sore. I've noticed since avoiding eggs and chicken the left arm has been feeling better. As a result sarting today I'm back to moving the arm around more. So I'll see if the arm becomes overly sore once again or not.

Tongue looks quite good today. Yesterday it was on the sore side, with markings. Today the markings are hard to see and the tongue looks good. Ate lunch afterall. I'll likely fast tomorrow. I'm not all that hungry overall.
I was thinking abuot the tongue sores. Avoiding grains helped improve the sores/markings but hasn't gotten rid of them entirely. Today the markings look remarkably better. If the markings go away while avoiding bird meats and eggs, that would be pretty good sign that eggs, chicken, and probably turkey are a problem food. I'll keep a close watch on that. Solve the tongue sore myster I likely solve the gut issue. Maybe it is two food groups that are a problem, bird meats and eggs being the main, but also grains to a less extent.
An idea that I have not tried yet, till now, that could connection bird meats, eggs, and grains, is that grains are fed to live stock such as chickens, turkey. Corn in particular is a common food given to birds. If I have trouble with digesting grains, maybe I also have a problem with animals fed grains. If that turns out to be the case then only wild sea food and grass fed beef and cheese are safe for me to eat.

That is the idea, theory, I'll be working on. Fingers crossed it works.
Doing well this morning. I still have good energy since avoiding all grains. Tongue looking better since avoiding bird meats and eggs. Weight is to high but I shouldn't complain to much about that. I'm fasting today. I like the idea of avoiding all grains and avoding animal meats were the animal had been fed a diet of grains. Hope it works out. Left are does not hurt. Avoiding bird meat does seem to be helping with the left warm pain I was feeling from moving my arm around to record exercise movement.
This evening I'm feeling wornout, a bit out of it. I'm fasting today. First time I've felt like this in awhile. I did some leg exercising this morning and that is likely the cause of the fatigue. Hope tomorrow I feel better. Gut was a bit calmer today. I like that. Last I looked, the tongue was looking good. I believe the markings are going away. I'm still eating lots of spices and as best as i can tell I have not issues from that.
I was up way to early this morning. I was hungry and feeling weak. The weakness likely was mainly due to working out on my legs. eight 173lbs, not far from 172lbs. Glad about that though losing those 2 pounds would do me good. Ill be taking can easy today, trying to recover. Gut doing well. Tongue looks worse in some respects though I still like how it is healing I believe. Eggs and chicken might be the main cause of the tongue sores afterall.
It is a bit odd, I am a little out of it today. Doing well, but not quite all there. Yet I feel I'm doing better since avoiding bird meats and eggs. I wonder maybe I heal better when avoiding eggs and chicken. Don't know. Regardless I'll keep on the course. Looking decent this afternoon. Appearing healthy is important. Gut doing ok. Tongue looking better I believe.
forgot to note down, I'm still sleeping well since avoiding eggs and chicken. It is important that I remember that. My mom has had sleeping problems for as long as I can remember. i wonder if her sleep problem is caused by eating eggs and chicken, possibly turkey? If I get well I might bring the topic up with her.
Doing well this morning. I slept well overnight. There is a good chance I believe that I'll only be able to eat fish. Hope that turns out to not be the case but eating beef, even grass fed beef does concern me from past history experiences. Avoiding grains is doing me good still. I'll keep with the idea that I should avoid grains, directly and indirectly.
I'm pretty worn out today and it feels like exercise fatigue. Interesting. Maybe on the fish diet I get fatigued easier. Don't know. hard to say what is going on. Doing well enough though. I'll stick with the diet of avoiding chicken, eggs, turkey. I'm sleeping much better, maybe to much better, and my tongue is looking quite good.
173lbs. I'll likely fast to get it down to 172lbs. Feel awful this morning,all sore and fatigued. I'm thinking sleeping better whole restful brings about fatigue pains. Sleeps brings about healing and I have a whole lot of healing being done. Hopfully with time the situation will improve on this diet. Tongue is healing nicely. It looks nearly healed up. Maybe eggs and bird meats are the main trouble maker with the tongue. I'll likely swim this morning. That means I'll be close to death in the morning. Hope I survive the good nights sleep.
I'm doing better this later afternoon that I thought I would be. I'm tired, and sore from swimming and only eating breakfast, but I'm not going to complain. Imagine I'll sleep well tonight once again. I'll keep avoiding bird meats, eggs, and grains.
172lbs. I do believe I've gained some muscle of late so 172lbs doesn't seem bad. 170lbs would be better though.

tongue is looking much better healed. I suspect I do have that answer with avoidng eggs, bird meats and grains. that does appear to be bringing about a healed tongue. More time needs to pass to be sure but at the moment I like hos the tongue is appearing.

Slight laxative effect this morning due to fasting yesterday.

Energy levels are good, much better than I thought they would be. strength is ok. Can be better with strength. Muscle feels alight. Skin is looking healthy. No rashes seen.
Tongue really is looking fantastic. I'm gaining greater confidence that I have the tongue sores/markings figured out. Love that. Hope it sticks

I'm tired today. Swimming yesterday for the morning has caught up to me. Fatigue levels are to high. Imagine it will be this way for awhile.
I've developed a slight upset stomach this evening. It has the feel though of becoming much worse. Hope it does not. I've been on alert for this happening as several times when avoiding all bird meats and eggs, around 1 week into the avoidance I've experienced some horrific stomach flares. So hope the stomach calms down later this evening. I need to be super careful with how I treat the gut for the next week or two.
I seem to be doing better this morning. I still have the feeling though that I could have a painful flare. Hope that doesn't happen. It is a feeling I have all to often when I avoid chicken and eggs. Rather strnage. I have read that the worst painful events for an allergy can happen after avoiding the offending food. I suspect that is what is happening.

Tongue really is looking good. It does appear that it takes avoiding chicken, eggs, and grains to make the tongue heal up. At least I hope so. All to often in the past I'd get the tongue healed and then some new markings show up. Only time can determine for sure if this diet idea is working. Heal the tongue longer term though and I have good confidence that I have my answer for the stomach problems also.

Energy levels are so so. Strength ok.
One of the nice things about avoiding grains has been that I have not experienced any large fatigue days. I've had days were I was tired and worn out but nothing serious. Nothing to the point that I wasn't able to function. The best I could do on those days was lay on the couch and rest. I'm a month into avoiding grains and I'm liking it, functioning decently.

Tongue is looking quite good now that I've avoided eggs, chicken and turkey. It isn't perfect but looks close. no uncertainty with the healing. It has only gotten better since avoiding eggs and bird meats.

I don't know if there is a connection but I'm sticking with the idea that animals fed grains are a problem for me, along with the grains. In the end I might find that there isn't a connection, they are seperate but for now I'll stick with the idea.

Gut doing well today. I've been feeling cooler in temperature the last couple of days. Today is a cooler weather day but the cooler feeling seems to be different from weather temps.
My tongue looks fantastic this morning. It is all healed up. I could complain, fuss about something if I really wanted to but overall the tongue looks great. It has been only healing since avoiding all grains and avoiding eggs and bird meats. I'll need to monitor further, make sure the tongue doesn't form markings again.

Weight 173lbs, not far from 172lbs. I'll likely fast. If I press issues I might be able to get to 171lbs.

Energy levels not so great his morning. I'll blame the leg exercises I did yesterday. Strength not so great, and the same likely cause, leg exercises yesterday. My sleep last nigth wasn't great. It wasn't all that bad either just I woke up far to early and could fall back to bed, feeling wide awake. I'm tired now, naturally.
It hasn't been that good of a day. I'm worn down, fatigued. As mentioned in an earlier post I suspect this to be due to healing. Much like my tongue my body is healing and healing takes energy.

I came close to fasting today but found I was to hungry and had lunch. I might try fasting tomorrow. Once or twice a week fasting seems to keep the weight in check. I have a feeling also that if i heal up I'll find it easier to drop the fat. That seems to happen in the past the few times I've found myself well.

Well, hope tomorrow is a better day.
Oh good, I'm feeling better this morning. yesterday afternoon was not much fun. I was to tired out. It was likely due to leg exercises done the day before. today I'll take an easy. Tonight faimly flies into town. I'll need my energy levels to be up.

On the positive side my strength isn't half bad. Energy levels are better this morning though I'm not exactly all that energetic. I might fast today. Need to keep the weight in check. I'll keep avoiding all grains, stick with the fish diet essentially though officially I'm just avoiding meats were the animal had been fed grains such as corn. Nearly all animal feed has corn in it these days.
I'm tired and worn out again today. I think that will be common for the next few weeks. My guess is the diet is working, I'm healing, and healing takes lots of energy.

Heard a nice complement from a neighbor of my parents. I was out for a walk with the folks when a neighbor pulled up in his car and was saying how good and healthy I was looking. no stomach belly he kept saying. Now that isn't entirely true, I was wearing a baggy shirt but he is right the belly is going down in size. I've been blaming the belly on getting fat. And I do have excess fat but also i've wondered if my belly is slightly bulging due to my stomach condition. If I'm doing better, then the stomach swelling would be going down.

So nice to hear positive news about the belly with an opinionated neighbor. When the belly is large he never has been one to shy away from telling me I'm fat. I'm not fat Bob, just have an IBD condition. Hmm...don't think he would believe that, even if it was true.

I'm not enjoying this latest bought of fatigue.
As expected I'm tired and worn out this morning. On the positive side I did sleep well. Ever since avoiding chicken and eggs I've been sleeping much better. Fasting yesterday likely has taken away energy this morning. Stomach doing decent. Tongue looks great. The tongue is healed. It does look like avoiding grains and avoiding birds meats is the cause of the tongue sores/markings.
Another dragging, fatigue day. Imagine I have quite a few more of these to go. Appearance is healthier at least. Tongue looks great, nice and healed up.
Well I'm beat up this morning but not as badly beat up as I thought I would be. I even swam yesterday afternoon, thinking I'll regret this. So far no regrets. With that said I can tell by appearance when I'm overly beat up and I'm looking beat up and worn down. Chances are at some point today I'll be hurting badly I'm guessing. Today is the last full day with visitors so I shuold be able to push through and then be able to rest and relax tomorrow.

Weight 172lbs. Gut doing well. I used the bathroom less yesterday. That could explain why I'm slightly more energetic this morning.
I am certainly dragging today. Doing decent, better than thought, but I'm dragging. Looking forward to when the fatigue improves. Tongue looks great. I'm sleeping well at night. The house was even at its highest temperature for me, and I slept fine.
The morning has the feel that it will be another high fatigue, painful day. Not much fun. With that said i slept great, mostly, and the tongue remains looking good and healed. My left arm pain has gone down considerable. Famly guests are here for the day and leave in the evening. So I'll be able to rest more once they take off. I'm not sure if resting more will do me all that good but it shouldn't hurt things.
I'm hurting. I'm pushing myself above my comfort. Overall though I'm not doing all that bad. I thought I'd be more fatigued today. My gut is doing better today so that likely explains the slightly better energy levels. I'm two weeks into avoiding bird meats and eggs, along with grains. i'm over a month with avoiding grains. At the moment I'm feeling good about the diet, feeling I have the answer. It helps that I'm now able to sleep well and the tongue is looking quite good. I guess the tongue can still heal some but it isn't becoming worse.
173lbs. I'll likely fast today. Feeling lousy this morning but I'm not feeling horrible. Energy levels and strength are not great. tongue looks great though and I slept great. This has the potential to be a very good work. The gut so far has been improving of late. More gut improvement, the better my energy levels tend to be I've noticed int he past.
I'm doing better than expected this afternoon. I'm tired, fatigued, and fasting to drop another pound, but considering all that I'm alive. Avoiding grains and chicken meat plus eggs is working. Tongue looks great. No markings, or no significant markings on the tongue. I'm pretty sure the markings are caused by eggs and chicken meat, but I tell myself to not discount grains as a possible cause. It wasn't that long ago that i was fairly certain grains did bring the markings about. I'm 173lbs at the moment. there is a chance I'll be 171lbs. in the morning I hope that happens.
171lbs. Doing better than i thought this morning. I believe that is due to avoiding all grains. With little doubt I do better when I avoid grains though I'm not entirely sure grains is the main problem with my gut. Regardless I'll keep avoiding them. Tongue looks nearly perfect. A few smalish marks remain but by and large the tongue is looking good. Glad I'm only 1 pound away from my weight loss goal. I might find myself going for another 2 pounds of weight loss later.
Today has been an awful day as fatigue levels are high. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I imagine I'll sleep well once again.
172lbs. I might fast today and get down to 170lbs.

Tongue looks worse this morning. On the good news, very good news my gut continues to improve. The diarrhea is more livable. I guess I can jokingly say this is a livable diarhea. This has been going on for 4 to 5 days I believe. So love that and hope this continues. Also the tongue sores/markings no longer hurt. They would only hurt when I ate oranges, something acidic. Now they truely are just markings. I'm going in the right directly i believe though from time to time I seem to go backwards a bit.

the fatigue yesterday probably was brought about by fasting and also I did some leg exercises yesterday morning. That is the next big change I'll be looking for, being able to do some exercises without generating significant fatigue. That is what happened over a year ago after the hurricane, that had me believing I had gotten well. the stomach was not only greatly improved but I could also do exercises without generating fatigue.
Today was a better day but I'm still pretty worn out overall. I'm going to add grass fed beef to the diet. i have suspicions about grass fed beef, but then again I have lots of times were I have been entirely well to the gut when eating it. I'm a little tired of eating fish all the time, and maybe grass fed beef will be a nice new addition to the diet. I'll stick with avoiding all grains plus avoiding eggs, chicken and turkey.
I forgot to note down, today i felt that i was filling out. I've noticed this for a few days now. My cloths feel tighter. I'm not gaining weight just I feel my muscles are becoming bigger. it isn't a big change but I do notice it. Others have noticed in the past also. i've been on the fish diet and then get a craving for cheese. I'll eat a bunch of cheese and then my muscles will shrink. A couple of people have noticed the muscle shinking after eating cheese and will joke about it. There are some diseases known for muscle thinking such as Azheimer's, celiac disease, and cancer too though it is a consumption disease consuming the body.

I do have a craving for some beef but thinking about it I better stick with the fish diet for two more weeks. I have a dental appointment in two weeks and would hate to cause problems with my dental heal. I had lots of good days in the past when eating grass fed beef, but I also developed a lot of cavities for some reason. I don't want that.
172lbs. I think I'm doing better this morning. Energy levels are decent. Strength feels alright. tongue looks better. It is a good morning. I was worried about my sleep as I tossed and turned for a portion of it, but when I did fall asleep I slept the rest of the night. Avoiding eggs and chicken continues to help improve my sleep it seems.
I'm feeling really well today, all things considered. I'm not overly energetic and that is likely due to me not eating more than one meal. I did lots of push ups this morning though as I was feeling strong and so far it hasn't slowed me down. If anything I'm a little on the bordered side.

I noticed another positive change the other day. It seems to be holding true so to note down, the Noseeums have returned. Normally the itchy bites from the mites will leave a large round itchy bump on my skin. This year, on this diet, the bites are only tiny and do not itch as badly. This is what most people experience with the noseeums. So something is going on these and I like it. I might be spending more time outdoors in the morning and evenings when the mites are the worst. If anything gets me to move out of Florida it is those itchy bugs. I have traditionally reacted worse to them.

I'll stick with avoiding all grains, and birds meats, and eggs.

I continue to eat lots and lots of spices. So far no issues noticed. If anything my stomach has improved eating garlic, onions, nightshade spices, etc.
171lbs, not to far from 170lbs. To far though for me to round down and reach my goal. The good news is my waist has become smaller and shorts fit better. I probably would be 170lbs if I had not done as many pushups as I did yesterday.

Doing so so this morning. Energy levels though seem good. Strength could be better. Tongue is looking better. I think I have the tongue sore/markings fitured out. The big change continues to be bathroom habits. I've am much healhtier on this diet with the gut. That is a big relief. I'm still nervous a bit about the gut. But if this continues I'll gain much better confidence is being away from a bathroom. Fasted yesterday and naturally I am a bit out of it as fasting will do.
I did end up experiencing the fasting laxative effect today. Kind of glad in a way that it happened. Back in Nov. that happened to me and it competely came as a shock. I was basically on this same diet, minus the spices, and I was doing so well and then I had a sick morning. It frightened me to the point that I gave up the potatoes I was eating and replaced them with corn. that didn't go well though I remember.

I was a bit tired today but I can function. Being tired and fatigued when fasting is to be expected. Tongue looking good and healthy. I think I have the tongue issue worked out, it is either grains or bird that causes that issues mainly. I feel confident with that. Over exercising to a less extent back cause the tongue markings also.
172lbs. Gut mildly upset this morning and I feel it is my fault. With breakfast ate some potato chips, to many chips, and the gut doesn't like it. I should be fine. Tongue looking good. Energy levels alright. Strength is decent. Could be better. I'll keep avoiding all grains, plus eggs, and chicken meat, bird meats.
Today marks 3 weeks of avoiding eggs and bird meats. it hasn't been as easy to follow this diet as hoped. I think of having a chicken meal all the time. Glad though that I'm doing this elimination diet. My gut has improved nicely over the last week. I can imagine that will continue in the weeks ahead. I'm also sleeping quite well at night. Not much more to write on that comes to mind. Doing decent today though could be doing much better.

Oh, I should add too, that I might be doing better simply due to avoiding all grains. It might have just taken longer for avoiding grains to help me out. i'm closing in on 2 months of avoiding grains. I had a great deal of luck when avoiding grains in the past. I got the gut working well most of the time. I just couldn't recover though. My energy levels were always poor. Something was going wrong. i was eating a lot of turkey back then as I worked out often and turkey was my protein.

Hopefully I'll get stronger and soon be able to figure this thing out. I was so close to having an answer a little over a year ago. I was pretty much well and close to full recovery.
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This could be big. Yesterday I didn't write of a problem, and that problem was my teeth were hurting, pretty much all of them, though one tooth, the normal one, was hurting more. Then in the evening I became slightly dizzy.

There were two changes to my diet that I had made. One was adding an extra orange to my diet. I've been eating one orange a day. Then I added a second and have done that for the previous 3 to 4 days. I also added carrot juice to the diet, which isn't just carrot juice but also lemon juice.

So I'm going to avoid citrus and the carrot family. I'll see what happens.

So far so good. The tooth pains have stopped. The dizziness is still with me but is less. It is nearly gone.

This could be big. I ws thinking, the only food that cause tongue pain is oranges. Maybe oranges are causing the sores also. I'll findout. I know that oragnes can have some problems to them for me, but the problems seem slight and I have a hard to keeping to a citrus free diet. With carrots, I have only one suspect situation with them and that is the chinese rice dish that owuld make me dizzy for 3 days. The ingreidients for it are rice, soy sauce, carrots, onions and peas.
Dizziness is entirely gone. That one tooth hurts. Legs hurt also. Typical for the legs to hurt when the gut is irritated. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be doing better. Would hate to need a root canal on that one tooth. At the moment the tooth pain has largely gone away so looking at...at the moment. Tongue looks fantastic. Would be nice if citrus avoidance is needed to heal the tongue. Avoiding the carrot family might be helpful also. I'll keep away from all grains, all bird products, carrot family and citrus family.
That tooth keeps hurting. Not good. It is kind of odd, and maybe good. If I have my head in a certain way it does not hurt. Others ways of tilting my head cause the tooth to ache. Hope it clears up by tomorrow.
Things are looking up this morning.

Tongue looks great. So current diet to get rid of tongue sores and tongue pain is avoiding citrus, bird products and all grains. The answer is not likely all three. It is likely just one of them. It is a time thing though. I need the tongue to look healthy, have no sores for a few months before knowing for sure that I solved that answer.

Tooth pain is nearly gone this morning. Well, it is done this morning. The tolerable pain felt now is the typical level of pain coming from that tooth. It is a tooth that has a cavity that the dentist placed a filling right up against the nerve. Any dental problems that nerve lets me know about it. I'm guessing the extra citrus I was eating last week caused muscle tightening problems leading to that nerve being irritated. I probably should have that root removed. I guess the only thing holding me back on that is reading bout how root free teeth can lead to health problems. If the tooth pain remains gone I'll have some time to think on this.

Energy levels feel good this morning. Strength seems decent. Appearance healthy.
I might have a fever. I go from sore tooth to feeling quite warm. Hard to say. I can remember though in the past when avoiding citrus I do experience withdrawals. They last for a week or so, and hand around to a lesser extent for quite awhile. That seems to be one of the reasons why I tend to not last long on a citrus free diet. This time will be different i hope. I have my tongue to look at. Hopefully it remains sore free.

I'm feeling rather worn down today. Just about everything is sore, outside of my tooth. The tooth feels fine. Arms hurt, legs hurt, back hurts some also. Don't kow what happened. I've been taking an easy to late. much be the citrus avoidance.

Ate eggs and chicken today. All the foods I was avoiding was to much, so I'll just avoid citrus and all grains. I'll see where that gets me.
170lbs. Yesterday was interesting. I had maybe a fever. I also was peeing a great amount. I was sore all over. I lost ruffly 2 lbs. My appetite has greatly diminished. This morning for breakfast I struggled to eat smaller portions. This is all common though when I avoid citrus. The worst of the withdrawals should be over, though for the next few days I'll still be a little bit ill. I'm not sure if I had a fever or not. My gut was sore and pounding a bit. With all the water loss, and an active gut, maybe that was generating more heat than typical.

Appearance healthy. Energy levels not so great.
I can't win! Another tooth is hurting. It doesn't hurt all that bad, but it is sore. Hope this soreness goes away soon.

the good news the winning news, much of the muscle aches and pains went away. I'm walking easily once again. My arms hurt some still but not as badly as before. so avoiding citrus and carrot family also is doing me good.
170lbs. I slept in quite a bit. I slept well over night. No arthritis feelings while walking. Avoiding citrus or maybe the carrot family has gotten rid of that it appears. There is a tongue sore or marking. Energy levels are decent. Teeth feel good at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised if they began to hurt later today. Hope not though.
So far the day has gone well. I haven't experienced any significatn pain. I seem to be getting over the eat extra citrus experiment.

I had a cheese craving today and ate a bunch of cheese. I wasn't hungry, yet some how at it. And for some strange reason I'm not regretting it.

Energy levels have been improved today also. All good signs. Maybe by Friday I'll be back in more typical shape, lousy but not awful in pain shape.

Forgot to note down, I've been eating chicken and eggs of late and have been sleeping well. Not sure why. I like it, but was worried about past experience with my sleep being poor. I did find one chicken meal I was eating had citrus extract in it. I'm not sure what citrus extract is but maybe it was causing me issues, including sleep problems. For now don't know.
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Still little pain. I like that. No arthritis pains. No big dental pains. I'm doing much better as two to three days ago I was hurting pretty badly. Energy levels ok. I did some leg exercises yesterday and typically it would have me feeling worn out this morning. Strength seems alright. Nothing great with strength. My hair and finger nails seem to be growing much quicker. I've noticed that before in the past when avoiding citrus. Well, hope the little pain continues. I'll keep avoiding citrus, carrots, and grains.
I'm pretty beat up, tired today. I know why. It is the cheese eaten yesterday, along with some leg and upper body workout exercises. This on top of the eating a lot of citrus that made me ill. I should recover.

What really surprises me is how flat my gut is suddently getting. Well, a gut remains, but it is defiently becoming smaller, and I'm not ever trying. If it is the citrus avoidance causig that wish i had noticed that earlier. I would have easily avoided citrus then. Will monitor. It is easier to avoid citrus to lose fat than it is to fast 23 hours.
I have a pretty good feeling that I have my answer with citrus and grains being my main problem foods. I'm not feeling all that great yet, but mentally I'm feeling excited or maybe better said it makes good sense to me considering everything else I've tried. I might try to get myself involved in some longer term projects. I hate long term projects as I start them, get sick to the poin that I'm to fatigued, and have a hard time getting back into them. That is one thing I remember about more recent citrus avoidance diets, I never got all that sick, at least from what I recall. I wasn't feeling great, but I wasn't down in the dumps. I'll give this a shot. It would be nice to push forward for a change.
171lbs. Doing ok this morning. Nothing great. i feel fatigued some but to be expected. No tooth soreness of significance. That is good as I have a dental cleaning on Monday. Gut doing well. Energy levels are poor. Strength is improved. I'll keep avoiding all grains and all citrus.

For today I'll see about doing more projects. Not sure how far I'll get with that since my energy levels are not higher but it is worth a try. I have good confidence in this diet. I'm also hopeful that I'll finally see bright blue eyes with this diet.
I was right about my prediction! About time. I'm back to my more normal self today. The citrus eating and drinking that made me feel awful has passed, at least i believe so. I shouldn't entirely discount carrots also as possibly being a problem though I have my doubts on that. I was hoping to start on more long term projects around the house that I put off due to my illness. Problem, I had workers here so needed to keep an eye on the home. They should be done this weekend they tell me. Next week I'll be going forward with those projects. At least that is the plan. It is very nice to not be in so much pain. I'm a little bit unsettled but nothing of significance.
Doing well this morning. Energy levels are not great but not horrible either. Strength continues to improve. Tongue is looking good though not perfect. No dental pains of significance. I like that. Appearance is healthy. Eyes are not blue. Maybe in a month I'll see some bluish color. I'm hoping so. I should have an easy time this go around on avoiding citrus with how awfull lots of citrus made me feel. I ached all over, my teeth hurt greatly, it was an unpleasant experience for 3 days. I'll keep avoiding citrus, all grains, pork
Good and bad day today. the good, I was well using the bathroom. That doesn't happen to often. I'm not terribly surprised. the gut has been doing quite well ot late. Hope that trend continues. Next week I might start fasting again and that will be telling. Fasting does seem to upset the gut some.

Bad news, I'm quite fatigued. Not sure why I'm as fatigued as I am but I seem to remember in the past when I avoid citrus, my energy levels dropped. It might be one of the unsaid reasons why i have a hard time keeping away from oranges. I shouldn't have that problem this time around. Eating lots of oranges made me feel awful, with even worse energy levels than being felt today.

I know from experience in the past that I've had times of great energy levels while avoiding citrus. I'm counting on it only taking time for that to happen, maybe a few months of avoidance.

Hair and finger nailes are going quicker I believe. I like that. It is a more normal growth rate I believe.
Tongue is looking really good. Only two small spots left to heal and they look nearly healed as is. So looks like I have another food item, citrus, to see if it gets rid of the tongue sores. Hope it can last long.

173lbs. Disappointing that I weigh 3 more pounds but I'm not terrible surprised. My best chance of losing the bit of belly fat will not come till I'm decently well to the gut and more energetic. That is my theory.

I'm tired and fatigued this morning. Don't care for that. That seems normal though when avoiding the citrus family. Fingers crossed I become more energetic as times goes on.

Hair color is nice, dark brown. As typically happens when I avoid citrus my hair color changes, with the blonde and grey hairs going away.
It has been a good day. I'm feeling upbeat, energetic. I suspect that is due tin part to not working out, which will fatigue me and the diet I'm following of avoiding citrus and all grains. Gut hasn't been as good today as it was yesterday but I'm doing alright. Tongue remains looking good.
171lbs. Doing ok this morning. The gut hurts just a touch at the moment, but that is not likely to last for long. I just ate breakfast and that commonly happens. Tongue looks good. Energy levels so so. Strength is ok. I'm doing well overall I'll say. Have a dental cleaning this afternoon. Hoping all goes well with that.
Received good marks from the dentist office, a rare occurrance. I have lousy teeth, which I've long blamed on my stomach woes. My previous cleaning found my teeth in worse shape. There was concern. This time my teeth were much improved. THey are not great, but I'm getting back into good graces territory. I'm wondering if avoiding all grains contributed to the improved dental report. I've only avoided citrus for a week so maybe that helped too. I head back in Aug. I'll probably stil be on the avoid grains and citrus diet then. That would be another good test for me.
170lbs. It was a good feeling to have a positive dental report yesterday. It further reinforces my belief I'm on a good helpful diet. I'll likely fast today, getting myself back into the 160 weight range. It isn't going to be easy. I've noticed that I'm hungrier on this diet. I should be able to pull it off though. I'm also stay8ng away from my maple candy as all the sugar could be contributing to weight gain. Tongue looks good. Energy levels are so so. Strength is ok.
I'm handling the fasting better than I thought I would. My energy levels are decent. Rather dull day as I have to wait for a package to arrive. That might be helping with the fasting, not doing much. Tongue still looks good. Hope that continues. maybe citrus avoidance is the answer for keeping the tongue in good shape.
170lbs. Weight did not change after a day of fasting. That happens sometimes. Appearance wise I feel I lost a little bit of fat. I am avoiding the maple candy. If I do drop my weight to the ideal 167lbs then I'll keep avoiding the candy. On this citrus free diet I don't have the feel of needing sweats. Avoiding candy should be easier and maybe keeping the weight off will be easier also.

Gut doing well. tongue is looking good. th etongue remains unperect but it is close to be entirely healed. That's big having a healthy looking fongue. If that continues then most likely citrus is the cause of the tongue sores. The carrot family is another possible cause though less likely.

I'll keep avoiding grains, and the citrus family, along with carrots and parsley.
Well shoot. I'm sick today. And it is the typical chicken,egg, turkey sickness. It has it's own illness that happens when I eat bird meats and eggs. So as usual I find reasons why I should be able to eat bird meat and eggs and as usual I later become ill.

So I'll avoid bird meats and eggs once again. I'll continue to avoid grains and citrus too. I'll also add grass fed beef to the diet. I like the idea of eating fish all the time in theory but in practice I grow tired of it. I'm not in love with grass fed beef, but it should be ok. I have lots of positive experiences iwth it. I'll also add cheese but eat it infrequently as usual. I had some cheese today in hopes of calming down the stomach.
Upon further reflection, I better just go back onto the fish diet. It isn'tthe end of the world. I do worry a bit about nutrient content not being all that great on the fish diet. I did have those tongue sores. So I'll play with the diet more, see if I can improve things. I need to avoid chicken and eggs though. Time and time again eating those foods make me sick. That is a fact. I don't like it, but it is what it is. Pork is a problem also, in a different way. Pork is painful to eat. I'm afraid of eating beef. it wears me out. Not much doubt about that. One of the big things about the fish diet is that I once got well on it. I was on the fish diet for 2 months and found myself well. That is bad. Course I was avoiding a few other foods also such as nightshade and spices, and who knows what else. So I better stick with the fish diet, and if adjustments are needed I'll have to make them.
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A few things this morning. I'm tired this morning but to be expected considering how sick I was to the gut yesterday. I'm not typically that sick anymore. I'm going back onto the fish diet, avoiding grains. Basically I'll avoid any meats were the animal had been fed corn. For the time being i'll also avoid grass fed beef. While eating chicken and eggs I looked awful. I didn't mention that earlier as I hoped it was just a temporary thing but thinking about it I doubt it was. As I've complained that eating beef and cheese will cause muscle wasting, chicken and eggs were doing the same. It seems only eating wild caught fish does not bring about the muscle wasting. I'm also going to stop weighing myself for awhile. I think I fast to much. I can lose weight. It is just a matter of will power. The problem with fasting is that is wears me out to much. I need to fast once I'm more recovered. Lastly I'm going to write less. one and a half years ago I got myself pretty much well eating the fish diet. There were other things going on with the diet but the main part of it had me only eating fish, and once I added chicken to the diet I began to weaken and grow sich once again. So I'll plan on doing the fish diet for 3 months. I don't want to over think things so I'll try to put the diet out of my mind.
Tongue looks really good. Glad about that. Yesterday I added fish eggs to the diet. I've been worried abuot nutrition in the diet with the idea that maybe the tongue sores are brought on by poor nutrition. Realistically that is probably not the case. i'm eating nutritiously. But it wouldn't hurt to have the fish eggs. I'm not eating them. It is a capsule I'm taking. Right now I'm making my own from fish eggs bought at the sore. The supplement I ordered should arrive tomorrow. Gut is doing well. The muscle wasting from eating chicken and cheese also has improved and largely gone away since avoiding them. I didn't sleep well last night. An upset gut experienced the day before does tend to do that for some reason. Have an upset stomach,and even if not in pain I'll sleep poorly for 2 nights afterwards typically.
172lbs. One of the things I dislike about the fish diet is that my eye sight became worse on it. Also my eyes will hurt just a bit. The pain isn't great by any means but the eyes are not as good as before.

For the past few days I've been taking fish eggs or caviar along with following the fish diet. My eyes have been great. No eye problems noticed. If this keeps up it does have me thinking the eye problem was brought about by a nutrient issue.

Energy levels are good. tongue looks fine.
172lbs. I really do like the fish eggs I began taking. they are making me feel better, a little more energy. It has been a good addition to the diet. This morning I take some fish egg capsules for the first time. The company that makes them say they have been able to capture the nutrients by freeze drying. I'll find out. If the capsules don't work as well I'll just go back to eating store bought caviar. I'd rather not though.

I said I wasn't going to fast but I might fasat today. I'm just 2 pounds away from goal weight. My shorts now fit good with the 3 lbs lost. 2 more pounds and I can imagine they will fit perfect.

I'm ried this morning but to be expected with swimming two days in a row plus doing some pushups the other day. Strength is good though. Tongue looks great. My guess now is that fasting often leads to tongue sore creation. It isn't the only cause of the tongue sores but is a contributing factor I believe. Maybe the fish egg supplement will help to stop the tongue sores from forming.
169lbs. That is surprising. I lost 3 pounds yesterday with fasting. I haven't been fasting all that much of late. I've noticed that the weight has been coming off easier on this diet. this time fasting showed that. I'm not sure entirely why the weight came off, but have two main ideas, I've given up on sugary maple candy snacks and the weather has turned hot and sticky. Everything I do outside I sweat.

I feel good. Fasting 23 hours isn't much fun but my energy levels are good this morning. I'm thinking the new fish egg supplement is helping with better energy. Strength is good. Hope that gets better.

I'm not taking a multi vitamin as I've learned synthetic vitamins make me very sick. On the current avoiding grains and animal meats fed grains, one of the ideas I'm thinking is that many of these grain fed aniamls are also fed lots of synthetic vitamins and maybe these synthetic vitamins are getting into the muslce and making me sick to my stomach. .
I was pretty sick today, likely due to the laxative effect. It was unexpected, but it did occur to me that I'm only 5 days out from eating eggs and chicken. It takes around 2 weeks of avoiding them for the gut to see some improvement.

It had me thinking though that typically the laxative effect happens after 3 days of fasting in a week. I'm thinking the longer I remain on the fish diet, the harder it will be for the effect to happen. Probably two to three months on the fish diet will see the laxative effect stopping.
I'm pretty tired and fatigued this morning. I'm thinking the fatigue was caused by the laxative effect from fasting and I did some leg exercises also. Going forward I'll hold back on fasting at least till I'm a few weeks into this fish diet. Then i'll fast sparingly. It did seems this current diet I'm on is good at keeping the weight off. I just need to be careful to not eat snacks.

171lbs. I look more healthy this morning. Glad to see that. The fish diet has traditionally gotten me appearing more healthy the longer I'm on it I believe. today is only day 6 though.